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Blademasters can use four different types of weapons, so stat distribution is quite complicated compared to other classes. Light armor is not recommended because blademasters will usually be attacked with melee, and heavy armor is more effective. The required stat distribution for each weapon is followed:

Attribute Distribution (Per Level)
Type Strength Dexterity
Blade and Sword 2
Polearm 1
Axe and Hammer 3 ½
Fist and Claw 2

KEY: ½ = One point every two levels

So each one requires 3½ / 5 stat points each level, right? Oops, forgot the heavy armor! That requires - 2½ Strength, ½ Dexterity each level.
So fist and claw require 2½ Strength and 2 Dexterity each level. For each path, at least a few points are left over. Two tips on these:

  1. Don't add to Strength.
  2. Don't add to Magic.

So depending on the path and your server type (PvP/PvE) you should add to Vitality or Dexterity. Obviously, fist and claw don't need more Dexterity, so add 1 to Vitality each level. Sword also has high Dex, so I would add to Vitality as well. Pole has moderate Dexterity so add a little to Dexterity if you like and the rest to Vitality, but if you plan for PvP or TW add a little more Dexterity. Hammer has very low Dexterity, so add more to Dexterity and a bit to Vitality.

However, some people utilize multiple weapon paths to use more great skills. Just take this advice: Don't use hammer and claw, theres no free stat for Vitality! I find hammer and pole and heavy armor to be effective for PvE, needing this build:

Every level: 3 Strength, 1 Dexterity, 1 Vitality.
But for PvP, sword is useful for single target and hammer is used for AoE. So this is a good build:
Every level: 3 Strength, 1½ Dexterity, ½ Vitality. The Dexterity is also useful for hitting assassins and archers.