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Blinding Shine Tideborn wings.

The land of Perfect World is vast and traveling is inevitable. There are specific areas are completely off-limits if you don't have a flying mount, and places that you can't simply teleport to. Winged Elves have the ability to fly from level 1, but other races can also obtain aerogear to fly. Aerogear is race-specific.

Players will be given their first aerogear in the Celestial Vale. Additional aerogear can be obtained from Token Packs, bought from the Boutique or Event Boutique, and obtained from various events, promos or contests.

Increasing Flight Speed[edit | edit source]

Permanent Upgrades[edit | edit source]

The speed you fly is equal to your base flying speed (5.0 m/sec for all classes) plus the speed of your aerogear in its current mode. Most aerogear starts with two speeds, a normal speed and a hasted speed. Depending on what aerogear you have, these two speeds may be increased through the use of Boutique items.

Wind Widget

  • Cost: 10 Silver
  • Effect: increase your aerogear's speed bonus by +0.5 m/s.

It requires multiple widgets to upgrade aerogear, and a single aerogear may be upgraded multiple times, to a maximum of +3.0 m/s normal flight speed. However, it will require more widgets the higher it is upgraded (80 vs 60). Some aerogear cannot be upgraded, as they already have maximum flight speed.

Upgrading[edit | edit source]

Every upgrade increases flight speed by .50 so to max it you would need to go through all four upgrades.

  • 1st upgrade 1.50/3.50 - 20 widgets
  • 2nd upgrade 2.00/4.00 - 60 widgets
  • 3rd upgrade 2.50/4.50 - 80 widgets
  • 4th upgrade 3.00/5.00 - 80 widgets

Wind widgets are 10 silver ea. or 90 silver for a 10 pack.
So given this information the cost of upgrades would be

  • 1st upgrade - 1 gold 80 silver
  • 2nd upgrade - 5 gold 40 silver
  • 3rd upgrade - 7 gold 20sliver
  • 4th upgrade(Final) - 7 gold 20 silver
  • Total upgrade cost is 21.60 gold + the cost of the mount = 26.60 gold

Wing Mastery[edit | edit source]

  • Max. Level: 10
  • Skill Type: Passive
  • Required Weapon: Barehanded, Magic Weapon
  • Learned at Level: 9
  • Spiritual Cultivation: Spiritual Adept
  • Effect: Increase Flying speed by +0.2 with each skill level. Only affects Natural Elven Wings.

Temporary Flight Speed Boosts[edit | edit source]

While in flight, you can use the Accelerate command to fly faster. This has a separate meter that drains with use, and can only be refilled with Chi from Chi Stones. The Acceleration will cancel when the meter has been completely drained or you land. Acceleration does not stop if you're not moving but still flying. The speed increase varies depending on the aerogear you are using. Natural Elven Wings cannot use the acceleration feature.

Wind Force
The Genie skill Wind Force can be used to give you a temporary increase in your flight speed.

Other Skills
Unless a skill states that it increases your flight speed, it only affects how fast you move on the ground. For example, the Venomancer skill Summer Sprint does not make you fly faster.

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