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Aerial view of City of the Lost.

City of the Lost is a city in the Midlands, located to the west. It is the capital city of the Untamed, and where barbarians and venomancers will begin their journey beyond the Celestial Vale.



Archaic buildings and bestial statues make up the City of the Lost, home of the wild Barbarians and the mysterious Venomancers of the Untamed. Though these heroes have fought and died in many bloody battles, none have regretted it. Their true desire in war was peace, however, and now that they have achieved it in their homeland they seek to protect the stability and prosperity of all Perfect World.

Points of InterestEdit

  • A Banker can be found in the South District of the city (260, 637). In the same location are several other NPCs such as the Commission Shop, Assistant Wang Tsai, the PW Boutique Agent, and the Inventory Master. Another Banker can be found in the North District of the city (256, 667), where Assistant Wang Tsai is also located.
  • An Auctioneer can be found in the South District of the city (249, 637) near the defunct arena.
  • Mailboxes can be found in the center of the city beside the Battle Coordinator, in the South District beside the Auctioneer and beside the Banker, and in the North District beside the Banker.
  • The Untamed Officer can be found towards the center of the city, located beside the Elder (247, 647), where players of a Faction that occupy the territory can purchase and craft items.


The following quests can be found in or occur in City of the Lost:

Barbarian and Venomancer Specific QuestsEdit

Miscellaneous QuestsEdit