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Ultimate Newbie Guide to Your Genie

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

With the Genie system, players can use a Genie to compliment their chosen class and round out their game play. The genies are non-corporeal entities that can assist in battle by casting buffs, debuffs and using new and unique abilities. You gain one genie of a random type initially, and you can also create a specific type of genie at the cost of 3 Mirage Celestones.

Genies can level up along with their masters. In addition to increasing their base stats, players can upgrade a Genie's elemental affinity, with any of the five elements: Metal, Wood, Earth, Water and Fire. One affinity point is gained every five genie levels. The elemental affinity will become important because different affinities will be the key to unlocking certain skills. Genies can have a maximum of 26 affinity points. If need be, a player can reset the Genie's affinity points at the NPC “Watcher of the Earth” in any of the six main cities using Stones of Refreshment (a Cash Shop item).

One interesting aspect of Genie skills is that some are location specific. Some Earth skills can be used only while on the ground, many Water skills can only be used in water and some Metal skills can only be used while in flight. Additionally, some skills are class specific— Hollow Fist is reserved for Venomancers only, or the skill Rainbow Blessing is restricted to clerics.

Every Genie skill but the base one has 10 levels. The majority of the level one skills will have a requisite one point of a certain element (this is the same concept as many of our classes builds, you cannot open some skills without have a chain of others opened, even if they are only at level one).

There are four different Genies, one of each season: Longevity (Spring), Discipline (Winter), Zeal (Autumn), Infliction (Summer). Each genie has a unique skill when you first receive them, however, all other skills must be obtained through upgrading.

Strength (STR) Determine damage output of skills
Dexterity (DEX) Determine effect of skill duration
Vitality (VIT) MP pool (what you have available)
Magic (MAG) MP Recovery (each 50 MAG = +1 MP recovery)

All genie skills cost stamina, which requires Chi stones to replace, so all genie skills effectively cost money. So, a Genies Attributes can be viewed from a different perspective:

Attributes Simplified
Strength (STR) More bang for your buck on (and possibly healing) skills
Dexterity (DEX) More bang for your buck on durational skills
Vitality (VIT) Allows you to use more expensive (and powerful) skills, as well as chaining them together
Magic (MAG) Allows you to use skills more frequently

Genie's Main Screen[edit | edit source]

Genie info.PNG

To bring up this window just right-click on your currently equipped genie's portrait.

Choosing a Genie[edit | edit source]

It doesn't really matter which genie you choose, the differences are:

the attributes, the looks, and their default skill, which is usually not very good and you will most likely drop it.

Generally speaking though, for classes other than venomancer and mystic, the Zeal genie is preferred, because the default skill, Earthflame, can be used for luring.

Starting Stats of Genies
Name Affinity STR DEX VIT MAG
Infliction Strength 15 5 3 5
Longevity Dexterity 5 15 5 3
Discipline Vitality 3 5 15 5
Zeal Magic 5 3 5 15

What exactly do these attributes mean for my genie?

Strength (STR) Str affects some genie skills with Str-based bonuses.
Dexterity (DEX) Dex affects some genie skills with Dex-based bonuses.
Vitality (VIT) Each point of vit increases the max energy of your genie by 1.
Magic (MAG) Each point of mag increases energy recovery rate by +0.02/sec (base = 1/sec.).

What kind of stats are allocated to my genie when I get it and level it up?

- Genies gain 1 stat point every level that the player can put in one of the genie's four attributes.

- After (base stat +40) it costs 2 points to raise a stat instead of just 1. So if your base stat is 15, it will cost 2 points starting at 55; if it's 5, 45; and if it's 3, raising it over 43 will cost more.

- Genies gain a completely random 1 to 10 Lucky Points every 10 levels. Each Lucky Point adds an equal amount of stat points (see Lucky Points).

- Total of Lucky Points gained determines the maximum number of skills a genie can learn (see below) as well as the display model of the genies. Higher Lucky Points will gain a better look and attribute points for genies.

- Attribute points can be reallocated using Origination Orders (a Cash Shop item).

When you start at Level 1 and receive your Genie, you will begin the process of building this valuable tool. Just like you, as you level and your Genie levels, you can receive quests that give you reward items that are Genie Exclusive.

How many skills can my genie learn? The maximum number of skills (including the base one) your Genie can learn is determined by its amount of lucky points (see below : "Lucky Points"). Base is 4 skills.

To receive your quests: Visit the NPC, Watcher of the Earth, in any one of the six major cities.

Genie Quest Rewards
Level of Player Quest Reward
Level 1 Collect your genie (genie type is random)
Level 19 Cube of Enlightenment - EXP Stone
Level 49 Refined Cube of Enlightenment (EXP Stone)
Level 70 20 Order of Origination (attribute point reallocation item)
Level 79 Elite Cube of Enlightenment (EXP Stone}
Level 80 Stone of Refreshment (affinity point reallocation item)

Affinity (Elemental Stats):

  • Genies begin with 1 Affinity point.
  • Gain 1 Affinity point every 5 levels.
  • Gain 1 Affinity point every level above 100.
  • Maximum allocation for each Affinity is 8 points.
  • Maximum Affinity point gain is 26.
  • Affinity points can be reallocated using the Stone of Refreshment item (a Cash Shop item).

Leveling Your Genie[edit | edit source]

There are four methods for leveling your Genie:
  • Using an Experience Cube
  • Using your character's Experience Points
  • Using your character's Spirit Points (1 SP = 5 genie EXP)
  • Equipped genies gain 10% of the Experience Points its owner gains for completing quests and killing monsters

To level your Genie, simply right-click on your Genie's icon and then click “Infuse.”

Exp infuse.PNG

Warning: Be 100% sure about the method you would like to use. Once you have infused with Experience or Spirit, you CANNOT have either back if there is a mistake made.

How much EXP is needed to level my Genie?

40% of your characters Exp is needed to level the Genie. For example: if your character needed 1 million Exp for the next level then your Genie will need 400k Exp to level.

Looking at the Table below will allow for all to better understand the Exp ratio. A Genie starts with Level 1 and Exp required to level a Level 1 Genie is 40% of the Level 1 players Exp regardless of your own level. The Exp follows the below table:

Experience Penalty
Player Level Player Exp Genie Exp Estimated Exp Penalty (@ Level 100)
1 55 22 2200
2 220 88 4400
3 495 198 6600
4 880 352 8800
5 1400 560 11200
6 2010 804 13400
7 2765 1106 15800

Why do my Genie(s) receive less Exp when I try to import?

  • - A player can only level up Genies that are the same level or lower then their level
  • - No Exp penalty for a transfer of Genies to a player of the same level, but there is an Exp penalty for a player that is a higher level then the Genie (Penalty amount unknown).
  • - When using an Exp stone, the penalty is calculated based on the level of the Exp stone and the Genie level. The Exp stone will disappear once it is used
  • - There is no Exp penalty when a Genie reaches Level 100

Leveling Calculations:
Genie Level Calculations Chart

Example 1: You are a player at level 20, and you have a genie at level 13.

So you put "20" in the yellow box. Let's say you want to know how much you need to infuse get a genie from level 13 to 14. Look for Genie level 13 (down on column "C") and go across to columns "E" and "F": it say, you need 6,120 player experience to infuse, or 1,224 spirit to infuse to level your genie from level 13 to level 14.

Example 2: You are a player at level 20, and you are getting a brand new genie. (And you want to level this genie all the way from 1 to 14.)

So again, put "20" in the yellow box. How much TOTAL experience or spirit do you need to get the genie to level 14? Look for Genie level 13 (your desired level minus 1), and go across to Columns "I" and "J": it says, you need a TOTAL of 41,460 player experience to infuse, or 8,292 spirit to infuse.

Lucky Points[edit | edit source]

Lucky Points (LP) add extra attribute points to the genie. Genies normally receive 1 attribute point per level and also get 1-10 additional attribute points from the Lucky Points it gains at every 10 levels. Thus a very lucky genie can double its points.

The more Lucky Points your genie gets, the more rare it is. A level 80 genie with 80/80 Lucky Points is super rare.

The number of Lucky Points determine not only the number of additional attribute points, but also the look of your genie and the maximum number of skills a genie can learn. The number of required Lucky Points for your genie to "evolve" are:

Lucky Point Color Codes
Green (Starting State) This color indicates this genie gained random stats between 10 - 40 points.
Blue (1st Evolution) This color indicates this genie gained random stats between 41 - 50 points.
Purple (2nd Evolution) This color indicates this genie gained random stats between 51 - 60 points.
Gold (3rd/Final Evolution) This color indicates this genie gained random stats between 61 – 99 points.
Orange This color indicates this genie gained 10 random stats per every 10 level. It is the queen of all genies (very rare).

Skill Slots
0-50 4 Skill Slots
51-70 5 Skill Slots
71-80 6 Skill Slots
81-90 7 Skill Slots
91+ 8 Skill Slots

The number of lucky points your genie gains every ten levels is randomly given at the following rates:

Lucky Point Distribution
Lucky Points Odds
1 24%
2 16%
3 15%
4 2%
5 1%
6 1%
7 1%
8 6%
9 15%
10 19%

This means that the number of Lucky Points your genie gains each ten levels will usually be either very high or very low. Also, this means that the average number of Lucky Points a genie gains every ten levels will be 5. Thus at level 50 a genie will have 25 Lucky Points, on average.

For a detailed discussion about how hard it is to get a certain number of Lucky Points on a genie see Genie Rarity.

There are no "tricks" you can use that will affect the odds listed above.


Click to View the Evolution of Genies Based on Lucky Points

Affinity Points[edit | edit source]

Somewhat different then attribute points, Affinity Points give you the option of placing elemental affinities: Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, and Metal. Where you place these points will determine what skills your genie may acquire. The higher the affinity points needed for a skill, the stronger that skill is going to be (even at level one).

Genie affinity.PNG

  • Metal affinity.pngAffinity: Metal (MT)
  • Wood affinity.pngAffinity: Wood (WD)
  • Earth affinity.pngAffinity: Earth (ER)
  • Water affinity.pngAffinity: Water (WT)
  • Fire affinity.pngAffinity: Fire (FR)

“Genies start with 1 Affinity Point, and will gain an additional Affinity Point every 5 levels. When a Genie reaches Level 100, it will gain 1 Affinity Point every level. Genies can attain a maximum of 26 Affinity Points.”

“There are 5 types of Affinities: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. The number of points required to master an Affinity is 8.”

The Display icons for the Affinities have been recently changed for easier readability

Skills[edit | edit source]

Important to note - ALL genies can get the SAME skills. There is no restriction on this; the only restriction is that some of the CLASSES cannot open certain skills on their genies.

By default, a Genie can learn a maximum of 4 skills. The maximum number of skills your Genie can learn (up to 8 slots) is determined by its amount of lucky points (see above). Genie abilities will consume your Genie's Energy and Stamina. Genies can forget skills via the Watcher of the Earth at no cost.

Starter Skills

(each Genie comes with a starter skill, this is something that you can “unlearn” from your genie if you wish to replace it, but for those who may not have the exp/spirit to level and gain new skills, these are a good starting point to learn your genie)

  • - Discipline (White Genie) Wind Force - Increases Flight Speed by 50%
  • - Zeal (Gold Genie) Earthflame - Reduces Target attack and defense 4% (often used for Luring)
  • - Longevity (Blue Genie) Eruption Fist - Reduces Elemental resistance 30%
  • - Infliction (Red/Pink Genie) Venom Stinger - Decreases Targets speed & increases yours by 22%

Skills By Affinity Points

Updated Skill List

Genie Skill Calculator

Genie Skill Tree: Click for Individual Description of Skills

Primary skills.PNGAdvanced skills.PNG

How many skills do genies come with?

Your genie will come with one skill and by default will have the ability to learn 3 more skills. You can gain additional skill slots according to your genie's Lucky Points (see above). For example, when your genie's Lucky Points goes over 50, you go from four skill slots to five skill slots.

Every Genie skill has 10 levels

The majority of the level one skills will have a requisite one point of a certain element (this is the same concept as many of our classes builds, you cannot open some skills without have a chain of others opened, even if they are only at level one).

Additional Information You Will Need[edit | edit source]

  • 1) When you learn a skill for a genie, it will cost SP. The maximum number of skills that genie possibly can learn is 8, though it starts out with a max of 4 (see Lucky Points above). You can delete a skill you don't want at the Watcher of the Earth free of charge, but the SP you spent on the skill will be gone forever.

  • 2) There are 4 types of equipment your genie can buy. For now, only 2 items for each type. 1 item cost 1M to buy, another cost 3M. All of these item +1 or +2 points more to your genie's stats.

  • 3) Depending on how you spend the affinity points of the genie, it can learn and cast certain skills.

  • 4) You genie's color changes depending on its Lucky Points.

  • 5) Although the base skill Earthflame may sound quite useless (especially because it can't be upgraded), it can be used to lure a target faster than a veno can do with her pet. The drawbacks are the genie stamina cost, the cooldown (meaning you cannot use another skill and also that you cannot lure many times in a row), and the shorter range. But many people like it anyway when they are not squadding with a veno or want to lure faster.

  • 6) Overall, if you had 1000 genies, there could be 1000 ways to build them. There isn't any "perfect" way to build a genie. It depends on what skills you want it to learn, on your class, on your favorite color (e.g. girls like pink a lot), on your SP, etc....

Header genie image.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions[edit | edit source]

Can you Equip your Genie?

Yes, you can equip your genie! “Players can buy equipment for their Genies from the Watcher of the Earth. Genie Equipment includes Jades, Mirrors, Orbs, and Charms. Once equipped, Genie equipment can no longer be de-equipped; it can only be destroyed or replaced. Destroying and replacing Genie equipment is also done through the Watcher of the Earth.” HOWEVER, before everyone gets all excited…these items cost 1 million coins. Therefore, and unfortunately, these items will be out of reach for many.

If I do not like the genie I have, what can I do?

You can talk to new NPC and select appropriate option to dismiss your genie. You gain EXP stone in proportion to genie level. To dismiss genie that is L40 and above, you genie must be in tradeable mode to do so.

The tradeable mode option is one in which allows for other players to trade or sell there genies. However, one must keep in mind that “Genies can be traded amongst players after they have been converted into TRADE READY state. Click the Trade State button in the Genie interface menu in order to access this feature. It will take 7 days to convert your Genie into to TRADE READY state. By default, a Genie is set to NO-Trade state. In this state, the Genie cannot be traded, sold, or discarded.” From Trade to NO-Trade is instant, but it will take another 7 days if you do decide to trade it again.

Please note that Genies in TRADE READY state, the Genie can be traded, sold, and dropped and EXP infusion is restricted to EXP Cubes only. To infuse EXP or Spirit into the Genie, please switch the Genie back to NO-TRADE state.

  • - From NO-Trade to Trade will take 7 days (168 hours).
  • - From Trade to NO-Trade is instant, but it will take another 7 days if you do decide to trade it again.

Do I have to Feed my Genie?

You have to give it chi stones from decomposing player equipment to fill its stamina bar, which is used up whenever you use one of the genies skills. Other than that genies do not require any kind of food.

If you do not "feed" your genie, the stamina bar will eventually run low and you will not be able to utilize the skills.

Chi Stone Value Chart
Chi Stone Level Image + Stamina on Genie
Yiyuan stone 1 ChiStone-1.jpeg + 40
Liangyi stone 2 ChiStone-2.jpeg + 80
Santsai stone 3 ChiStone-3.jpeg + 160
Ssuhsiang stone 4 ChiStone-4.jpeg + 240
Wuhsing stone 5 ChiStone-5.jpeg + 320
Liuho stone 6 ChiStone-6.jpeg + 400
Chihsing stone 7 ChiStone-7.jpeg + 480
Pakua stone 8 ChiStone-8.jpeg + 560
Chiukung stone 9 ChiStone-9.jpeg + 640
Perfect stone 10 ChiStonePerfect-10.jpeg + 720

Combining Chi stones is not recommended, since you will lose more total stamina points than you gain by combining them.

Do they act automatically or do we have to use those skills manually, like our character skills?

You have to activate the skill... as in you need to "click" the icon like you would your own skills. You can also drag them into the hot-key slots for easy activation.

How to get my hands on Chi stones?

You can get Chi Stones from other players, but the best and easiest way is by decomposing armor and/or weapons. The lower the level of these equips, the less the Chi stone will give in terms of stamina. You can however combine chi stones into "higher" level ones at the Jewelcraftsman. Obviously the Perfect Stones are the best, but even then it can get expensive to "feed" your genie. As the Perfect Stones only give 720 stamina back.

ChiStone-1.jpeg ChiStone-2.jpeg ChiStone-3.jpeg ChiStone-4.jpeg ChiStone-5.jpeg ChiStone-6.jpeg ChiStone-7.jpeg ChiStone-8.jpeg ChiStone-9.jpeg ChiStonePerfect-10.jpeg

How do I “feed” my Genie?

To "feed" your genie, just drag-and-drop the stone(s) onto the icon of the genie you wish to feed in your inventory. Genies do not need to be equipped to be fed this way.

So how do you stat your genie?

Stating your Genie is mainly based on the type that you have chosen. For a Longevity genie you have a genie with an affinity to Dexterity. Since this is the case you would want to stack your dexterity as it would apply to your skills.

Here in lies one of the confusing aspects of the Genie: the only difference with the Genies is the color and the stats with which that start out with. The stating of the actual genie will largely depend upon the skills in which you are going to use with the genie and the overall effect you want.

* For example : If you were to chose the Will Surge (immunity to silence for 5.2 seconds), you would need +50 Dexterity to add 1 second to the skill. Likewise, the skill of Smoldering Burst (40 fire dmg 24.8 fire dmg after 3 sec) would need +1 Strength to increase the damage by 1%.

The attributes that you place, keep in mind, will not affect how you can place your affinity points. Those are used to gain and increase the power of specific skills.

What is the "growth" in the Genie window?

The "Growth" is the same on everyone's genie, set at 50. It's unknown what this is for or if they will ever add anything that affects or uses this stat.

Are genies actually worth the exp they drain from your character, along with the cost of feeding via chi stones?

Although it may seem as though this is a huge cost expenditure, I find that if you do it right it is not bad at all. By this I mean: You do not just have to feed it Perfect stones. The Perfect Stones give the highest stamina replenishment to your Genie, but there are a number of other Chi stones that you can use. For those who do not want a huge cost "feeding," here is what I recommend: after grinding, or whatever, decompose the armor that has been dropped (unless it is obviously something worth while to you). This armor will decompose into Chi stones which will in turn "feed" your Genie. Combining low level Chi stones into higher level Chi stones is not recommended, since the total Chi drops as you combine the Chi stones.

Are Genies useful in lower levels, higher levels, all the time, or are they never really useful?

Some love them, some like them, some are neutral, and some hate them. However, if you find skills that work for your class and your play style, then yes they can be and are useful. Depending on the skill, they can be useful at any level. At high levels, genies are particularly useful in PK (because of instant cast-time on skills and the wide variety of skills available), but still have their place in PvE, for example anti-stun skills in Rebirth, and the Zeal skill 'Earthflame' for pulling one mob from a group.

Is the genie received determined by something we do in game? By Class?

Your first Genie, the one that is "free" is a random choice Genie. It has nothing to do with class, gender or anything else, it is random.

What is the best way to level up your genie without using your own SP or Exp?

Other than having the genie equipped while you gain EXP, that is the only way, besides using an EXP cube. Those can be costly depending on the Genie's level that was decomposed. Though genies gain some EXP if they're equipped when you gain EXP, but it isn't enough to keep them at your level.

Additionally, it is much easier to level it with you because of the penalty in infusing the exp or sp. Those in the "middle" level range have a hard time with spirit so it might be difficult to infuse a ton of SP. However, if you wish to stay at any given level and not 'waste' your EXP, giving your EXP to your genies is a popular option.

Is it unusual to simply not use a genie?

As they are given freely at low level, and have no detriment on game play, it is very unusual to see players without a genie even if they aren't utilising it. However, many do not level up their genies to their own level.

Again, at higher levels when players have EXP or spirit to spare (which in earlier would have been vital for skills or leveling) genies become much more popular.

The "penalty" for infusing EXP gets worse the higher level you are away from your Genies level, so it's often good to keep your genie up-to-date, but skills are almost always going to be worth getting before you spend anything on your genie.