Celestial Schism

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The Celestial Schism is an item that allows players to change their character's cultivation. When players reach level 89, they have the option of choosing to become a Celestial Sage or a Celestial Demon. The choice will dictate what kind of skill upgrades a character can learn. If a player wishes to change their Cultivation, they can use the Celestial Schism. This item can also be used on characters that have reached the Chaotic Soul or the Celestial Saint cultivation.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • Obtain a Celestial Schism or an Supreme Celestial Schism from the Boutique
  • Obtain 200 Mirage Celestones
  • Obtain the Cultivation level of Celestial Sage, Celestial Demon, Chaotic Soul or Celestial Saint

Changing your Cultivation[edit | edit source]

To change your cultivation, speak with the Spiritual Cultivation Guide with the required items in your inventory. This NPC is located in both Archosaur and in the City of a Thousand Streams. After completing his instructions, your cultivation will be changed from the Sage path to the Demon path or vice versa.

Cultivation Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Using a Celestial Schism to change your cultivation will cause all Sage or Demon skills to reset back to level 10. Merged Primal World skills will also reset.
  • Using a Supreme Celestial Schism to change your cultivation will not reset any skills. Instead, skills will automatically be converted to the other Cultivation.
  • Chaotic Soul and Celestial Saint cultivation skills cannot be reset no matter what Schism you use.