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Race Untamed
Type Magic
Home Town City of the Lost
Elements Wood
The venomancer is the pet taming class. Also known as the solo class, the venomancers have their own pet that works as their personal tank. The pet can be healed by the venomancer, making them the perfect team. But the venomancer is a lot more than its pets' cleric. Specializing in poison magical damage and debuff skills, the venomancer is a powerful class even without the pet. Venomancers even have the ability to turn themselves into foxes, which increases their physical defense and accuracy. It's also worth mentioning that the venomancer is the second most hated/envied class in the game (after assassins), for various reasons. One being that, with a legendary pet, the venomancer is able to solely kill bosses that other classes need a whole squad to kill. For this reason, they are also able to gain large amounts of money, that other classes have to work harder to obtain.
Venomancer Class Statistics
Hit Points (HP) gained per Vitality point 12
HP gained per level 24
Base HP regenerated per second at level 1 1.5
Magic Points (MP) gained per Magic point 12
MP gained per level 24
Base MP regenerated per second at level 1 1.5
Accuracy gained per Dexterity point 7
Evasion gained per Dexterity point 6
Base ground speed in meters per second 5.1
Chi gained per normal attack 4
Main attack damage attribute Mag/Str1
Venomancer Starting Statistics
HP 60
MP 60
P Atk 4-4
M Atk 6-7
Accuracy 35
Evasion 30
Movement Speed 5.1 m/s

1.^  In human form their skill damage is based on Mag; in Fox Form a venomancer's skill damage is based on Str.


  • Able to solo bosses as long as pet can tank and boss AoE does not kill the player
  • Deals both magical and physical damage with pet
  • Lots of debuff skills
  • Increased physical defense and slightly faster swimming speed in fox-form
  • Versatile squad role
  • Variety of viable builds
  • Fast movement speed (or fastest being demon)


  • Low HP
  • Can be expensive to play because of pets
  • Weaker magic attack skills compare to other magic classes; and same for physical skills compare to physical classes
  • Can be boring to play as if mostly hide behind your pet
  • Highly relying on your own pet most of the time (this changes after level 100)
  • Class has no focus (jack of trade all class, doing a bit of everything except healing others)
  • Gender restricted

Venomancer Weapons[edit | edit source]

Magical Damage Chart: Lower-Low-Medium-High-Higher


Medium-Medium damage

Magic Sword:

Medium-High damage


Low-Higher damage


Medium-Higher damage

The most suitable weapon for a venomancer seems to be the Magic Sword. It has decent physical attack, which is useful for Heavy Armor venomancers, and the gap between low-end magic attack and high-end is not too big, which makes it a good weapon for pet healing too.

Venomancers who heavily rely on soloing and have their pet tank, should choose the Wand as it has the best low-end magic attack which makes it the ideal weapon for healing.

Patakas and Glaives are recommended to those who rely on Critical Hits as they can achieve very high damage due to the very high high-end magic attack of the weapons.

Venomancer Armor[edit | edit source]

Venomancers can use either Heavy Armor or Robe Armor depending on whether they go the fox-form path or the damage dealer path. Most venomancers use HP gems, but as a pure magic venomancer, it's better to go with physical gems. You can go for different stats on your equipment depending on which path you take. Damage dealers usually go for the 'channel' stats while the Heavy Armor build goes for Vitality and Strength stats.

Venomancer in PvP[edit | edit source]

With a pet dealing physical damage and offering support and the venomancer dealing magical damage and has an arsenal of debuffs, it's like fighting against two opponents at once. But the difference between PvE and PvP here is that, the smart opponents wont waste their time on dealing damage to the pet, but only the venomancer. This might sound obvious if you're playing another class, but as a venomancer it really isn't, as you quickly get the habit of relying too much on your pet taking all the damage. This means that at first when you start PvPing, you really learn to use remedies and pots, and get to know your skills better. Unlike other classes who learn this from level 1.

Venomancer in PvE[edit | edit source]

Venomancers are the fastest levelers because they have almost twice as much damage as other classes. The pet also takes all the damage that is dealt, which means that you will rarely die in PvE. Venomancers are also able to do most of their own bosses. All of this means they almost never need help from others, which is also why they are so rarely invited in squads. When they are, they usually act as tank, damage dealer or lure.

Venomancer in Territory War[edit | edit source]

This is where the venomancers debuff skills really comes into play. Barbarians get most of their power from their buffs, and this is where the venomancer comes in. They have both their Purge skill, which removes all positive buffs from the target, and their Amplify Damage which makes the target take 20% more damage. This makes killing barbarians a lot easier. Not only that, but venomancers also have their Lending Hand skill which gives away one of their sparks to another player. This makes them a great teammate for wizards who needs both the sparks and the protection that venomancer can give. In addition they have skills that can drain the opponent's chi or lower their defences.

Origins in Legend[edit | edit source]

Supposedly, the venomancer is based off the huli jing (meaning "fox spirit") in Chinese mythology, where they usually appear as beautiful, young women. In Perfect World they come not just from foxes, but cats, rabbits, antelope, and bats as well, though all change to fox form regardless.

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