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The Account Stash is a type of storage which allows players to transfer or stash items between characters on the same account and server. This allows characters to easily share items that cannot normally be traded such as equipment. It can be accessed by talking to any Banker and selecting the Account Stash option. The Account Stash is not activated by default and requires an Account Stash Stone to unlock it. When activated it can contain up to 16 items and 2 billion (2,000,000,000) gold coins. You cannot store silver coins in the Account Stash. It is not possible to upgrade the Account Stash.

Items in the Account Stash are not protected by a Safe Code if it is enabled on your character.

Unlocking the Account Stash[edit | edit source]

Unlocking the Account Stash requires an Account Stash Stone which can be purchased from the Boutique for 15 Gold, though it will occasionally go on sale for 7 Gold and 50 Silver. To use it talk to the PW Boutique Agent in any major city, often found near Bankers. Once the Account Stash has been unlocked it is accessible by all characters on the same account and server; you only need to buy one Account Stash Stone per account.

Limitations[edit | edit source]

Not all items can be placed in an Account Stash. Such items will have "Unable to be put in Account Stash" in its tooltip when hovering over the item. Commonly this is limited to untradable items and materials, as well as equipment such as Rank gear. Most items from Arc Codes cannot be placed in the Account Stash.

Items that are bound are still able to be put into the Account Stash as long as they do not have the "Unable to be put in Account Stash" property.

Silver coins cannot be put into the Account Stash and are bound to the character.

Server Merge[edit | edit source]

During the server merge that occurred in 2015, it was possible for players to unintentionally obtain 32 Account Stash slots if they had the Account Stash unlocked on two servers that were merged together. The slots are not permanent and can reduce back to 16 slots without proper care. To prevent the extra slots from disappearing, players must keep the Account Stash constantly filled or they will lose the 16 extra slots.