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Classes:Blademaster, Wizard
Capital City:Etherblade
Starting Zone:Celestial Vale

Humans mainly reside in the northern parts of Perfect World, but they can be found almost everywhere else too. The two human classes are Blademaster and Wizard. The starting town of the humans is Etherblade. Humans have no innate abilities unlike the Untamed, which can turn into animals, or the Winged Elf, which can fly at level 1.

History[edit | edit source]

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Appearance[edit | edit source]

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Humans have the most basic appearance of all of the races, though most other races do take on humanoid forms that are very similar. They do not have any spectacular features about them.

Notable Humans[edit | edit source]

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Name Class Status
General Summer Blademaster Alive

Etherblade[edit | edit source]

Aerial view of Etherblade.

Main Article: Etherblade

The main town of humans. Etherblade lies in the northern area of Perfect World. A special landmark in Etherblade is the giant sword sticking up from the ground. Other places of interest are Hidden Heroes Village, southeast of Etherblade, Walled Stronghold, east of Etherblade, and Timberfield, northeast of Etherblade. Firecrag Grotto, the dungeon for the human Call to Duty quest, is North of Etherblade.

Blademaster[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Blademaster

Blademaster is the human warrior, a cross between a tank and a damage dealer. It's a well rounded class which can choose from four weapon paths starting at level 29: swords, axes, poleblades, and/or fists. Blademasters are known for great stun skills, and damaging skills. Usually the role of Blademaster in squad is to act as damage dealer, and occasionally as a tank. Blademasters can use every close melee weapon effectively, with some weapons being better than others in certain situations.

Wizard[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Wizard

Wizard is the human mage. Wizards can use fire, water, and earth elemental magic, making them the class with most elements available in the whole game. Wizards can do the highest damage in the game. Wizards also have elemental shield buffs and a healing spell. Wizards start with really low physical defense, but the "Stone Barrier" skill gives double physical defense when it's at level 10. Any magic weapon is able to be used by a wizard although a magic sword is commonly preferred.

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