Mirrorflower Citizens

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A Mirrorflower Citizen, advisor of Queen Liu Soo.

The Mirrorflower Citizens are an all-female aquatic race that live in the Mirrorflower Kingdom in the Primal World and are lead by the Mirrorflower Queen Liu Soo. They are a friendly race that agree to ally with and aid Emperor Alexander after the players help eliminate the corrupted Mirrorflower Citizens.

The Mirroflower Kingdom used to be a prosperous kingdom until Lord Tyrant and his wicked son began a war of conquest. A coalition was formed against him, and after a great battle he was sealed within his fortress, but not before he managed to seal the Mirrorflower Kingdom itself. Many years later, the seals begin breaking and the war begins anew.

The Mirrorflower Citizens play a role in the quest line for Mirage Sky. They help players purify Emperor Alexander's corrupted sword, the Heavenly Realm's Rose, using their kingdom's water which has special properties. Queen Liu Soo's spies also provide the players with vital information of Lord Tyrant's schemes leading to his eventual defeat.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Mirrorflower Citizens have a humanoid appearance with pink or blue skin colors and white hair. Some Mirrorflower Citizens possess horns and pointy ears, while others wear hair decorations resembling horns. Parts of their outfits resemble fish fins and they use accessories, ornaments or tattoos to compliment them. Despite living in a seemingly underwater kingdom, they don't appear to possess any aquatic traits.