Adventure Assistant and Khatru Pup

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The Adventure Assistant and her Khatru Pup are NPCs which are located in each major city (see the table below for specific locations).

The major job of these two is to transport level 40+ players to the Cube of Fate. Since the Cube of Fate's exit sends you to the Northeast district of Archosaur, these NPCs are frequently used as a quick, free teleport from any major city to Archosaur.

Also, either of these two NPCs can give you a Duty Badge once per day, which can then be used to trade for a Puzzle Cube inside the Cube of Fate, or be turned in at a Spiritual Disciple for a Rebirth Order, which can be used for Rebirth.

Twice a day the Adventure Assistant gives level 40+ players access to the Snake Isle Dungeon Race, which opens at 12:20 PM and 9:20 PM, server time, and begins 10 minutes later.

On Wednesday nights the Adventure Assistant gives level 50+ players access to the City of Abominations event, which is open from 8:50 PM to 9:00 PM, server time, and the event runs from 9 PM to 10 PM.

On Tuesday nights the Adventure Assistant gives level 60+ players access to the Dragon Temple event from 8:00 PM to midnight, server time.

Note: The Adventure Assistant stands too close to the Khatru Pup to be clicked on in most of the starting cities, so it's not recommended you try to start an event that requires talking to her from those areas.

Locations[edit | edit source]

City Coordinates
City of the Plume (314 413)
Etherblade (451 874)
City of the Lost (245 644)
City of Raging Tides (666 135)
Archosaur North District (523 678)
Archosaur South District (530 634)
Archosaur South District (577 634)
Archosaur North District (584 675)
Dreamweaver Port (657 374)
Thousand Streams (124 867)