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Not only do quests give you great amounts of EXP, but many quests also give you reputation. As you earn more reputation, higher quality rewards become available.

Quests also give you valuable and free equipment. Earning your equipment through questing can save you copious amounts of time and money.

Level 1-19 Quests[edit | edit source]

Human Quests:

Winged Elf Quests:

Untamed Quests:

Tideborn Quests:

Earthguard Quests:

Class Quests[edit | edit source]

Level 20 - 30

Level 31 - 40

Level 41 - 50

Level 51 - 60

Level 61 - 70

Level 71 - 80

Level 81 - 90

Level 91 - 100

Level 101 - 105

Daily Quests[edit | edit source]

There are several quest that you can get every day.
These are also listed on the Daily Quests page.

Lucid Envoy - level 20+ daily quests

Bounty Hunter - Levels 40+, usually in a set of 3 per day.

Divine Contract - you can usually get these after you turn in the Bounty Order Quests.

Crazy Stone - Take the quest, get shards, turn in, wait and get a lot of experience, so easy.

Cube of Fate - a special instance adventure to test your skills and gain experience and rewards.

World Quest or Paper Clip for Villa quest, lots of traveling all over the map.

Bounty Order Quest - a quest and a set of 7 daily quests given by Jolly Old Jones to get coin.

Phoenix Valley - a mob slaughter feast (you get slaughtered or the mobs get slaughtered)

Friendship Quest - The Friendship Crystal, a mob drop, is needed to do this quest.

The Essence - a Meridian based daily quest (See also the Meridian's Knowledge and Meridian pages for more information.

Treasure Hunter - There is no information on this page yet, check this page for current information

Old Heaven's Tear Quests (OHT)

Monster of Xenoworld - Starting at level 90

Unicorn Job - Prerequisite quests to get this

Daily Quests in Morai (Levels 95+)

Morai Daily Divines - a daily quest in Morai

Morai Daily (Timed Quests) - a daily timed quest in Morai

Dailey Quests in Primal World (Rebirth Required)

Faction Quests

Faction Base Daily Quests - if you belong to a PW faction you can get special quests inside the base.

Special Quests[edit | edit source]

Tideborn Treasure Hunt Quests

One-man Army Quests

Call to Duty

Dragon Quests

Token of the Seven

Justice Order

Wanted Quests


Quest Scrolls

Authentic Works

Chrono Guide

Wraiths' Ploy

Hiding Dragon Seal

Tidal Protection Charm Quest

Weapon Token

Introduction to Morai Quests, a quest chain for characters new to Morai.

Into the Fray (quest), an explanation of the changes to finish the "Introduction to Morai Quests"

WaithSlayer Missive Quest, a weekly quest in Morai.

Advanced Endless Universe Quest is an instance located in Morai.

Other Quests and Information[edit | edit source]

Memory of Childhood - "Complete Farewell Plain (Tracking Area)" for Chang. Use Quest tracking to find the Auto track link to go to (218,762).

End of the World / Deep in the Ocean - "Take Li's sister's Relic to the deep heart of the east ocean" Use Quest tracking to find the Auto track link to go to (703,353).

Cultivation Quests[edit | edit source]


Cultivation Quests are required for any player to complete if they do want to learn new skills. Each skill requires that you have a certain 'cultivation'. Higher cultivation levels also reduce the EXP penalty from dying.

Level Requirements:

All cultivation quests start at level 9 and end in 10 levels. They then restart at the next level set (9, 19, 29, 39 etc.). There are a total of 9 sets of cultivation quests which you must take in order to obtain every skill for your class. This section lists 7 because the level 9, and 19 Cultivation Quests are found under the Race Tab, these are the 7 cultivation levels in which 'all' characters do the same quests.

Aware of Harmony

Aware of Discord

Aware of Coalescence


Enlightened One

Aware of Vacuity

Celestial Sage/Demon