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(Aba, Abba, FB99 Demon)
Recommended Level:Level 99+
Player Limit:10
Thom Mundan(pwdb)
Gaurnob Cloister Guard(pwdb)
Monoblat Dracoboa(pwdb)
Peachblossom Ritualist(pwdb)
Mountain's Finger(pwdb)
Horned Thunderclap(pwdb)
The Haunted Headless(pwdb)
Leaf Rain Dryad(pwdb)
Mask of Grief(pwdb)
Borobudur Dungeon Lord(pwdb)

Abaddon is a dungeon located in Momaganon, south-west of Camp of the Fallen Phoenix. It serves as a FB99 for characters on the demon path completing the Master of Discord cultivation. It is also a location for weekly quests. The dungeon has been revamped twice to increase difficulty. In its current form, it has three stages - the present, the past, and the present changed. There are more bosses and monsters in the dungeon, and players can no longer use wine to reduce the amount of monsters present in the dungeon.

Map[edit | edit source]

Weekly Quest[edit | edit source]

There is a weekly quest available for players level 90 and above in Abaddon named Crisis Resolved (Week). It is separate to the weekly quest of the same name in Seat of Torment. This weekly quest requires the player to kill Borobudur Dungeon Lord, meaning that they will have to travel to the past and then the present again in order to complete the quest. Completing the quest will award the player with a Crushed Emblem, which can be exchanged for different items.

To receive the quest, the player can talk to the Celestial Messenger outside of the dungeon, located at (428, 597), or the Immortal's Student located inside the dungeon at the entrance in the present, and in the room for The Haunted Headless in the past.

The Present[edit | edit source]

When players first enter the dungeon, they will begin at the present, in the south-westernmost room. The squad will have to navigate along a long corridor, and then head east towards the Puppeteer boss to proceed through the dungeon.

Ahead will be a corridor where flaming boulders will drop from the sky at random. If hit by a boulder, the player will take physical damage and be slowed for a short period of time. This can be avoided by using an immunity skill or apothecary item, the Expel Genie skill, or Psychic Will if the player is a psychic. There will be a resting point with a few monsters in the middle of the corridor.

The next room has several Reckless Beholders patrolling the room. These monsters do ranged physical damage. Players can attempt to navigate the room to avoid them though this is fairly difficult. They can also run through in an attempt to lose aggro of the monsters. In the next corridor to the west will be several monsters that players should kill as they will not be able to easily lose aggro of them. Eventually they will reach the Puppeteer boss, which will need to be killed in order for players to proceed.

Once Puppeteer has been killed, the squad can proceed through the corridor behind where the Puppeteer once stood, all the way through to the next room where Peachblossom Ritualist as an NPC will be standing. In the same room will be Borobudur Dungeon Lord, Thom Mundan, Gaurnob Cloister Guard, and Monoblat Dracoboa. These bosses are invincible and cannot be killed. In order to be able to harm them the squad will need to travel to the past to make them vulnerable.

The squad leader can take the quest from Peachblossom Ritualist to send the squad to the past. Once they have taken the quest from Peachblossom Ritualist, all players inside of the dungeon will be teleported to the past, to an older entrance in Abaddon. On occasion players may get stuck where they are currently located rather than being teleported to another location in Abaddon. They can either make their way back to the rest of the squad, or they can leave and re-enter the dungeon.

The Past[edit | edit source]

The past is where the majority of bosses in Abaddon will appear, including ones required for the Master of Discord cultivation and Bounty Hunter quests. The past is also where some monsters can be tamed into venomancer pets, including the Peachyard Firefox, Petalii Spirit, and Florafang Maneater.

When teleported to the past, the squad will be taken to an old entrance once used in Abaddon. In front of them will be a closed door which never opens, and a Chrono Sprite. The Chrono Sprite is available throughout the dungeon, usually in boss rooms. It can teleport players to various locations inside the dungeon, including most bosses, or back to the entrance. If players enter the dungeon after the squad has been taken to the past they will be taken to the room for The Haunted Headless. They can talk to the Chrono Sprite nearby and take the "Return to the Entrance" quest to teleport to the location that the squad was teleported to.

To proceed through the dungeon to bring it back to the present, players should start at the entrance and move through the corridor to the left, navigating through the rooms until they reach a room with a boss named Mask of Grief. She claims to be the good side of Borobudur, and must be killed. When she is killed, she will let the players know that there are puppets that must be killed and they should find Borobudur in order to be lead to them.

The squad can find Borobudur by continuing through the dungeon and then going north-west once they have reached a central room. He cannot be damaged, but will begin to run away once players get close to him or attack him. He will go to one of three areas:

  • A room north-east of where Borobudur is found
  • A room north-west of where Borobudur is found
  • Thom Mundan's room

The four puppets that will appear depend on which location Borobudur travels to. These puppets are a copy of character classes and will mimic some skills depending on the class it is a puppet of. Players should kill these puppets to proceed. Due to a glitch, all four puppets will disappear and respawn again when they are attacked for the first time, but can be killed without problem the second time.

Once the puppets have been killed, players should return to the central room they were in previously, or talk to the Chrono Sprite and choose to teleport to the Time Shifter, where the final step to returning to the present will occur.

A Withered Sapling will be present in the south-eastern corner of the room and has an optional quest. If this quest is completed the Sapling will assist players when they return to the present by granting them a damage boost. Only one player needs to take this quest. They will receive a bottle which they can take to a room north-west of the dungeon, and harvest a Shining Dew underneath the bridge there (377, 593). Once they have done this they can return the bottle to the Sapling and complete the quest.

The final step to return to the present involves the Time Shifter. The squad leader must stay with the Time Shifter to complete her quests. The rest of the squad should split up to travel to four marked locations on the map, where colored orbs may appear. The four colors are red, green, white (shows as blue), and yellow. Once there is at least one player at each location, the squad leader should take the quest. The quest involves collecting an item of the same color of the orb that appears in the dungeon. Only one orb will appear at a time. Once the quest has begun, a message will appear in chat and the squad should check their locations for a colored orb, and then notify the squad leader if there is or is not an orb present.

Once the squad leader has been notified of the orb that is present, they should talk to the Time Shifter again, carefully clicking through the dialogue until they reach a point where they must select four options. They must then choose the correct color. The squad leader will then need to collect an item in the same room they are in of the same color they chose in their quest. Once they have collected the item, they should return to the Time Shifter and hand in the quest, where she will notify the squad if they were successful or not. This process must be completed successfully 3 times.

Once the squad has successfully completed the quest 3 times, the squad leader can then talk to the Time Shifter again to bring the squad back to the present, if they are ready. On occasion players may not be teleported back to the present properly. If this is the case, then they will have to navigate through the dungeon all the way to the south-easternmost room to join the rest of the squad.

The Present Changed[edit | edit source]

This is the final stage of the dungeon. Players return to the present, in the room where Borobudur Dungeon Lord and the three bosses Thom Mundan, Gaurnob Cloister Guard, and Monoblat Dracoboa stood previously in the present. This time each of the bosses will be vulnerable and can be killed. If one of the players helped the Withered Sapling in the past, then the Healthy Sapling will also be there. Players can take the quest from the Healthy Sapling for a damage boost. Each player has to take the quest to receive the boost, and the quest can be taken multiple times.

Once Borobudur has been killed, if there are players in the squad completing their Chaotic Soul cultivation then Chin Wuming will spawn behind where Borobudur once stood, and must be damaged for players to progress through their cultivation. Once he is close enough to death players will be frozen in order to watch what occurs next, and then he will disappear.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Thom Mundan[edit | edit source]


Thom Mundan is located in the farthest south room of the northeastern set of rooms.

The Battle

Immune to water damage.

He uses a mid-range AoE magic attack and an AoE attack speed debuff.

Gaurnob Cloister Guard[edit | edit source]


Gaurnob is located just south of Thom Mundan.

The Battle

Immune to metal damage.

Gaurnob uses a physical defense debuff on the tank. He will also buff himself to increase his attack speed.

Monoblat Dracoboa[edit | edit source]


Monoblat is located in the southwest side room of the big center room.

The Battle

Immune to fire damage.

He uses an AoE fire debuff and a long range AoE magic attack that can interrupt.

Mountain's Finger[edit | edit source]


Mountain's Finger is located in the southeast room off the big center room.

The Battle

Immune to wood damage.

Mountain's finger will use an AoE wood debuff, an AoE poison attack, and an AoE physical attack.

Horned Thunderclap[edit | edit source]


The Horned Thunderclap wanders around the pool in the center south room. He will only spawn if the center (and only the center) of the three guards in the large southwest room is killed.

The Battle

Immune to fire damage.

He casts an AoE metal resistance debuff. On the tank, he will cast a metal DoT and curse.

Haunted Headless[edit | edit source]


The Haunted Headless is located in the southwest most corner in the dungeon.

The Battle

Immune to physical damage.

He uses two AoE debuffs, attack speed and physical defense, and a physical AoE.

Peachblossom Ritualist[edit | edit source]


The Peachblossom Ritualist is located in the far southeast corner of the dungeon.

The Battle

Peach uses AoEs that deal physical damage, drain mana, and interrupt.

Quests[edit | edit source]

The following quests can be completed in Abaddon: