Butterfly's Wish

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Disambig.png This article is about the Marriage Quest. For the Winged Elf flyer, see Butterfly's Wish (Flyer).
Butterfly's Wish
Butterfly's Wish.png
Days Available:Friday
Received From:Matchmaker Servant, West Archosaur (523 656)

Butterfly's Wish is a Marriage Quest available on Fridays for married players level 30 and above. The married couple should be in a squad, and the squad leader must pick up the quest from the Matchmaker Servant in West Archosaur (523 656). Their spouse will also receive the quest.

If one of the players logs off or disconnects during the Marriage Quest then it will cause the quest to fail at the next step for at least one of the players. If this happens, both players should trash the quest and then start over by having the squad leader pick the quest up at the Matchmaker Servant.

Description[edit | edit source]

Loving couples tend to be separated.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Squad up with your spouse. The squad leader should pick up the quest from the Matchmaker Servant in West Archosaur (523 656).
  2. Talk to Ashley in North-west Archosaur (519 674).
  3. Collect a Full Bucket of Water from the well nearby (524 671), and deliver it to Yin who is standing next to Ashley.
  4. Talk to Ashley's Father behind Yin and Ashley on the floor above them (519 675).
  5. Talk to Leon in Etherblade City (435 875) near the Auctioneer.
  6. Kill a Defiant Horse outside Etherblade City (418 863). Due to their high defense they cannot be damaged normally.
    • To damage a Defiant Horse, players should only use melee auto-attacks. On occasion they will be buffed, causing them to deal 25000 damage to the horses for each melee hit.
  7. Talk to Ashley in Etherblade City (435 875) next to Leon. Under the guise of a male, she suggests he marries her sister Yin.
  8. Talk to Leon again, standing next to Ashley.
  9. Talk to Yin in North-west Archosaur (519 674). Time has passed, and Ashley was forced to marry Scholar Ma after Leon died of illness.
  10. Collect A Handful of Dirt from Leon's Grave at the cliff on the northern side of Etherblade City (448 906 ↑36).
  11. Talk to Ashley, standing opposite of the grave. The player will then receive their reward.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • 1,160,000 Experience (at level 100)
  • 232,000 Spirit (at level 100)
  • 50 Romance/Karma
  • Sweet Memory x2
  • Reflective Shard
  • One of the following items:
    • Sincerity Pack (50%)
    • Love forever (50%)

Sincerity Pack[edit | edit source]

The Sincerity Pack can be opened for a chance of acquiring an all-class pet, or Mirage Celestones. The items that can be obtained from the pack are as follows:

  • Mirage Celestone (99.1%)
  • Crab Baby Egg (0.3%)
  • Baby Lochmur Egg (0.3%)
  • Bubble Fish Baby Egg (0.3%)