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ClassIcon Psychic.png Psychic
Home Town:City of Raging Tides
Primary Attribute:Magic
Element(s):Earth, Water
Armor:Arcane Armor
Special Characteristic:Can transform into tide form, Can control soulforce

Psychics are dark, just as mysterious as powerful spellcasters. They posses the fastest channeling rate of all spellcasters, have unique skills, massive damage and horrible for the enemy debuffs and reflection skills, this making their names being underlined in one's list of feared players. They are not played often, as people think they are hard to play, this giving a pro for the ones playing psychics, as most people don't know what they are doing. True, they are a bit complicated and experience-needing to be successful on the battlefield, but once one gets used to their psychic, they will be feared by a very large fraction of the entire server.


  • The fastest spellcaster
  • Deals high damage (a little lesser than wizards', but with a higer dps) with extremely fast channeling and casting rate(most skills' channel is 0,5-1 second)
  • Great amount of AOE fast-casting spells, that also come with added CC effects .
  • Unique skills, like Untargetableness and skills making the enemy die as they hit you, and much more.
  • Has an AOE Over Time Healing Spell, Can decrease enemies healing abilities.
  • Has the longest stun in the game (sage psychic's Soul of Stunning stuns for 14 seconds with max soulforce)
  • Has Auras that stuns the enemy for a long time as they attack the psychic.
  • Has auras that reflect high damage + all negative status effects from the attacking skill back to the attacker instead of affecting you.
  • Is specialized in making the enemy die without the need for the psychic to attack:

(A level 105 psychic with all +12 armors, ornaments, and weapon has 56,835 soulforce and gives 56835 damage with soulburn for 10 seconds (sage), and gives 4546 damage for 10 minutes (sage) upon being attacked )


  • Requires higher refine levels to increase soul skills, but with high soulforce people will be afraid to hit you, as they know it's a suicide.
  • Steals aggro easily, but in White Voodoo, that's not a problem as it increases defense level by 71 at Sage level.
  • Adept learning curve, you need to know when and how to use your buffs.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Psychic Class Statistics
Hit Points (HP) gained per Vitality point 10
HP gained per level 20
Base HP regenerated per second at level 1 1
Magic Points (MP) gained per Magic point 14
MP gained per level 28
Base MP regenerated per second at level 1 2
Accuracy gained per Dexterity point 5
Evasion gained per Dexterity point 2
Base ground speed in meters per second 4.8
Chi gained per normal attack 3
Main attack damage attribute Magic
Psychic Starting Statistics
HP 50
MP 70
P Atk 4
M Atk 4
Accuracy 25
Evasion 10
Movement Speed 4.8 m/s

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Magical Damage Chart: Lower-Low-Medium-High-Higher


The only weapon. Medium-Medium damage

Armor[edit | edit source]

Psychics use Arcane Armor as every other spellcaster. That's the most common build.

Psychics in PvP[edit | edit source]

Psychics are feared in PvP.

Psychics in PvE[edit | edit source]

Psychics level up quickly because of the fast-casting skills and high damage attacks. They do not die often like wizards, but are weak against multiple attackers at lower levels. Psychics are good to have in a squad like wizards, because of fast casting and can do good damage, even standing out doesn't even matter if you use psychics properly. In addition enemies are punished just for attacking you if you stack the variety of barriers with their variety of effects. You also have skills that drastically decrease healing abilities of opponents as well as the infamous Soulburn skill. This skill causes the attacker to suffer damage equal to your soulforce every time they attack for a period of time. As you will discover, your soulforce easily passes 5000 by the time you're only level 50, meaning an opponent is usually committing instant suicide should they choose to attack while this curse is in place. Psychics also have the Life Bubble skill for fast HP regeneration over time, allowing them to recover more quickly after being injured.

Psychics in Territory Wars[edit | edit source]

The main purpose of a psychic is repressing enemy skills and options with the variety of effects you can cast on players rendering even key opponents in a battle unable to act freely or effectively. Psychics can also make good use of their AoEs to deal a huge amount of damage to multiple targets if used in the right moments. In a pinch they can use Life Bubble to heal themselves and nearby team members as well. However, they usually have a low physical defense, which keeps them running from physical attackers.

Soulforce[edit | edit source]

See Soulforce.

Soulforce increases the potential of reflect skills, a attacker will suffer damage equal to your soulforce every time they attack for a period of time. As you will discover, your soulforce easily passes 5000 by the time you're only level 50, meaning an opponent is usually committing instant suicide should they choose to attack while this curse is in place.

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Equipment[edit | edit source]

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Skills[edit | edit source]

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