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The 51 territories. (click image for larger view)

Perfect World International is broken up into 51 different territories that can be captured by factions. The 51 territories are broken up into three levels. There are two level 1 territories, six level 2 territories, and the rest are level 3.

Attacking a territory can be done though Territory Wars, an event open every week for factions to bid on territories and attempt to seize them. An attack on an empty territory results in a Territory War of 3 hours to kill 300 monsters, including bosses, while an attack on an already occupied territory results in a 3 hour war against the faction that owns it.

Rules For Territory Wars

Rewards for Territory Wars

PvP Guide for Territory Wars

Territory War Scheduling

What do the Levels Mean?[edit | edit source]

The level represents the significance of the territory, the amount of gold required to declare war, the order in which your guild must conquer them, the number of catapults and towers available, and most importantly, the amount of coin gained for controlling it per week per territory.

Level 3 Territory: 15,000,000 Coins

Level 2 Territory: 20,000,000 Coins

Level 1 Territory: 30,000,000 Coins

Owning a territory allows you to teleport to the city directly using the town portal skill for every guild member of the guild once per hour. The territory officers also offer services to guild members such as free healing and item identification. Some advanced apothecary recipes can only be made through an officer.

Attacking an Unoccupied Territory[edit | edit source]

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The territory war map.

When attacking an unoccupied territory you will take part in a PvE (Player vs. Environment) territory war. In this war the attacking faction will have 3 hours to defeat 300 monsters placed on the map, this will include bosses. The number of bosses varies depending on the type of territory. Click on the level of the territory to see in-depth guides of how to conqueror each type of territory.

Level 3 Territory: There are 43 level 3 territories in Perfect World. A level 3 territory consists of 299 elite monsters and 1 boss.

Level 2 Territory: There are 6 level 2 territories in Perfect World: Lost City, Etherblade, City of the Plume, City of Raging Tides, Tellus City, and Dreamweaver Port. A level 2 territory consists of 291 elite monsters and 9 bosses.

Level 1 Territory: There are 2 level 1 territories in Perfect World: Archosaur and Thousand Streams. A level 1 territory consists of 290 elite monsters and 10 bosses.