Crab Famine

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Crab Famine
Crab Famine.png
Location:Nightmare Cleft (724, 922)
Requirements:Level 90+
Received From:Sailor (724, 922)

Crab Famine is a daily event quest to celebrate Perfect World International's upcoming Anniversaries each year. It is located at Nightmare Cleft north of Dawnglory. It is available to players level 90 and above.

Description[edit | edit source]

Help the sailor catch as many crabs as possible!
You have to catch as many crabs as you can in 5 minutes. The quest will end in 6 minutes!

Dig holes in the sand beach in Nightmare Cleft, and use the Crab Net to catch the crabs. Then, talk to the sailor to complete the quest.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

This quest has a 6-minute timer. If the player does not complete the quest before this timer runs out, then they will fail. If this happens they can pick up the quest and start over.

  1. Talk to the Sailor at Nightmare Cleft (724, 922). He will give the player a 5 minute timed Crab Net.
  2. Repeat the following process as desired or before the 6-minute timer runs out:
    1. Go to the beach at Nightmare Cleft and dig the Crab Caves. Some locations for the Crab Caves include (721, 918), (717, 915), and (718, 924).
    2. Kill the yellow crabs that appear from the Crab Caves. They only appear for 30 seconds before dying on their own.
      • The player can use their Crab Net in their inventory or using the on-screen prompt to attempt to kill the crab, however it is not 100% guaranteed to do so. It has a better chance if the crab has lower HP.
      • The player can also avoid using the Crab Net and simply kill the crab on their own and it will count towards the quest. It has high defense levels to prevent it from dying quickly.
  3. Talk to the Sailor again at (724, 922) before the timer runs out to receive rewards.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Killing more crabs will yield more Crabchan's Speedy Flying Potions when the quest has been handed in.
  • The kill count is not shared between players in a squad, so players should do this quest on their own.
  • If the player does not damage the crab below 50% health after 30 seconds, the crab will die on its own and not give the player credit. They will get credit if they damaged them below 50% health.
  • The player can dig multiple Crab Caves and use AoE skills to kill multiple crabs.
    • In addition, the player can simply damage the crabs below 50% health and then continue to dig more Crab Caves, as they will get kill credit when the crab dies on its own after 30 seconds.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • 1,200,000 Experience (at level 100)
  • 240,000 Spirit (at level 100)
  • Homestead Graph PWI Pack
  • Crabchan's Speedy Flying Potion
    • The player will receive 1 potion for each crab they kill, e.g. 15 crabs will give 15 potions.
  • One of the following:
    • Radiant Shard x6 (20%)
    • War Avatar Pack A x3 (20%)
    • War Avatar Treasure Box (20%)
    • Festive and Fresh Dumplings x66 (20%)
    • Rainbow Lantern Yuanxiao x66 (20%)

Homestead Graph PWI Pack[edit | edit source]

The Homestead Graph PWI Pack can be opened for decorations to be used inside the Homestead. These decorations are either blocks that spell out "PWI 12", or a picture of Astrid, the Flame Empress in her Adventure Kingdom attire. The number block changes with each year to represent the number of years since the game was first launched.

The chances of getting certain items are as follows:

  • Generic: PWI (12%)
  • Generic: I (22%)
  • Generic: 12 (22%)
  • Generic: P (22%)
  • Generic: W (22%)