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Here is a list of useful tools made by the players of PWI.

Title Author Description Be Closed By Now)
If Closed try
Ecatomb - Harshlands An extensive site with many features including a fashion gallery, weapon gallery, skill guide, genie skills, quest guides, boss listings, and more! A must see site.

( link to last saved web archive of this site provided by Bodee )
( In honor & Memory Of A Great Site That Have Provided Pwi Players With A Fast And Easy Way To Get Info )

PWDatabase ahhalon A database of all in-game items, recipes, monsters, and quests. Extremely powerful and useful.
Perfect World: Calculator skyflox A graphical calculator that shows character stats for user-specified build, buffs, and equipment. Profiles can be saved as a link and shared with others. Very easy to use and powerful.
Refining Simulator Asterelle - Sanctuary Practice your refining strategies online in a realistic visual simulation.
forum link
Socket Calculator Asterelle - Sanctuary A tool that compares the effectiveness of different gems for all levels of sharding.
forum link
Genie Affinity Calculator Asterelle - Sanctuary A graphical tool for analyzing the genie affinity requirements for a desired set of skills.
forum link
Mystical Tome Calculator Hroft - Sanctuary Mystical tomes with descriptions. Calc shows what you need to make tomes from grade 1 up to grade 5 (for levels 2 and up, shows how many grade 1 tomes you will need).
forum link
Tome Cost Calculator WarrenWolfy - Sanctuary Mystical tomes with cost in tokens. Spreadsheet shows what materials you'll need to make tomes from grade 1 up to grade 6, which intermediate tomes you'll need to make, and estimates the total cost in coins.
forum link
Apothecary Handbook Hroft - Sanctuary Apothecary recipes and herbs (not up to date with Tideborn expansion).
forum link
Refining Calculator WarrenWolfy - Sanctuary Calculates the expected cost of refining without dragon orbs and shows how to refine the cheapest.
forum link
Tiger Pack Simulator WarrenWolfy - Sanctuary Satisfy your tiger pack addiction with this online simulator.
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Interactive World Map  ??? A Google Maps-style map of PWI (pre-Tideborn and Earthguard expansions) showing the locations of cities, teleporters, World Quest stops, dungeons, herbs, and other mineable resources.
Squad Experience Calculator Traz - Dreamweaver A spreadsheet to help you calculate the EXP/SP value of mobs depending on squad setup and Hyper Stone usage.
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Experience Calculator fixed Bodee - Raging Tide A spreadsheet to help you calculate the EXP/SP value of mobs depending on squad setup and Hyper Stone usage.

this is uploaded & posted because of the calculate errors in the sheet uploaded by Traz - Dreamweaver

Pack Profit /Losses Calculator
Bodee - Raging Tide A spreadsheet with 33 different packs and all items within to help you calculate your profit/loss when you open packs in game.
updated "30-10-2015 with Shiny Dingle Bell & Moonshade Casket & Show Apes Treasure & Hidden Orchid Treasure Trove & Giant's Gunny Sack & Superheated Chest & Crown of Sochi & Treasure of Momaganon & Crystalline Treasure Box & Horselords' Bounty & Riches of the Northern Snows & Sunken Treasure & Tinker's Trunk"

guide link

DQ Reward Cost
(Buying or Selling DQ Points)
Bodee - Raging Tide A fast little spreadsheet to calculate your DQ Reward Cost.
Nation Wars Personal Credit Calculator Magnanimous_ - Heavens Tear A spreadsheet to help you calculate, compare, check formula, and inconsistencies for personal shares.
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Deity Messenger
deitymessenger A website that tracks the location, in real time, of the Deity Messenger in Morai.