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This page lists the various templates which you might find useful when editing pages or making suggestions regarding pages. If you create a new template, please add it to this page along with a description of how to use it.

Links to be added to the template list below[edit source]

Template List[edit source]

Please click the link in the name column for further details in the usage of these templates before using them for the first time.

Name & Link Description Example
Template:DefTable The {{DefTable}} template should be used for the parameters in a table header for a default table style. See the link for use and advanced instructions. This table is an example of how DefTable sets the table layout.
Template:Imagebox Use {{Imagebox|image=ImageName|iwidth=220px|text=Your text here.}} to add a box with an image and some text underneath it to a page. See the link for advanced instructions.
A "Nix".
Template:Ref and Template:Note Use {{Ref|1|1}} to add a footnote link, and then use :1.{{Note|1}}Note text. to add the footnote text. The references and note links will take you to each other when clicked on. This is an example.1
1.^ Note text.
Template:Verify Put {{Verify}} next to the item that needs verification. Use {{Verify|text}} to add specifics of what needs to be verified. This template also automatically adds the page to the Category:Information that needs verification list. Pushing that button causes your computer to explode.(verify)
Template:Tocright Use {{Tocright}} to show the Table of Contents on the right side instead of the left. N/A
Template:Ambox_basic Use {{Ambox_basic|text=Your text here.}} to show a notice message with your own text in it. This template can be used to make other templates.
Template:Stub Use {{Stub}} to mark an article as a stub and have it listed on the Category:Stubs page.
Template:FixMe Use {{FixMe|reason=Your explanation of what needs to be improved.}} for any articles that are in need of improvement. This template also automatically adds the page to the Category:Articles that need improvement list.
Template:ReqDelete Use {{ReqDelete|reason=Reason for deletion.}} to mark an article for deletion and have it listed on the Category:Candidates for deletion page.

Please note: This template should only be used for unnecessary, nonsense, spam, and other garbage pages. Problematic articles should use the FixMe template instead. The reason given for deletion should be a valid one.

Template:Merge basic Use {{Merge_basic|from=PageName1|to=PageName2}} to recommend merging page #1 into page #2. It should be placed at the top of both pages to be merged. Using this template will add the page to the Category:Articles to be merged page.
Template:Userbox Use {{Userbox|id=Txt|info=Your text here.}} to create a userbox for displaying brief bits of information on your user page. See the link for advanced instructions.
Txt Your text here.
Template:Infobox Class Used on class pages. Add the following to the very beginning of any class page, with the correct information substituted for each of the parameters:

{{Infobox_Class | Class=Example | Image=Example.jpg | Race=Examplite | Type=Magic | Home=[[Exampleania]] | Elements=Fire}}

Note: Due to a glitch, you will also need to add __TOC__ to the bottom of the first section when using this template to prevent the Table of Contents from ending up inside of the infobox.

26px Templates
Home Town:[[]]
Template:Archivebox_basic Use {{Archivebox_basic|links=[[Talk:PageName/Archive_1|1]], [[Talk:PageName/Archive_2|2]], etc...}} to display links to archive pages for talk pages and the like. See the template's documentation for proper usage.
1, 2