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Boundary as it appears in the character's window.

Boundaries, commonly called "sky levels" by players, are a feature available to reawakened characters. Boundary levels reward you with a permanent increase in your Spirit stat - new attribute that lets you deal more damage and receive less damage relative to the opponent's Spirit. They also allow you to learn passive skills that permanently increase your defenses, skill damage, Critical Hit ratio, HP and more. Some areas and some Dungeons have specific Boundary level requirements.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Players that have reawakened can unlock their Boundaries once they enter Primal World. There they can talk to the Arcane Sky Envoy to unlock their first Boundary of Arcane Sky. Every time a player reaches the maximum level of each Boundary, they can talk to the next Sky Envoy to unlock the next Boundary.

Each Boundary has 10 levels. In order to level the Boundary players have to gather Vitae by completing the Primal World quest line and daily quests as well as the Western Steppes quest line and daily quests.

List of Boundaries[edit | edit source]

  • Arcane Sky
  • Mirage Sky
  • Astral Sky
  • Shifting Sky
  • Twilight Sky

Boundary tool[edit | edit source]

Boundary Tool

This is a useful tool for tracking Primal World daily quests and the Vitae requirements. This tool can also be used to calculate how many days it will take to reach certain Boundaries or collect a certain amount of Primordial or Barbaric Blood.