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This page lists the various templates which you might find useful when editing pages or making suggestions regarding pages. If you create a new template, please add it to this page along with a description of how to use it.

Template List[edit source]

Please click the link in the name column for further details in the usage of these templates before using them for the first time.

Name & Link Description Example
Template:DefTable The {{DefTable}} template should be used for the parameters in a table header for a default table style. See the link for use and advanced instructions. This table is an example of how DefTable sets the table layout.
Template:Imagebox Use {{Imagebox|image=ImageName|iwidth=220px|text=Your text here.}} to add a box with an image and some text underneath it to a page. See the link for advanced instructions.
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Template:Ref and Template:Note Use {{Ref|1|1}} to add a footnote link, and then use :1.{{Note|1}}Note text. to add the footnote text. The references and note links will take you to each other when clicked on. This is an example.1
1.^ Note text.
Template:Verify Put {{Verify}} next to the item that needs verification. Use {{Verify|text}} to add specifics of what needs to be verified. This template also automatically adds the page to the Category:Information that needs verification list. Pushing that button causes your computer to explode.(verify)
Template:Tocright Use {{Tocright}} to show the Table of Contents on the right side instead of the left. N/A
Template:Ambox_basic Use {{Ambox_basic|text=Your text here.}} to show a notice message with your own text in it. This template can be used to make other templates.
Template:Stub Use {{Stub}} to mark an article as a stub and have it listed on the Category:Stubs page.
Template:FixMe Use {{FixMe|reason=Your explanation of what needs to be improved.}} for any articles that are in need of improvement. This template also automatically adds the page to the Category:Articles that need improvement list.
Template:ReqDelete Use {{ReqDelete|reason=Reason for deletion.}} to mark an article for deletion and have it listed on the Category:Candidates for deletion page.

Please note: This template should only be used for unnecessary, nonsense, spam, and other garbage pages. Problematic articles should use the FixMe template instead. The reason given for deletion should be a valid one.

Template:Merge basic Use {{Merge_basic|from=PageName1|to=PageName2}} to recommend merging page #1 into page #2. It should be placed at the top of both pages to be merged. Using this template will add the page to the Category:Articles to be merged page.
Template:Userbox Use {{Userbox|id=Txt|info=Your text here.}} to create a userbox for displaying brief bits of information on your user page. See the link for advanced instructions.
Txt Your text here.
Template:Infobox Class Used on class pages. Add the following to the very beginning of any class page, with the correct information substituted for each of the parameters:

{{Infobox_Class | Class=Example | Image=Example.jpg | Race=Examplite | Type=Magic | Home=[[Exampleania]] | Elements=Fire}}

Note: Due to a glitch, you will also need to add __TOC__ to the bottom of the first section when using this template to prevent the Table of Contents from ending up inside of the infobox.


Race Examplite
Type Magic
Home Town Exampleania
Elements Fire
Template:Archivebox_basic Use {{Archivebox_basic|links=[[Talk:PageName/Archive_1|1]], [[Talk:PageName/Archive_2|2]], etc...}} to display links to archive pages for talk pages and the like. See the template's documentation for proper usage.
1, 2