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Race Elf
Type Magic
Home Town City of the Plume
Elements Metal
The cleric is the healing class, being the backbone of the party who keeps everyone alive. Clerics are both loved and hated; but this is only because their job is so important. For instance, if the cleric does not heal the tank properly, he will die, and this often means the whole party will soon follow. However, if played correctly, the cleric will always have a valued place in any party and can easily make friends. Clerics can also do more than just support; with their powerful attack skills, party attack buffs and their sleep skill... the cleric can turn into an offensive force in a second.
Cleric Class Statistics
Hit Points (HP) gained per Vitality point 10
HP gained per level 20
Base HP regenerated per second at level 1 1
Magic Points (MP) gained per Magic point 14
MP gained per level 28
Base MP regenerated per second at level 1 2
Accuracy gained per Dexterity point 5
Evasion gained per Dexterity point 2
Base ground speed in meters per second 4.8
Chi gained per normal attack 3
Main attack damage attribute Mag
Cleric Starting Statistics
HP 50
MP 70
P Atk 4-4
M Atk 6-7
Accuracy 25
Evasion 10
Movement Speed 4.8 m/s


  • The best heal and buff skills
  • Cheap to play
  • Long-lasting sleep & immobilize skills
  • Magical and physical defense reduction skills
  • Can deal both magical and physical damage
  • Can be offensive as well as defensive in a party
  • Always wanted in party
  • Can fly from level 1


  • Low physical defense
  • Draws aggro with heal skills
  • Dies a lot
  • Slow movement speed

Cleric Weapons[edit | edit source]

Magical Damage Chart: Lower-Low-Medium-High-Higher


Medium-Medium damage

Magic Sword:

Medium-High damage


Low-Higher damage


Medium-Higher damage

For a cleric who focuses on their heals, wands are recommended. Wands have the highest low-end magic attack and thus, makes your heals stronger and more reliable.

Magic swords and glaives are a good weapon choice for those who would like to have a balance of decent heals and good damage output since clerics do have a few hard hitting attack skills.

Patakas should be out of the question, unless you would like to focus on the spike damage potential more than your healing power. The gap between low-end and high-end is too big making the heals potentially weaker but also gives a chance of incredibly high critical hits.

Cleric Armor[edit | edit source]

Clerics need all the magic they can get, so therefore Arcane Armor is recommended. Physical and HP gems for armor and Magic Attack gems for weapon are the only thing clerics really need. Extra stats are: magic, '-channel', physical defense, vitality points or '+HP'.

Jewelery: magic rings and physical defense ornaments (with hp/p.def/mag/channel bonuses).

Cleric in PvP[edit | edit source]

An attacking cleric always comes as a surprise, as they are always seen in the background healing. But when you are hit by a cleric, you know it. Armed with a sleep spell and debuff skills, they are a big threat if you don't kill them quickly. Most of the cleric's attacks are metal magical damage, but they actually have some physical damage as well. This makes them able to kill other Arcane Armor classes much better. However, in a party the cleric is much more useful healing as there already are damage dealers.

Cleric in PvE[edit | edit source]

Clerics are obviously very good PvEers as they have both magical and physical damage, plus their own heal skills. It really doesn't get much better than that. But in a party is where the cleric really comes through, as they have the best buff skills and can help the squad not only stay alive, but also deal more damage.

Cleric in Territory War[edit | edit source]

In Territory War the cleric is one of the most skill demanding classes, because they have many things to do at once. Not only do they have to look out for themselves, but they also have to make sure that nearby players are buffed, and stay alive. However to take some of the pressure off, some guilds have clerics standing by to make sure that players are buffed and healed, as soon as they respawn. Because without the cleric buffs, a party will not last very long. But of course, everyone in a Territory War knows the importance of the cleric, and that means the cleric is usually the first to die, as a party with a cleric vs. a party without, is an easy win.

Types of Clerics[edit | edit source]

Due to lack of Spirit Points at lower levels clerics are usually forced to choose their paths between: Full Support, Attack Support, and Full Attack. Those skill-tree builds aren't very rigid because every person will still choose skills that suit her/his playstyle.

After level 80 there is enough SP to learn all other skills and there is no point to stick to one type then.

Full Support Cleric - will usually level only 1-3 attack spells on low-mid levels and focus on all heals, buffs and other spells that may be helpful for team.

Attack Support Cleric - there is almost no difference between FSC and this one except that ASC will level up AoE attacks (for AoE grind) and seals/debuffs for team-pk purposes on lower levels.

Full Attack Cleric - for solo-play types and 'hardcore' PKers only. FACs aren't any special improvement for team since even FSC have maxed 1-3 attacks to help as part-time DD if there is possibility. As FAC you will learn only Ironheart Blessing and Wellspring Surge from heals, then buffs/debuffs that suit you, and focus on attack spells.

Cleric Basics[edit | edit source]

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Cleric Mechanics[edit | edit source]

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