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Within the game users can get together to form a faction. A faction is basically a group where users join together for common goals, companionship, economic gain, and many other reasons. To set up a faction you will need to visit a Faction Supervisor located in Archosaur. Once you have established one you can access the faction page by hitting the 'G' key on your keyboard.

Below the rules and restrictions for factions:

Creating a faction: First time applicants must be at least level 20 and must be able to pay 100,000 coins.

Upgrading a faction: You can upgrade your faction's tier in order to increase the member limit of your faction.

Faction Tiers[edit | edit source]

Within your faction you have the ability to promote users to higher positions within your faction. With each rank they are given additional abilities like inviting and promoting. The positions are as follows: commissioner, executor, marshal, director, and leader.

  • Tier 1: 50 member limit - 100,000 coins
  • Tier 2: 100 member limit - 2,000,000 coins
  • Tier 3: 200 member limit - 10,000,000 coins

Note: Once a faction is upgraded past level 1 the faction can no longer be disbanded. So be careful when deciding to upgrade.

Note: All factions have a limited number of positions. They are 12 executors, 4 marshals, 1 director, and 1 leader regardless of tier.

Note: Tier 3 factions can change their guild icon. For details see How to Get a Faction Icon.

Faction Diplomacy[edit | edit source]

Any two level 3 factions can use diplomacy to create allies or enemies.

There are three diplomacy statuses for other factions in relation to your own: neutral (the default status), allied (meaning the two factions are friends), and hostile (meaning they are at war). The current diplomacy status of your faction in regards to other factions can be found in your faction menu.

An allied status will force the members of two factions to have a PK Protection on. The effect is almost the same as the PK Protection within a faction.

A special sign will be added to the members of your hostile faction. This helps you identify them easily.

To create a diplomacy relation, the faction leader or the director can open the Faction Menu, and choose Diplomacy. Then, they have to choose a neutral level 3 faction to request for allied or hostile status. This will cost 3,000,000 coins. The request receiver should reply to it within 24 hours. Either accepting the allied status request or declining hostile status request will cost 3,000,000 coins. Otherwise, no coins will be cost. If the request is not responded within 24 hours, then if it is an allied status request, it will be dismissed automatically and the coins will not be returned; if it is a hostile status request, it will take effect automatically. All diplomacy statuses last for 30 days. Then, the two factions will return to neutral status.

Either side of a diplomacy relation can request to cancel their relations. If the other faction accepts, then the two factions will return to neutral status; if declined, then their relation will remain. Of course you can choose to force-end the relation at a cost of 6,000,000 coins. If you ended a diplomacy relation, you can not get another one within 30 minutes.