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When a player character runs out of health points, it will result in death. The mechanics behind death in the game vary depending on different circumstances.

Dueling[edit | edit source]

Dueling is special in that players cannot die in a duel. There is no penalty at all to losing a duel and the duel will end when one player is left with 1 health point. If the player has a guardian charm equipped, it will be disabled during the duel and be activated again after the duel is over.

Death Penalties[edit | edit source]

Death penalties vary depending on the player's level, who or what kills them, where they are, their PvP status, and whether or not they have Safety Lock enabled. Players can lose experience or items. All loss is prevented by having a Guardian Scroll in the inventory. These can be purchased in the Boutique or crafted using pack tokens. If a player is killed while carrying a Guardian Scroll then a Guardian Scroll will be consumed to prevent a death penalty.

The exception is in certain instances like the Cube of Fate, Territory War, Dragons' Conquest, Warsong City and Flowsilver Palace. In these instances, there is no death penalty and Guardian Scrolls will not be consumed from dying.

Experience Loss[edit | edit source]

PvP[edit | edit source]

There is no experience loss for being killed by another player, however there is still a chance to drop or shatter an item.

PvE[edit | edit source]

When a player dies to monsters, they will lose a small fraction of their experience. This starts at 5% and decreases as the player's Spiritual Cultivation increases. Players cannot go below 0% EXP, meaning they cannot lose their current level. Experience loss due to death can be mitigated by having a cleric resurrect the player. A higher level Revive skill recovers more of the lost experience than a lower level. The Sage and Demon versions or Revive will completely prevent any experience loss. The mystic skill Resurrect, which must be cast before the player dies, can also mitigate experience loss.

Cultivation Level EXP loss when dying
Spiritual Initiate 1 5%
Spiritual Adept 9 5%
Aware of Principle 19 4.5%
Aware of Harmony 29 4%
Aware of Discord 39 3.5%
Aware of Coalescence 49 3%
Transcendent 59 2.5%
Enlightened One 69 2%
Aware of Vacuity 79 1%
Aware of the Void/Aware of the Myriad 89 0.6%
Master of Harmony/Master of Discord 99 0.4%
Celestial Sage/Celestial Demon 100 0.3%
Chaotic Soul 100 0.3%
Celestial Saint 100 0.3%

Item Loss[edit | edit source]

Players have a small chance to drop an item when they die, whether a monster or a player kills them. This chance increases as the player accumulates more PvP hours by killing other players. Players might drop an item from their inventory; a whole stack of items from their inventory (up to 20 of a single item) or an equipped item. This can be prevented through Guardian Scrolls, or through binding. Turning on the Safety Lock does not prevent items from dropping. If an item is bound, then the player cannot drop that item, but it may shatter instead. This also applies if the Safety Lock is turned on.

PvP State Chance of item dropping Chance of items shattering (without Safety Lock) Chance of items shattering (with Safety Lock)
Blue 0% 0% 1%
White 1% 0% 1%
Pink 5% 0% 1%
Light Red (1PK) 25% equipped item and 100% inventory item in the first row. 1% 2%
Red (2PK) 50% equipped item and 100% inventory item in any row. 2% 3%
Dark red (3+ hours) 100% equipped item drop and 3+ inventory item drop. 3% 4%

Shattered Gear[edit | edit source]

Main article: Shattered Gear

If the game decides that an item is going to shatter this way, ignoring the item's endurance, two things happen:

  1. The item will be marked as shattered and will stop working. No bonuses will be received from it. If the item is aerogear, the player will be unable to fly.
  2. A small pile of stones (Yijuan Stones, Perfect Stones or Mirage Celestones) will drop next to the player's corpse.

Players can fix shattered gear by choosing the repair options at most NPCs such as Merchants, Blacksmiths, and Tailors.

Coming Back to Life[edit | edit source]

When a player dies, a dialogue box will appear in the middle providing three options:

  1. Release Corpse
  2. Use Scroll
  3. Resurrect

The first option is always available. Players reappear back in the nearest town. The second option is only available if they have a Resurrection Scroll in their inventory. Resurrection Scrolls can be purchased from any Merchant NPC, under the 'Misc.' tab, for 50,000 Silver Coins. The scroll will return the player back to life where they had died. Resurrection Scrolls have a one hour cool down.

The third option is only available if a cleric has cast Revive on the dead player corpse or if a mystic had cast Resurrect on the player prior to their death. A resurrected player will appear where they died. When players come back to life, they will have very little health and mana.

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