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A barbarian is one of the two untamed classes.

The barbarian is the tank of the game. This means that they hold the attention of monsters/bosses, and receive the majority of any damage inflicted to a squad.

Physical Defense HIGH
Physical Attack MODERATE
Magical Defense LOW
Magical Attack NONE
Health HIGH
Mana LOW

Also, when in humanoid form, it is one of the slowest classes. But in tiger form, it is the fastest.

Barbarian Build[edit | edit source]

The barbarian uses a handful of weapons.

  • These weapons are:
    • Poleaxe
    • Polehammer
    • Dual Axes
    • Dual Hammers
      • If you choose a weapon that is not one of these, your skills will be very limited, and most will not work.

Also, the best armor choice for this class is heavy armor.

The best way to build up your barbarian is by allocating points to follow your desired path.

      • (Heavy Armor, Hammer/Axe)

Barbarians focus on Strength and Vitality above all else. Do not allocate any attribute points into magic. This will become a wasted point. Barbarians have no use for magic.

My suggested build is: For every 10 points / 2 levels

  • Strength: 5 points
  • Vitality: 3-4 points
  • Dexterity: 1-2 points
  • Magic: no points

It is always wise to look at what the requirements for your weapons and armor are in advance to see a basic idea of where to allocate.

Put points into strength and dexterity to meet the requirements, add anything else you want into strength and vitality. Because barbarians amount to little without health or defense.

Barbarian Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill List
Skill Name Level Acquired Type Notes
Stomp of the Beast King Level 1 Humanoid Skill Slightly increased damage attack. This skill becomes virtually useless. Do not waste your Spirit Points (SP) upgrading this.
Garrotte Level 3 Humanoid Skill Inflicts physical damage to the opponent over time.
Feral Regeneration Level 6 Passive Increase your HP recovery rate. Very useful. A must to max.
Swimming Mastery Level 9 Passive Increases swimming speed. Cheap one off.
True Form Level 9 Humanoid & Tiger Skill Increase physical defense, HP, and speed. Decreases physical attack.
Flesh Ream Level 9 Tiger Skill Inflicts physical damage to the opponent over time. Draws aggression onto you. Must for tanking.
Swell Level 13 Humanoid Skill Inflicts damage to enemies within a fanlike radius of you.
Shapeshifting Intensity Level 13 Tiger Mode, Passive Increases the defense that you receive when in True Form (Tiger). A must to max.
Mighty Swing Level 16 Humanoid Skill Has a chance to stun the enemy. Inflicts an additional amount of damage as well.
Beast King's Inspiration Level 19 Humanoid Skill - Buff Increases ones own, and squad members maximum health for an extended period of time. A must to max.
Bestial rage Level 19 Humanoid/Tiger Skill Gains Chi each hit. When lower than 50% HP it prevents up to 2000 magic damage.
Alacrity of the Beast Level 19 Tiger Skill Cancels the opponents channeling if they are casting a spell/skill.
Penetrate Armor Level 23 Humanoid Skill Decreases opponent's physical defense for a certain amount of time, as well as inflicting base damage.
Poison Fang Level 26 Tiger Skill - Buff Adds additional wood damage to attack.
Firestorm Level 29 Humanoid Skill Deal fire damage to enemies in front of you for a period of time.
Blood Bath Level 29 Humanoid Skill - Buff Increase accuracy at the cost of a decrease in HP. Very useful for soloing.
Devour Level 29 Tiger Skill Decreases opponents physical defense for a certain amount of time, as well as inflicting base damage.
Axe and Hammer Mastery Level 29 Passive Increases the damage inflicted by axe and hammer weapons. A must to max.
Roar Level 34 Tiger Skill Draws the attention/aggression of monsters around you onto you.
Surf Impact Level 39 Tiger Skill Inflicts damage to monsters around you, and reduces their speed for a set amount of time.
Slam Level 39 Humanoid Skill Inflicts damage to monsters around you, and sends them flying a set distance away from you.
Frighten Level 44 Tiger Skill Reduces the speed and attack of enemies all around you for a set period of time.
Strength of the Titans Level 49 Humanoid Skill, Buff Increases ones own, and squad members physical attack for a set period of time. A must to max.
Bestial Onslaught Level 49 Humanoid Skill Reduces the enemies evasion. Has a slight ranged potential of a few meters.
Perdition/Armageddon Level 59 Humanoid Skill Converts half of your HP and MP into a devastating AoE attack.
Sunder Level 59 Tiger Skill Deals physical damage, inflicts damage over time, and heals yourself over time as well.
Invoke the Spirit Level 59 Tiger Skill All damage taken is reduced by 90%, speed reduced by 50% for 20 seconds. Requires maxed Shapeshifting Intensity to become available.
Violent Triumph Level 79 Humanoid Skill Causes the caster to be immune to a variety of ailments.
Untamed Wrath Level 79 Humanoid Skill Stuns all nearby targets.
Clean Sweep Level 100 ? ? Has a chance to remove targets positive buffs.
Ancestral Rage Level 100 ? ? Attacks the target in a range of 18 meters. Causing great damage and freezes the target for 8 seconds.

Please help fill in the last two skills, if you know.

Grinding[edit | edit source]

As we all know, barbarians are physical players. The best monster for them to grind on are ones with close range, physical attacks.

Try to avoid magical monsters when grinding because you will spend a far greater amount of time meditating for HP than if you fought physical.

If you know of any good monsters, feel free to add them in.

Grinding usually starts from around 40. Quests can only get you so much EXP. At some point you will find that you need to kill stuff for that remaining EXP. That my friend, is grinding.

Physical Monsters
Monster Name Monster Level Locations
Feligar Minion 44 327 852 (Around Sumor Camp)
Feligar Scout 46 153 553 (Outside Valley of Disaster Area)
Tauroc Valorian 48 138 680 (Around Twilight Temple, and scattered throughout Dragon Wilderness)
Tauroc Leader 49 138 680 (Around Twilight Temple, and scattered throughout Dragon Wilderness)
Taurox Centurion 50 178 677 (Northern portion of the Dragon Wilderness)
Feligar Berserker 52 292 568 (Around Fortress of the Talon/Dragons End)
Bloodthirsty Shark 52 Underwater around Misfortune (1.5x EXP)
Bloodthirsty Shark Queen 53 Underwater around Misfortune (1.5x EXP)
Taurox Thug 53 411 530
Taurox Assassin 54 450 382 (South of King's Feast)
Bloodthirsty Shark King 55 Underwater around Misfortune area (1.5x EXP)
Feligar Champion 56 (Around Fortress of the Talon)
Imperial Crustan Scout 60 664 323 (A small group can be found off of Dreamweaver to the South.) (1.5x EXP)
Rachet Jagmech 62 537 300 and surrounding area
Backstabbing Feligar Assassin 63 North of 570 297 (Ridge of the Dreaming Cloud, West of the Sea of Reality)
Primeval Towerling 68 Located outside of the Wraith Gate.

Please note, they will inflict less damage if you stand as close as you can.
Usually I have found the damage inflicted is reduced by about 1/2.

Souling Defender 70 Located outside of the Wraith Gate.

Please see Primeval Towerling for a helpful tip.

Seaweed Thief 72 639 535 , 675 570
Hooded Adalwolf 73 650 462 , 670 443
Enhanced Cougaret Depriver 75 647 415
Pirate Minion 76 Nightscream Island
Hood of The High Seas 79 Nightscream Island
Chief Assassin 80 Nightscream Island
Abomination of the Plain 81 197 800(Plain of Farewells)
Elite Infernal Guard 81 264 749 (Plain of Farewells)
Elite Tigaero Guard 82 215 765 (Western part of Plain of Fairwell)
Orelith 83 187 751, 169 772 (Burning Heart)
Demonic Rogueknight 83 147 748 (Land of the Burning Heart)
Rockenwolf 84 169 763 (Land of the Burning Heart)
Cragrock Warrior 85 164 783 (Land of the Burning Heart)
Resentful Towerling 86 190 883 (Thousand Streams, Northern Outskirt)

Please see Primeval Towerling for a helpful tip.

Decaying Cleavehand 89 205 845 (Boundless Grasslands)
Wasteland Lithicran 90 286 846 (Ancient Wall)
Nivastok Shieldbearer 92 188 948 (The Harshlands)
Frostwurm Tomb 93 118 958 (The Harshlands)

Please remember air and water monsters give you 1.5 times the exp than ground monsters the same level.

If you know of any more, or see something in this chart that is not right, please help us out and fix said mistake.

Thank You.