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Basic Archer Info[edit | edit source]

  • Archers are one of the main damage dealing (or DD) classes in Perfect World International. However, since their main stat (Dex) is truly only good for light armors, they are limited in builds. However by changing build at certain levels, survivability and high damaging dealing can be achieved. Though the damage will not be the same as a pure (all Dex) archer, it will still be high and you won't be made of "the squishy stuff," (no physical or magical defense).

Low levels (1-20)[edit | edit source]

  • In these levels, mobs are relatively easy to kill, regardless of high Dex or not. That is why during these levels it best to have a build as follows...

"per level"

    • 4 Dex
    • 1 Str
  • The standard issue build most archers brand consists of 4 Dex and 1 Str every level, granting optimal damage, and the ability to wear the next bow/armor when available. Following this build, one can expect an additional crit % every 5 levels. This may be confusing, seeing as most would think, Str is physical attack, but in the case of an archer, they receive their physical attack increase via dex.

There are some variants that include vitality, known as a hybrid build, which roughly increases hp by a small amount higher than the standard, but lowers damage significantly.

Mid levels (21-60)[edit | edit source]

  • Now that you have knockback arrow, and eventually stunning arrow and aim low, most monsters will be lucky to hit you. Here is where you will start wanting to combo moves to keep monsters at bay, this is because archers will do half damage if the offending monster is within a range of 5 meters of you. This is when most people turn to running from the monster and continueing the attack. A more efficient way is the following combo...

"from start to finish (assuming all of the attacks hit)"

    • Take Aim
    • Frost Arrow
    • Attack until Frost Arrow wears off (or until mob gets too close for comfort)
    • Knockback Arrow
    • Quickshot
    • (if mob is still alive then use these) Attack until mob is close
    • when close Lightning Strike
  • Most monsters will be dead before full combo is done, but the reason you save lightning strike for last, is because it is the most mana intensive skill level 20 archers have. You also wait until the monster is close, because lightning strike inflicts magic damage, and thus does full damage at all ranges. This combination should be your main combo until you get stunning arrow; in which case, perform the following combo...

"from start to finish (assuming all of the attacks hit)"

    • Take Aim
    • Quickshot
    • Knockback Arrow
    • Stunning Arrow
    • Quickshot again
    • Lightning Strike
  • Stunning Arrow starts with only a 55% chance to the stun the monster, this is why I recommend leveling it when possible, for it has a 90% chance to stun when fully maxed out (level 10).
  • At level 49 archers learn 2 important skills, called Deadly Shot and Sharpened Tooth Arrow. Both of these are very important DD skills, however Sharpened Tooth Arrow is another skill that should be maxed ASAP due to its ability to shorten boss fights, where as Deadly Shot is much more so for soloing, and should be combined with Aim Low when possible.
  • Level 59 is when archers learn their best AoE and DD skill, Barrage of Arrows (also called BoA or barrage). This skill is very important for Territory Wars (TW), Zhenning (AoE grinding), Rebirth Orders (RBs), etc. However it puts a massive strain on one's mana, and is recommended that you keep it at level 1 if you intend to only Zhen with it. If you wish to RB or TW though, it is recommended that you max it.

High Levels (61+)[edit | edit source]

Here's where you can really do what you want with your archer. Most recommend adding Vit for a bit, and then going completely pure Dex. This is a good build, especially since you already have Vit from your lower levels. I recommend adding shards to your armor to support your health and mana. If you wish to abuse Barrage of Arrows, then I recommend adding mostly mana shards, but also some health shards for survivability. Congratulations, you are now a high level archer, have fun with the green glowy TT (Twilight Temple) weapon ^^.

Notes for Mid levels (39+)[edit | edit source]

  • One thing to say....when you get stunning arrow, it is better to save it for special purposes instead of using when grinding because of the high mana cost.
  • In my opinion, at level 39 archers should use the following combo:
    • Take Aim
    • Frost Arrow
    • Normal attack until frost arrow wears off
    • Knockback Arrow
    • Frost arrow
    • Normal attack again
  • By the time you start doing normal attack the second time, the mob should be killed. Also, instead of using Lighting Strike when the mob is close and not killed yet, i would use Wingspan, because it hits roughly the same as Lighting Strike and knocks back your target AND uses a teeny bit less mp. ^_^

Notes for High Levels (61+)[edit | edit source]

  • IMHO, I believe that mana shards is a waste for archers. I would recommend putting on Diamond of Tiger (+1 attack level) on your weapon, and defense or vitality shards on your armor. Of course, Diamond of Tiger is costs millions, so as an alternative I would put on attack shards. If you plan to use Barrage of Arrows extensively, a MP charm would be a great help. For further mp regeneration, you can use mp pots and the Apothecary herbs that restore 50 mp/hp per second.

Pure Dex Archer build[edit | edit source]

  • The best build for archers-
    • Absolutely NO mag
    • Vit - not recommended, keep it at 5
    • Str - 103 - endgame Light Armor requires 103 Str
    • Dex - The rest of your points should go for Dex, as it will give you high hits, high accuracy, and evasion. =D