Marriage Basics

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Users have the opportunity to become married to one another. In this marriage both users will have their significant other displayed above their own name as the wife or husband of the other partner. All other users who come across these two characters will know that they are a couple. In addition to this title, married couples will receive a bundle of gifts in celebration of their union.

To complete this operation both users must meet the following conditions:

The couple must be composed of a male and a female character.

Both characters must be at least level 20 in order to be given the quest.

The male character will need to open the Bridegroom Pack and the female character will need to open the Bride Pack from the Boutique.

Note: Please have at least 5 inventory slots available when opening the packages to obtain all the items.

The couple must be in a squad together with no additional members. Any other users present in the squad will disqualify you from the marriage process.

Now that both users are ready to get married, simply click on the Eldest Matchmaker NPC located at (522 655) in Archosaur and select "Quest Related". Each user will need to complete the "Matrimony" quest. For males they will need to turn in the "Stamp of Eternity" and the females will need to turn in "Silk of Eternity". These items are provided in your associated marriage packs.

Once both sides have completed the quest the current squad leader will then proceed to finalize the union by speaking to the Eldest Matchmaker one more time. The final part of the quest is also called "Matrimony" so at this point all you need to do is complete it is to have the Squad Leader accept the "I Do" option.

After which, you can speak to the Eldest Matchmaker to teleport you to the foyer. There, you can talk to the Wedding Usher and set a date and time for a ceremony. You get an item from the Wedding Usher that allows you to invite five people. To activate the item you talk to the Wedding Usher. There you can marry your sweetie in a full Wedding Ceremony in the wedding chapel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The ceremony times are server times so pay attention. If you mistakenly choose wrong time/date you will have to pay 3 million coins to cancel. [At the time of this edit, whether you get back your wedding reservation or must purchase a new one from Boutique is unknown.]

Marriage also gives the participants access to the daily Marriage Quest, which has varying item rewards and a high EXP/Spirit reward.