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Race Earthguard
Type Physical
Home Town Tellus City
Elements Metal

Seekers are a melee class, specializing in swords and dual blades. Their roles include support, damage dealing, AoE, and secondary tank. A seeker can use buffs to enhance his attacks, which include strong AoE attacks. With special skills, they can increase their defense level greatly for a period of time. They can also decrease target's attack and defense level for a period of time. Seekers can place a special debuff on a target so the target(s) will receive additional damage and crit rate as well. They put themselves in harm's way and also use buffs and debuffs to support the squad, especially the casters. While they mostly deal melee physical damage, they also have skills that inflict ranged and/or magical damage as well, setting them apart from most other melee classes.

Seeker Class Statistics
Hit Points (HP) gained per Vitality point 15
HP gained per level 30
Base HP regenerated per second at level 1 2
Magic Points (MP) gained per Magic point 9
MP gained per level 18
Base MP regenerated per second at level 1 1
Accuracy gained per Dexterity point 10
Evasion gained per Dexterity point 10
Base ground speed in meters per second 5.0
Chi gained per normal attack 5
Main attack damage attribute Str
Seeker Starting Statistics
HP 75
MP 45
P Atk 4-6
M Atk 1-1
Accuracy 50
Evasion 50
Movement Speed 5.0 m/s


  • High Physical Defense and HP
  • Powerful ranged attacks
  • Strong PvE debuffs
  • Manipulates Attack and Defense levels of foes and allies
  • Many AoEs including a sustained AoE and one that does not require a target
  • Able to Tank at higher levels
  • Has a skill that transfers debuffs on a target
  • Can deal physical and magical damage


  • Low magical defense
  • No reliable disables
  • No anti-disable skills
  • Tend to steal aggro if not careful
  • Low HP and Physical defense at low levels

Seeker Weapons[edit | edit source]

Damage Chart: Lower-Low-Medium-High-Higher

Attack Speed Chart: Slower-Slow-Medium-Fast-Faster


Medium range, Fast attack speed, Lower-Medium damage

Dual Blade:

Medium range, Slow attack speed, Medium-High damage


Medium range, Fast attack speed, Low-Medium damage

Dual Sword:

Medium range, Slow attack speed, Medium-Medium damage

Seeker Armor[edit | edit source]

Heavy armor is recommended for seekers due to their tendency to engage in melee combat, however due to the dexterity requirements for using swords/blades it is also possible to use light armor. Light armor is best used against magic users as it has better elemental resistance. Even with that you should go heavy armor, because the rank equipment is heavy armor and as a seeker you should be a secondary tank, so heavy armor will help you handle taking some aggro off of the tank.

Seeker in PvP[edit | edit source]

The seekers' main advantage is their Edge Blur skill. In PvP, such as duels and PK, they do not require a target in order to use it. As it is, Edge Blur is a magic attack, so most heavy and light armor classes are at an extreme disadvantage. Combined with Heartseeker and Voidstep and it's nearly over. Seekers also have an extremely high defense which, coupled with their high HP, makes them tricky to cut down before they cut you down. The downside, unfortunately, is that seekers are slow and have to depend on random chance that their sword buff's debuff add-ons occur.

Seeker in PvE[edit | edit source]

It all depends on the build.

If you are a damage dealer build then your best chance of survivability is soloing mobs, or taking on 2 or 3 max mobs at once. Considering they do a decent amount of damage the mobs should die pretty fast. Don't forget about the debuffs and the skills used to activate it, they help a lot. Gemini Slash and Spirit Bore will help a lot for those mid level seekers. Because you are a damage deal build you will focus on using those single moves such as Heartseeker, Battousai, etc.. Heartseeker will help with those physical mobs, if you immobilize them from afar they won't be able to attack, so then you can use your slower and stronger skills.

On the other hand if you are a tank build, you would probably want to see how many mobs you can take on, once you know how much (it should be 4 or 5 maybe a little more) you just keep using your AoE skills. For example, when you get to level 49+ you'll have Gemini Slash, Stalagstrike, Darkcloud Bolt, and Soulsever Minuet as your best attacks for now (you can use Ion Spike too, but it costs 1 spark and doesn't do very much damage). First activate Soulsever Minuet, then you round the mobs up and use Stalagstrike then Darkcloud Bolt (AoE attacks), by now the Spirit Bore status from Soulsever Minuet should be activated (if not it's okay), next use Blade Affinity to speed up casting, and then use Gemini Slash (another AoE attack). With this combo the Spirit Bore will act as an extra attack with the Gemini Slash and deal a decent amount of metal damage, so the mobs should be dead by then, if not then Stalagstrike and Darkcloud Bolt should be cooled down by now and just finish them off with that. Adrenal Numbness will help you take on magic mobs more efficiently then a barb or a blademaster. Because this skill increases your Defense Level it reduces the percent of damage instead of increasing your Resistances.

Seeker in Territory War[edit | edit source]

Due to AoEs and their speed skill, they can use their high HP to help blademasters run in stun and nuke fast. Also they can use their Vortex AoE at the front gate of home base to slow or even stop enemies from coming in that way.

Seeker Basics[edit | edit source]

Seeker Common Stat Builds

Knightblayde's PvE Seeker Guide

Seeker Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Seeker Skill List