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One of the big draws to Perfect World is character customization. What better way to continue that customization than to give your character their own sense of fashion. While there is a wide assortment of styles available in the boutique, you may not always get a color that appeals to you. Luckily, there are Dyes, or Pigments, available to change the color of your clothes.

Types of Dyes[edit | edit source]

There are currently four in game items associated with dyes.

Colored Pigment

A colored pigment, such as Blue Pigment or Black Pigment, is a unit of a specific color that can be applied to a fashion item. If you wish to dye your clothing a certain color, your only guarantee of getting them that color is by using colored dyes.

Random Pigment

A random pigment is just that, random. They are generally cheaper and easier to come by than specific colored pigments, but when you use them, you have no control over the color that they generate.

Hot Colors Pack

The Hot Colors Pack is a boutique item that yields a colored pigment when right clicked. The color is chosen at random, meaning that you'll need a lot of these if you are looking for a specific color. However, you can sell or trade the dyes you don't want to other players.

Pigment Card

In the boutique auction house, there is a chance at a pigment card. These cards can be traded at the Boutique Agent for a stack of 30 colored dyes, specific to the color of the card.

The colors that have been released so far are:

  • red
  • pink
  • black
  • white

How to Acquire[edit | edit source]

There are many different ways to acquire dyes. You can try your luck with the boutique, sift through what others players don't want, or even trade in DQ points for a chance at something nice.

Boutique[edit | edit source]

Permanent Additions

The boutique currently has two types of pigments available on a permanent status: Random Pigments and the Hot Colors Pack.


Special Sales

On occasion, there will be a special sale for certain colored dyes.

Colors that have previously been on sale:

  • red (Valentine's Day)
  • white
  • black
  • green (St. Patrick's Day)

Boutique Auction

As a part of the boutique auction, you can bid against other players on Pigment Cards using gold.

Players[edit | edit source]


Some players like to try their luck with Hot Colors Packs and end up with unwanted dyes. Many of them will appear in catshops:


Auction House

Alternatively to the catshop, the Auction House may have a greater selection of dyes. Use the filter to search for a specific color quickly:


DQ Points[edit | edit source]

Since the release of the DQ Points system, players may also cash in their DQ Points for Random dyes.

How to Dye[edit | edit source]

Once you've finished collecting your pigments, it's time to dye your clothes. You can either dye an individual piece of fashion or multiple pieces as a set. If you are dying your fashion as a set, you must use twice the number of dyes that you would use if you were dying each piece individually. The advantage to dying items as a set is that if you are using random pigments, every piece dyed together will result in the same color.

Either way, you'll first need the appropriate number of dyes. This number can be seen at the bottom of each fashion item:


Note: in order to dye an item, the number of pigments required must be able to stack. If you are dying will colored pigments, they must all be the same color. If you are dying with random pigments, they must all fit on the same icon in your inventory. If you have random pigments from DQ rewards they may not stack with other random pigments as the DQ rewards are nontradable items and as such, considered a different type of pigment.

Get your dyes and head over to the nearest seamstress, and choose the option Dye Clothes

Individual Pieces

To dye an individual piece of fashion, make sure that the Single tab is selected. Drag the fashion you want to dye into the top slot and the dyes into the lower slot.


If everything has been entered correctly, the "Dye" button will light up. Click it and enjoy your new fashion.


To dye a set of fashion, make sure that the Sets tab is selected. Drag the fashion pieces you want to dye into the top slots and the dyes into the lower slot. You may dye a maximum of one piece of each type (armwear, legwear, etc) as part of a set but the set does not have to include something of each type.


Fixed-Color Items

Some items have a fixed color and can not be dyed. This fashion will have a "Fixed-color" indication on it.

Headwear fashion can not be dyed. It takes on the hair color of your character.

Available Colors[edit | edit source]

Quick Finder[edit | edit source]

Pure black dye.jpg Grey pigment.png Malt yellow dye.jpg Sand brown dye.jpg Pure white dye.jpg Lotus green dye.jpg Pink carnation dye.jpg Periwinkle dye.jpg
Carime dye.jpg Pink dye.jpg Violet-blue dye.jpg Indige blue dye.jpg Lavender.jpg Lilac dye.jpg Lake Blue dye.jpg Carine dye.jpg
Blue green dye.jpg Sky blue dye.jpg Emerald dye.jpg Indige green dye.jpg Chromedye.jpg Peppermint dye.jpg Coconut green dye.jpg Green eye stone dye.jpg
Grass green dye.jpg Yellow orange dye.jpg Citrine dye.jpg Manga dye.jpg Fresh orange dye.jpg Red Imperial red dye.jpg Maize dye.jpg

Dyed Fashion[edit | edit source]

Black Pigment Grey Pigment Cream Pigment
Smokey Pigment White Pigment Perfect Pigment
Magenta Pigment Fuchsia Pigment Pink Pigment
Violet Red Pigment Violet Pigment Purple Pigment
Lavender Pigment Plum Pigment Light Blue Pigment
Aquamarina Pigment Blue Pigment Sapphire Pigment
Turqoise Pigment Aqua Pigment Jade Pigment
Light Green Pigment Green Pigment Bright Green Pigment
Lime Pigment Light Yellow Pigment Yellow Pigment
Mango Pigment Orange Pigment Red Pigment
Copper Pigment Brown Pigment