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Once you reach level 100 you will gain access to some of the most powerful armor and weapons in the game. These items are made from equal or lower level items, and can be reforged as many times as you want to randomly change the bonuses that they get, provided you have the required materials.

Materials[edit | edit source]

There are two types of Nirvana mats found in the Palace of Nirvana:

  • Uncanny Crystals - used for forging Nirvana armor. These have a chance of coming from all Nirvana bosses but the first one. Later bosses have higher chance of giving uncannies.
  • Rapture Crystals - used for forging Nirvana weapons. These are dropped only by the final boss and from an optional boss summoned with 99 Nirvana keys.

Crafting Nirvana Armor[edit | edit source]

Nirvana armor comes in two flavors, armor crafted from TT99 armor and armor crafted from Lunar armor. Nirvana armor crafted from TT has a lower base defense but comes with an extra stat of +4% defense. Lunar-derived armor has a higher base defense and is unbound.

There are 3 steps to crafting Nirvana armor:

  • Recast - takes 100 Uncanny Crystals. The stats of the base armor won't change after this step but it will become G15 with the G15 refine bonus and base defense. The appearance is changed at this step.
  • Quench - takes 150 Uncanny Crystals. The stats are changed into Nirvana stats. At this step you can receive a set bonus for having 2, 5, or 6 out of 6 pieces.
  • Reforge - takes 2 Uncanny Crystals. This step is optional and any variable stats of the armor are rerolled. The sockets, gems, and refinement are always transferred in this step.

Crafting Nirvana Weapons[edit | edit source]

Nirvana weaponry also comes in two flavors, weapons crafted from TT weapons and weapons crafted from Lunar weapons. Nirvana can only be crafted from TT99 gold weapons, TT100 weapons, and Lunar weapons.

There are 3 steps to crafting Nirvana weapons:

  • Recast - takes 100 rapture crystals. During this step you have the option of selecting a G13 Nirvana weapon in the same family as the base weapon. For instance you can make a G13 Nirvana slingshot out of a gold TT99 crossbow. TT100 weapons skip this step. The G13 Nirvana weapon has the same stats as the most similar TT or Lunar weapon but comes with higher base damage and a G15 refine. The appearance is changed in this step.
  • Quench - takes 150 rapture crystals (230 crystals for TT100 weapons). The weapon becomes G15 at this step with even higher base damage than recast. The G15 weapon is given 3 random stats during this phase, one from a primary pool of stats and two secondary stats from a separate pool
  • Reforge - takes 7 rapture crystals. For this optional step all 3 attributes of the G15 weapon are rerolled. The sockets, gems, and refinement are always transferred in this step.

Chienkun Transferring[edit | edit source]

When crafting Nirvana gear you are given the option of using items called Chienkun Stones to transfer the refinement, sockets, or gems of the current gear. Chienkun Stones come from the boutique.

The total amount of Chienkuns required is the sum of the Chienkuns required to keep refinement, sockets, and each gem. You can choose which of those you do not wish to transfer but transferring sockets is required to transfer gems. No Chienkun is required for transferring refinement or sockets during the Reforge step, transferring is required for reforge.

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