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A cleric and archer.

The winged elves were created from the blood of Pan Gu. They were intended to symbolize beauty, grace and purity. They are a kind race, willing to help in any time of need. Many live peaceful lives, surround by the forests and lakes to the Southwest of Perfect World. The two classes for this race is archer and cleric. The starting town for the winged elves is City of the Plume. The winged elves are the only race with the ability to fly from birth (which costs mana, making clerics the only class truly able to fly this early, since their mana regeneration is faster than the cost), while the other races must wait until level 30.

City of the Plume[edit | edit source]

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Aerial view of City of the Plume.

Main Article: City of the Plume

The main town of winged elves. City of the Plume, or "Plume" for short, lies in the Southern area of Perfect World. A special landmark in Plume is the giant tree that the city is built under, on, and around. New players will spawn in Battlemark Village, which is Northeast of Plume, after their first challenge. Other places of interest are Bamboo Village, southeast of Plume, Dreaming Stronghold, southwest of Plume, and Village of Brutes, west of Plume and south of the Vibrant Cliffs. Cave of the Vicious, the dungeon for the winged elves Call to Duty quest, is west of Plume.

Archers[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Archer

Archers are the only class that specialize in long range attacks that aren't magic. Archers can use bows, crossbows, and slingshots, and are damage dealers. Archers are tied for the fastest class in the game, meaning that if all other classes were to run in a footrace (with no buffs or anything similar, such as a barbarian's Tiger Mode) the archer would tie for first with assassins. The archers are also meant to be the guardians of the winged elf race. The archers ranged attacks are reduced when a mob (or player, in the case of PvP) comes too close, unless the archer uses skills that inflict metal damage.

Clerics[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Cleric

The Clerics are the main healing class of the game, and therefore are the most sought out in squads. Clerics also have buffs that can increase your physical and magical defense, make your attacks stronger, and make your HP and MP regenerate faster. Clerics can fly with their starting wings infinitely, as opposed to archers, who when they fly slowly use mana, therefore unable to fly for longer unless using mana potions or charms. Clerics use magic weapons such as wands, magic swords, patakas, and glaives.

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