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The Cube of Fate is a static dungeon that every character can enter upon reaching level 40. It's entered by talking to Khatru Pup (a big dog-like NPC), which is located in every main city.

Cube of Fate works like a board game, where you roll a die to determine the next room you will land in. Each room has a different task you must finish and at the end of each task completed you're given a die. Simply right-click the die to move forward that number of rooms. Ex: if you are in room 10 and roll a 2, you will be teleported to room 12 by using the die. You're rewarded experience, spirit and other treasures upon reaching room 50. Rooms 50-60 are intended for higher level players, have a different method of progression, give different rewards, and are more expensive than the previous rooms.

Map[edit | edit source]

Rewards[edit | edit source]

EXP, Spirit, and Rewards Table
Level Experience Spirit Rewards
40-49 220,000 44,000 Cube Crate
50-59 275,000 55,000 Cube Crate
60-69 330,000 66,000 Cube Crate
70-79 385,000 77,000 Cube Crate
80-89 440,000 88,000 Cube Crate
90+ 1,000,000 230,000 Cube Crate, Lottery Key, *Page of Fate

'*Many rooms give you book credit cards which you can either trade for old book pages (for level 92 skills) or fate pages (level 99 skills). You only get book cards at level 96+ !!!

Other room-specific prizes:

Golden Box (10% chance to win 1 million coins)

Platinum Box (2% chance to win 5 million coins)

Mysterious Chip (up to 5 per room, 20 a day max)

Sundries Pack (60% 3 Mirage Celestones / 20% 10 Dice Tickets / 14% 2 Do-All Cards / 5% Ecstasy Card / 1% Excitement Card)

Cube Crate (95% Mirage Celestone / 5% Badge of Dexterity)

Robber Card and Bully Card (disappear if you exit the cube)

Starting Cube of Fate as business
Note: You are gonna have to do 2 runs at once, so this is what you need for TWO runs.
What you need:

    - 25+ Do All Cards
    - 50+ Crab Meat 
    - 250+ Dice Tickets
    - 1-2 million coins, most of which will be spent in rooms 51-60.
    - 1-2 COF Directorate Secret Letters 

CAUTION! Amounts of money spent on the previously stated materials may vary, depending on the server's economy.

How to get those COF Directorate Secret Letters? - You can get free ones if you have 5000+ Prestige in the Luminance Order. You can make them from Celestial Insignias at every Mailbox. Each COF Directorate Secret Letter costs 8 Celestial Insignia's + 120k coins. This is the cheapest way to get them. Except the free daily one from Lumi. Finally, you can buy them from players. Why do you need those COF letter thingies? - These are the items that actually allow you to do cube more than once per day.

Here is how a pro cube run goes: Start the first run. Reach room 50. Get a Disabled Cog of Fate. Return to room 1. Without losing any time, speak to Cube of Fate Shrong and take his quest. Go speak to the Room 1 Teleport Master and start the second run. You have 1 hour to reach room 60, since the Disabled Cog of Fate you got in room 50 has a time limit of 60 minutes. Don't worry, it takes less than 30 minutes to reach room 50(in most cases). This time, go speak to Cube of Fate Trong in the same room an take a sec Disabled Cog of Fate. You have 30 minutes to complete rooms 50-60, because when you reach room 60 there is a delay of 30 minutes between each time you can repair a cog. Anyway, after you reach room 60, talk to the NPC at the middle and repair one of your Disabled Cogs of Fate. Don't worry, it will repair the one with less time remaining. Then wait for 30 minutes and repair your second Disabled Cog of Fate. After that, talk to the tiny CEO NPC in the same room and you have officially finished the run.

What do you win by doing cube following this strategy:
- 2 Rotating Cogs of Fate. (source of most of your income)
- 1-3 Lucky Cube Game Coin(s). (Can be turned into Do all Cards, each coin = 2 Do all Cards, or 1 coin = 25 crabs, or save up 79, and exchange them for a necklace that can be turned into 6 cogs, which is the most efficient exchangeing way.) - Book Credit Cards - 10 can be turned into one Old Book Page or Page of Fate.

You must be already asking yourself how much will you be making. Well, it all depends on the server's economy, but it's always a good way of making money.(Rank IX equipment is farmable this way). You will need to check and study your server's economy and how much they buy cogs or sell toens of luck (exchanging these for do alls is the most efficient way of getting the cards), dice tickets for.

How to do each room[edit | edit source]


  • Each room will consume one dice ticket, which can be bought from other players.

Rooms 1-10[edit | edit source]

Room 1 - Fate Beginning

In the middle of the room, there is a NPC you can talk to trade one duty badge for a puzzle cube. Players often set up cat shops here selling various cube items, such as dice tickets, do alls, COF Letters. Next to the middle NPC is a forge, where you can trade your Lucky Cube Game Coins and Book Credit Cards. You can talk to the middle NPC again, and you will be given a die in your inventory, which you can use to move on in the cube. The NPC Shrong (for the Secret Letter) is in the upper right corner of this room.


Room 2 - Chest of Mystery

Take the NPC's quest, go dig 5 chests and get your next die.

Room 3 - Slaughterhouse

There is a herd of monsters in the middle of the room. The NPC will ask you to kill 5 monsters within your level range. After killing 5 monsters, you'll be given a die. There is no time limit.

Mob Range Table
Level Level of Mob
60-69 65
70-79 75
80-89 85
90+ 95

Note: Monsters are not aggressive.

Room 4 - Mice Bashing

Take the quest and kill 10 mobs. (they're lvl ?, but are still a one hit)

Mobs do not aggro

Note: Best place to level Venomancer pets.

Room 5 - Count the Apples

Grab the quest, you will be asked to count one color of balls in your quest log. Run to the corner, BUT NOT ALL THE WAY, you will miss some balls if you stand directly in the corner. So walk far enough so that you can see the balls in the opposite corner. Once you're positioned, hit Alt+H and zoom in as much as you can, then count the color balls. Be patient, and keep counting until you're confident in your answer. This room usually has 7-11 of each color balls.

You can sometimes tell the answer from the available choices using the following table.

Cheat Sheet
Choices Answer
white 11, 10, 9 11
white 10, 8, 9 random
blue 9, 10, 8 8
blue 9, 10, 11 either 9 or 11
red 7, 8, 9 random

Room 6 - Open Sesame

Kill the boss. Don't worry, it has a lot of HP but deals funny damage. After it's killed, an NPC will spawn in the room, talk to it and get your next die.

Room 7 - Have a Listen

Talk to the butterfly, and then run pass the two mobs on the left side of the wall. All other mobs will kill in 1 shot if you approach them. Reach the other NPC, talk to it and get your next die.

Room 8 - Try your Luck

Pay the NPC 1 dice ticket and 100K, open 10 Chest then get a die and a golden box. Golden box can either give you a sadness card (90%) or ecstasy card (10%).

Sadness card sell for 1 coin

Ecstasy card sells for 1 million.

Room 9 - 100 Second Stand

Talk to the NPC, upon which, you will be teleported in another room with a buncha mobs that you'll kill in one hit. The middle one, however is invincible and will continuously deal some 300 damage on you for the 100 seconds you spend in the room.

Just spam crabs and/or use any healing abilities you have and you'll be fine. :)


  1. Wait for someone to come inside this room.
  2. Let this person teleport inside the room
  3. Wait 90-95 seconds
  4. Talk to NPC and enter the room
  5. Run to corner
  6. Kill any mob that attacks you.

What does this do? Well by doing this trick, the room resets the second the other person you waited for leaves the challenge room. Once he leaves the room, the middle mob will stop attacking you, cause it resets the room, as if there is no one in the room. So the only mobs that will hit you will be the adds, and not the center mob. Once you kill the adds, nothing will attack you. This tricks is used for those who can not survive these 100 sec rooms, especially room 47. The only way the middle mob will attack you again, is if a 3rd person enters the room when you're inside to reactivate it.

Room 10 - Bombs Away!

Talk to the NPC and get a 10-minute timed bomb. For that time you need to reach room 17-22. It's super easy, as it takes 2-3 minutes to do so, unless you land in 11 a few times in a row :D. Once you've reached 17-22, remember to defuse the bomg at the NPC, as if you miss doing so, you won't be able to defuse it in further rooms!!

Rooms 11-20[edit | edit source]

Room 11 - Bored...

Talk to the middle NPC and then wait 3 minutes to get your die. PK is enabled in the room, but usually people won't attack you if you don't attack them first. It's more likely a place where a buncha people meet and have a talk to take a minute rest :D.

Room 12 - Choice of Fate = Instant pass =

Talk to the NPC, and get either a Death card which will send you back to jail in 11 or a Life card that sends you to 16.

Room 13 - Squad of Six = Instant pass =

All you need to do is take the quest and get your next die.

Room 14 - I don't wanna leave = Instant pass =

Same as 13, talk to the NPC and get your next die. The quest will consume 4 do alls.

Room 15 - Mystical Messenger = Instant pass =

Either select the Instant pass option or kill some mobs. If you wanna kill some mobs and farm some mysterious chips though, remember to turn in the quest in the next 60 seconds.

Room 16 - Fight the Demon = Instant pass =

Talk to the NPC and select the "Pay to Pass" option.

Room 17 - Ecstasy or Sadness

Pay 100k and dig 10 chests for a golden box and your next die.

Room 18 - Not enough Yet = Instant pass =

Talk to the NPC and exchange 1 do all for a Robber Card. Afterwards, take the quest and get your next die.

Room 19 - Happy Hold Up = Instant pass =

Take the quest and get your next die instantly.

Room 20 - Life Divergence = Instant pass =

Take the quest and either get a Death card that will move you back to 18 or a Life one ethat moves you to 25.

Rooms 21-30[edit | edit source]

Room 21 - Beast Hunter

Take the quest and kill 2 mobs of your level range. Timed for 2 mintues but it usually takes like 30 sec.

Note: Mobs do not aggro.

Room 22 - Mystical Messenger = Instant pass =

The same as room 15. Pass instantly or take the 1 minute quest for the mobs.

Room 23 - Real or Fake

  1. Talk to the NPC to teleport you to another room.
  2. Talk to the NPC in that room to start the quest itself.
  3. Kill a mob and get your next die. The "Fake" mobs are harder to kill than the "Real" ones. :D

Monsters hit based on your level.

Room 24 - Consequence

Take the quest from one of the NPCs and dig 5, 20 or 100 chests, depending on what the previous player has chosen for the next one (you) to dig. Don't worry, it will most likely be set to 5 cards, just pray that some idiot hasn't set it to 100.

After you've got your cards, talk to the other NPC and choose 5 cards for the next player.

Room 25 - Dragon Gate

Take the quest from the laying skeleton and make your way to the other end of the diagonal where the NPC for completing your quest is. The hands explode really slowly so don't worry if one spawns while you're in the middle of a circle, you still have time to escape it.

Room 26 - Death Judge - this room is easy if you pay attention.

Take the quest and go to the mob and aggro it. Make sure you don't get close enough for it to melee-fight you becuase it will kill you in one hit. Better use something ranged. Once you have aggro'ed it, lure it to one of a corner and wait for it to get somewhat close to you. Once it's somewhat close, avoid it and run to the middle of the room where the chests are. Following this strategy, you need to dig 5 chests. Remember to hit the mob from time to time so it doesn't reset.

Strategy for psychics - When it gets close to you, use Psy Will and wait for it to hit you, and then run to the chests, this way you have more time to dig and you only need to do it twice. Holy Path works amazingly here.

Room 27 - Have a Listen EX - you might have to fail it a bunch of times before learning. :D (same as 7, but mobs change)

It can generate up to three different pathways.

  1. Talk to the butterfly.
  2. Turn up volume to max and turn off all music.
  3. Tap your walk button.
  4. If you hear fire, then that means it can kill you and you need to instantly turn back before you've got too close.
  5. If no noise, it is harmless. Just pass two rows, and you're free...

How you know which path is the right one - Look at the following table:

                                           |          N|
                                           |  X 2 X O X|
                                           |  X 1 X 3 4|
                                           | P    B    |
    N - Completion NPC.
    P - Player spawn area.
    B - Butterfly NPC.
    X - Mobs that are always dangerous and you never pay attention to them.
    1, 2, 3, 4, O - Mobs to be checked.

First check mob 1. If it is safe, check mob 2. If it's safe, you're done. If mob 1 or 2 aren't safe: In this case, mob O is the mob you will pass thru in the second row. It is either 3 -> O or if 3 isn't safe, then 4 -> O.

Strategy for psychics: Go next to mob 4. Use psychic will and holy path to the NPC (N) and use your dice asap.

Room 28 - Count the Apples EX = Instant pass = (in 90% of the cases)

This one is like the previous apple counting room, but that one's waaaaay easier cuz out of 9 possible cases, 8 are fixed. I mean, just by looking at what possible answers and the color the NPC gives you, you know what's the right one.

This table shows the answers of all the cases:

Cheat Sheet
Choices Answer
white 10 , 9 , 11 11
white 10 , 8 , 9 10
white 10 , 8 , 11 10
blue 9 , 14 , 12 12
blue 11 , 10 , 12 12
blue 13 , 14 , 15 14
red 14 , 13 , 12 12
red 13 , 14 , 15 14
red 12 , 11 , 10 either 11 or 12

Room 29 - Slaughterhouse EX

Take the quest and kill 5 mobs of your level range. You are not timed.

Room 30 - 100 Second Stand EX

Use the same strategies as room 9. The only difference is the middle mob does more damage(about 500), and there are more roaming mobs.

Rooms 31-40[edit | edit source]

Room 31 - Mystical Messenger = Instant pass =

The same as 15 and 22. Either pass instantly or take the 1 mintue timed quests to kill some mobs.

Room 32 - Very Bored... Probably the most hated one by cube farmers along with 35

Take the quest and wait for 5 minutes. And pray you don't land in 35 as you'll most likely get back here..

This is a PK enabled room.

Room 33 - Monster Trapper


Kill 2 mobs in 2 minutes. Usually takes less than a minute. The mobs' level are according to your toon's level.

This is a PK enabled room.

Room 34 - Steadfast = Instant pass =

Just like 14, take the quest and you'll get your next die. The quest will consume 4 do alls.

Room 35 - Life Diverged... Again = Instant pass = but most likely in the opposite way xD

Either go back to 32 and be imprisoned for 5 more mintues or if you're REALLY lucky, you'll jump to 41.

This is a PK enabled room.

Room 36 - Crazy Chest

Take the quest and dig 10 chests for your next die.

This is a PK enabled room.

Room 37 - Great Luck = Instant pass =

Pay 200k coins for a sundries pack and a die.

Sundries packs can contain 1-3 mirages, 5-10 dice tickets, 2 do all cards, 1 ecstasy card, or 1 excitement card.

Room 38- Dragon Gate EX HARDEST ROOM EVAH (not if you follow the always-safe strategy)

The same as 25, but with added some salt and orange juice to the meal. AND evil roaming ants that kill you in 1 hit. xD BUT DON'T GET TOO SCARED - there is a way that's always kept me safe in the room and never failed me.

Once you're in the room, take the quest from the laying skeleton. Then look to the right row of hands by the wall. You will need to wait for an ant to come somewhat close to the last hand, take a 2-3 second rest and go back on its way. Once it has started its journey back, follow it to the corner. Remember to stick maximally to the walls and be aware of the hands - they explode extremely slow so even if one spawns right in front of you, you have time to pass the circle before it has exploded. Once you're in the corner (RIGHT into it), wait there. Zoom in to the max and wait for an ant to pass by you. It's the one that comes from the direction the NPC for completing the room is and proceed to the direction you came from. Once that ant has gone far enough for you to not aggro it, proceed to the direction that leads to the other end of the diagonal you spawned at. There, the NPC for compelting the room is. Don't worry, by following this startegy and always sticking right by the walls, you won't get caught by the evil ants.

In a few words

                 1) wait for the first ant to the right and follow it to the corner
                 2) wait for the second ant to pass by you and then you proceed to where the NPC is.


Room 39 - Consequence II

Much like room 24. Dig 5, 20, or 100 chests.


Room 40 - Sadness or Ecstasy<

Pay 100k and open 10 chests. Get a platinum box and a die.

Platinum boxes are much like golden boxes, but you have a chance to win 5 million instead. And the chance is 5 times lower - not 10, but 2%. lol

Rooms 41-50[edit | edit source]

Room 41 - Squad of three = Instant pass =

Talk to the NPC and select the Pay to Pass option for your next die. Unless, of ocurse, you gor 2 more ppl with you in the room :D

Room 42 - Mysterious messenger = Instant pass =

The same as rooms 15, 22, and 31. Either choose the Instant pass option or take the 1 minute quest to kill some mobs.

Room 43 - Take down the demon = Instant pass =

Talk to the NPC and choose the Pay to Pass option.

Room 44 - Bomber Mania = Instant Pass =

Talking to the NPC will give you a bomb and your next die. You need to reach 50 for 10 minutes. Don't worry, it usually takes less than 5. It is mandatory to defuse the bomb in 50 before proceeding in your run as you won't be given the chance to defuse it anywhere else.

Room 45 - Open sesame...Please?

The same as 6, but this one is PK enabled, so you need to be careful not to AOE others, if there are in the room, just like many other PK enabled rooms. And the NPC spawns spawns at a different place - in front of the door. And the boss looks different, blah blah blah...

Room 46 - Still Not Enough = Instant pass =

The same as 18, but in this one you are given and need to get one more Bully Card, not Robber Card. The exchanging way is the same, though the Bully card costs 2 do alls, not 1.

Room 47 - The Final Stand

The same as rooms 9 and 30, but even harder. The hardest one, to be exact. You can follow the same strategies as 9 and 30, but this one may really be difficult for little HP-ed non-healing characters. That means you might have trouble surviving it even at 6-7k HP as a db/ seek/ sin and other classes that don't have many healing spells. You can either get yourself a charm if you're in one of these cases or pay 8 do alls and pass instantly (which is a waste).

2-3k HP is enough for a mystic or a cleirc though.

Psychics also don't have to buy a charm - if you are one, just 6-7k HP is enough. Strategy for psychics: Get the quest and use Empowered Vigor. Once you're in the room, keep spamming crabs, bubble and (only for sages) Soul of Retaliation. If your HP gets too low, you can use an IG or something while being healed. Once 10 seconds are remaining, and Empowered Vigor has expired, use Spirit Phalanx. Once you're outta the piece of ice, you will be instantly teleported to the beginning room with your next die.

Room 48 - Chest Unlocker Hardcore

Take the quest and dig 15 chests for your next die.

This is a PK enabled room.

Room 49 - Prize Raid


Take the quest and kill at least 1 mob. Then turn in. Each mob gives a bunch thousands of exp, so if you wanna kill some more, go on and don't forget to turn in the quest within 2 minutes!! If the time expires before you have turned it in, you are DEAD. :D

What to do once you're in room 50:

If you are running for exp and not for making money or farming cogs - Talk to the fat middle NPC (or if you have started the run using a COF Letter, you will need to talk to Trong) and get your reward pack.

If you are running for cogs (or eventually making money) and this is the first time during the run you are inside - get a Disabled Cog of Fate instead of the reward pack, once you're teleported into the other room, take the first quest and if it's a Rabbit Card, save it. If it's a Turtle Card, NPC it at the furnace in room 1 to save some space in the inventory. After taking the first quest, take the second quest to go back to 1 and talk to Shrong to give him the COF Letter and then talk to the fat middle NPC to continue your run (start 1-50 for the second time).

If you are running for cogs (or eventually making money) and this is your second time during the run you are inside, Talk to Trong or (if you have accidentally forgotten to start the first 1-50 run with the Duty Badge and have started the second 1-50 run with one), the fat NPC in the middle and get a second Disabled Cog of Fate. Once you are teleported in the other room, take the first quest. If you have gotten from the 2 times you've been in the room at least 1 Rabbit card, use it. Never use Turtle Cards over Rabbit ones, as 52 is way easier than 51. Use one only if you don't have Rabbit ones. And you proceed to 50-60.

Rooms 51-60[edit | edit source]

Rooms 51-60 instead of getting dice you get either rabbit or turtle cards. Rabbit moves you forward two rooms, turtle moves you forwards only one.

* Advanced Cube is not difficult, but not worth it if you are running it with only 1 disabled cog.

* You MUST be prepared to spend 1-2 million every time you do these rooms, as they each cost money to do.

Once you've got a Rabbit/ Turtle card from the room after 50, you can start the 51-60 run

Room 51 - Probably the most difficult room.

First, you need to talk to the NPC and kill 6 mobs. You are timed. Once the mobs are killed, you will be teleported in another room with a sudoku game inside it. All you need to do is choose the right color for each square that doesn't have one, but instead a wooden pillar-like NPC. By talking to it, you choose the color.

There are 5 colors - Blue, White, Yellow, Green, Violet.

How do you know which color to pick - You need to have ** One of each color in every diagonal and row **

This is the main rule you follow. Once you take the quest, the clock starts ticking. You have 5 minutes to complete the game. If you don't make it in time, the explosives attached to the walls will denote.. and you will find youself bacn in room 1 and FAIL. Make your choise. *totally not a Saw puzzle* :D

If you're not experienced in the room and don't know how to do it yourself, before starting the quests you can find out which set up you have got and look at the colors you need to fill in by followin the following table:

BOARD 1 (All Greens given)
Violet Yellow Blue Green White
Yellow Green White Blue Violet
White Blue Yellow Violet Green
Blue Violet Green White Yellow
Green White Violet Yellow Blue

BOARD 2 (4 Violets given Scenario A)
White Green Yellow Violet Blue
Violet Blue Green Yellow White
Blue Yellow Violet White Green
Yellow White Blue Green Violet
Green Violet White Blue Yellow

BOARD 3 (All Whites given)
Blue Yellow Green White Violet
Green White Violet Blue Yellow
Violet Blue Yellow Green White
Yellow Green White Violet Blue
White Violet Blue Yellow Green

BOARD 4 (4 Violets given Scenario B)
Yellow Green White Violet Blue
Violet Blue Green White Yellow
Blue White Violet Yellow Green
White Yellow Blue Green Violet
Green Violet Yellow Blue White

Room 52 = Instant Pass =

Here you can fight up to 5 bosses - in every room you're given the option to stop the fight and get your next card.

Just talk to the first NPC and he will send you to the first boss room. You are automatically teleported to the next boss room after defeating hte current boss.

For the first 4 bosses you get a Book Credit Card from each one, but if you defeat the last one, you get a Lucky Cube Game Coin.

I'd recommend not to waste any time here and just get your card before even starting the first one. Becuase the more time you have, the more runs you can do, and the more runs you can do, the more money you will make. Also it's better to do that even if you're not running for money, just if you're farming cogs, you never know what will happen, so save some time just in case. :)

Room 53 - Soccer game. You are timed.

Just take the quest, aggro and lure everything in the blue area. Once you stand in one of the corners, it is sure that everything will die. (The mobs, including the white ball, die upon entering that area, because there are invisible mobs that kill them). Once everything is dead, go to the starter NPC, where a chest will have spawned. Dig it, turn in and you have your next card.

CAUTION: If you have a red name, the blue area invisible mobs will also kill you!

Room 54 - Lottery. = Instant pass =

Talk to the NPC and 3 balls will spawn.

   If 3 balls of the same color spawn, you will get 300k coins.
   If one ball of each color spawns, you will get a Lucky Cube Game Coin.

Once the balls have spawned, you automatically get your next card even if you have not won anything.

Room 55 - Lottery. = Instant pass =

Talk to one of the NPCs and in a few seconds, a quest at the other one will appear showing if you have won anything and giving your next card.

You can win: 330k, 660k or 990k coins. Or in most of the cases nothing. :D

Room 56 - Portals. CAUTION! Read everything! This room may get really confusing!


448,639-----Room B

1st row 1st hole to C

1st row 3rd hole to D

2nd row 1st hole to E

2nd row 3rd hole to A

438,659-----Room C

1st row 1st hole to E

1st row 2nd hole to D

438,649-----Room D

1st row 1st hole to C

1st row 3rd hole to E

438,639-----Room E

1st row 1st hole to C

1st row 2nd hole to D

2nd row 2nd hole to B


Talk to the NPC. After that, you will be teleported in the first of the 4 portal rooms. Now, you need to strictly follow this order of portals if you don't wanna get lost and complete the room successfully. ** In each portal room, check if the NPC has a quest to be turned in, because one must have it **

The following diagram shows which portals to enter, by starting with 1 and ending with 4.

                                    |  X X X X |            X - Portals not to enter.
                                    |  X 3 4 X |            P - Player spawning place.
                                    |  2 1 X X |            N - One of the Brothers NPC.
                                    |     N    |            1, 2, 3, 4 - Portals you need to enter in an order.
                                    | P        |

You need to begin with portal 1 and end with portal 4 while checkin in each room if the NPC has the quest. Once you are teleported in the first portal room upon talking to the NPC in 56, begin with portal 1.

CAUTION: You MUST NOT enter portal 4 if you have NOT found the NPC with the quest in one of the portal rooms.

CAUTION: IF YOU GET LOST: Stand exactly where you spawned and look at your coordiantes:

  438, 649 - You are in portal room 1 and need to enter portal 1 and continue in the order, shown on the diagram.
  438, 659 - You are in portal room 2 and need to enter portal 2 and continue in the order, shown on the diagram.
  438, 639 - You are in portal room 3 and need to enter portal 3 and continue in the order, shown on the diagram.
  448, 639 - You are in the last portal room and need to enter portal 4 to be sent to room 56.

Once you're back in room 56 itself, talk to the NPC for the next card.

Room 57. Sector Zero. CAUTION! Time limited!

Take the quest and press Q to open your quests tab. Go to the quest and click on the NPC's green name to see where it is. Once you've clicked on its name, the player will start walking to wards it. You need to talk to 3 NPCs, there is one in each corner. If you get lucky, you might get the same NPC 2 or 3 times and eventually pass faster. Once you have had your third talk to an NPC, you get your next card.

CAUTION! Always stick to the walls and NEVER walk through the middle to the other end of the diagonal, as you will most likely meet 3 red balls at once and die.

What do the different colored balls do:

Red ball - deals around 40% of your HP no matter how much you have. 3 red balls is always death. So you migth want to heal yourself quickly.

Yellow ball - Stuns you. Green ball - Slows you.

VERY USEFUL STRATEGY: Once you enter the room, remove all gear, avatars and everything that gives you HP. This way the red balls will deal way less damage and it will be easier for you to heal yourself up. Do not unequip your wep though as you can't use healing skills without it. :D

Room 58 = Instant pass =

Talk to the NPC and select the option "Neither dead, nor alive", and you will get your next die. The quest will consume 10 do alls.

CAUTION! Do NOT choose the other option as you'd have basically failed the run.

Room 59 = Instant pass =

Talk to the NPC and just keep clicking the first options. This will cost you 600k and finish your run. :)

Room 60!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU MADE IT!!!!!

Once you are inside the room, talk to the middle NPC and get your first cog repaired by taking the quest. After this, wait for 30 minutes and repair your second cog. (If of course you have one which is highly recommended).

Main rules in cube business

- NEVER Give up. Personally, I've had a case when I accidentally forgot to heal myself in 47 and died. I had less than 30 minutes remaining on my first cog. Despite the odds, I did make it to room 60 in time and I had literally less than 10 seconds on the first cog. But I did make it. :)

- Don't care about how much you spend. Even tho at first it might seem you spend too much to really make any profit at all. And most of the people I've been teaching cube have been like OMG ALL THIS MONEY WASTED ON COF LETTERS, ON DO ALLS ON I don't know what... THERE IS NO PROFIT HERE! IM LEAVING!!. Well, if there was no profit, would I have farmed 3 Rank IX pieces in there? A little thinking is required and you've basically found your best and easiest way of making money! ^-^


And remember - The more, the better. ;)