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A barbarian and venomancer.

Untamed are a race that evolved from animals when Pan Gu blessed them with the ability to think. The two untamed classes in Perfect World are the barbarian and the venomancer. The starting town of the untamed is The City of the Lost. The special thing about these classes are that they are gender specific. Untamed have the innate ability to shapeshift into an animal, increasing their defense and unlocking a different set of skills. Untamed have a variety of beasts as aerogear, like birds, dragons, and other mythical creatures. Untamed can fly as early as level 10 with aerogear like "Razor Sting". At level 30 however, players will get a quest which gives a free aerogear called "Wave Pacer", which is a manta.

City of the Lost[edit | edit source]

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Aerial view of City of the Lost.

Main article: City of the Lost

The main town of the untamed. City of the Lost lies in Western area of Perfect World, near the deserts. A special landmark in the City of the Lost is the cave which can be seen on the left side of the picture at right. New players will spawn, after their first test, in The Northern Pass, which is North of the City of the Lost. Other places of interest are Broken Bridge Village, which is South of the City of the Lost, Gate of Antiquity, which is Southeast of the City of the Lost, and Wellspring Village, which is East of the City of the Lost. Den of Rabid Wolves, the dungeon for Untamed Call to Duty quest, is East from the City of the Lost.

Barbarian[edit | edit source]

Main article: Barbarian

Barbarian is the untamed warrior. Barbarians specialize in melee attacks. They have high physical defense and HP, but their attacks do less damage than a blademaster. Barbarians have special ability to turn into a white tiger, which raises their physical defense and HP, but lowers attack. Barbarians are the best tanks in the game for physical attackers, but for certain bosses which use magical attacks, a magic-using class might be better for tanking. The role of barbarian in the squad is obviously tanking.

Venomancer[edit | edit source]

Main article: Venomancer

Venomancer is the untamed mage. Venomancers are the only class that can use captured pets to attack. Depending on the build, their defenses and HP varies. Most common is the caster build, where Venomancers use their magical skills. Venomancers have ability to turn into a fox, which gives them stronger physical attacks and debuffs. Some Venomancers choose to go pure foxform, which is very different build from the caster. Venomancers also have strong legendary pets, like Hercules and Blazing Phoenix. Hercules is a great tank, but a barbarian is usually better. Phoenix is a great pet for PvP. Venomancer's role in a squad can differ really much depending on the situation. Venomancers can be lurers, damage dealers and debuffers, or tanks with a pet.

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