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Disambig.png This article is about equipment that breaks when its durability reaches 0. For equipment that breaks upon dying in PK Mode, see Shattered Gear.

Durability is a statistic on most types of equipment that determines the amount of damage they can endure in combat. When a piece of equipment's durability reaches 0, it will break and is unusable until it can be repaired at an NPC's shop. Weapons will lose durability when attacking enemies, while armor and ornaments lose durability when taking damage.

Equipment dropped from monsters will usually have only half of its maximum durability. Some common equipment may also come with a maximum endurance bonus stat, which increases the maximum durability of the equipment.

Some types of equipment do not have durability and as such will never break. These include Tomes, Star Charts, Aerogear, Genies, and other pieces of equipment that are not weapons, armor, or ornaments.

Maximum Durability[edit | edit source]

The amount of maximum durability on a piece of equipment is determined by a number of factors, though it does not follow these strictly:

  • Gear slot (Helmet, Robe, etc)
  • Armor type (Arcane, Light, Heavy) or weapon type (Wand, Magic Sword, etc)
  • Grade
  • Quality (e.g. ☆, ☆☆, ☆☆☆)
  • Maximum Durability addon

Low Durability[edit | edit source]

Having low durability on a piece of equipment reduces its sale value when sold to an NPC. Some equipment cannot be decomposed if it is not at full durability, such as Twilight Temple equipment. Common equipment that can be decomposed into Chi Stones will not produce as many if it is not at maximum durability.

When durability of a piece of equipment is at 10% or lower, the icon for that equipment will show at the right side of the screen in yellow. When it is at 0%, it will appear in red. The broken equipment piece will also have a dimmed icon in its gear slot or in the inventory.

When a piece of equipment is broken, the player can still wear the equipment but will not receive any stat benefits from it, including stats from Set Bonuses. The player will not be able to equip an already-broken item from the inventory. If a weapon breaks, it is completely unusable and the player is considered unarmed; skills that require weapons will not be able to be cast, and ones that do not require weapons will deal heavily reduced damage.

If a weapon breaks when using the Auto-Cultivation system, the character will immediately begin to teleport back to the nearest town or city. If they have Teleport Incenses in their inventory they will prioritize using these before using the Town Teleport skill.

Repairing Equipment[edit | edit source]

Equipment can be repaired at most NPCs that have a shop or goods service, though some NPCs such as Jewelcraftsmen do not actually offer this service. Repairing equipment costs Silver Coins; the amount depends on the amount of durability lost, as well as the level and grade of the equipment. If you do not have enough Silver Coins, you can use Gold Coins to cover the remainder of the repair cost. It can be repaired at any stage; the player does not need to wait for equipment to break completely. Lower-level equipment does not need to be repaired as often as it is usually replaced quickly, and players typically do not take as much damage from large amounts of enemies at lower levels.

To repair equipment at an NPC, enter their shop by selecting the "Goods" option when talking to them. At the bottom will be three different repair buttons. The leftmost "Repair" button is reserved for the Faction Repair Service, the central "Repair" button is for repairing individual pieces of equipment, and the "Fix All" button is for repairing all equipped items.

Using the central "Repair" button will turn your cursor into an anvil, allowing you to choose individual pieces of equipment to repair including ones in your inventory. Hovering over the equipment will show the repair fee where the cost of the item would normally be shown. Left-clicking the equipment will repair it without any confirmation window.

Using the "Fix All" button will bring up a window that notifies the player of the full cost to repair your equipped items. Unequipped items will not be repaired and must be repaired using the central "Repair" button.

Faction Repair[edit | edit source]

If you are a member of a Faction with a Faction Base that has at least level 5 Faction Talents unlocked, you will have access to the Faction Repair service. It will repair all equipped items, similar to the "Fix All" option. This service will cover 70% of your repair fee using Faction Repair Funds, with the remaining 30% being covered by the player. The Faction Repair Funds are shared across the entire faction, but can be replenished by the Faction Leader using Loyalty Funds.

Repairing equipment using Faction Repair Funds can be performed at any NPC that offers regular repairs, by clicking the leftmost "Repair" button at the bottom of the sales window. Hovering over the button will show "Faction Repair" instead of "Repair". A window will appear showing how many Silver/Gold Coins and Faction Repair Funds will be used to repair your equipment before confirming.

Fast Repair[edit | edit source]

Equipment can be repaired without interacting with NPCs through the Fast Repair service, exclusive to the Star Rewards System. It is only available if the player has Star Level 1 or higher. Players can access the Fast Repair service through their inventory using the Fast Repair Mini Icon.pngFast Repair icon at the bottom-left of the window. It will only repair equipped items, similar to the "Fix All" option that NPCs offer.

Using the Fast Repair service costs more Silver/Gold Coins than repairing through an NPC, and gets cheaper with higher Star Levels.

  • Star Level 1: 3x the normal repair fee
  • Star Level 2: 2.8x the normal repair fee
  • Star Level 3: 2.6x the normal repair fee
  • Star Level 4: 2.4x the normal repair fee
  • Star Level 5: 2.2x the normal repair fee
  • Star Level 6: 2x the normal repair fee

Twilight Repair Powder[edit | edit source]

Twilight Warsoul Gear is repaired using a combination of Silver/Gold Coins and Twilight Repair Powder which can be acquired through Twilight Temple Revisited or by transmuting materials from the dungeon. This repair method is exclusive to Twilight Warsoul Gear and applies to all 3 of its casts. Twilight Warsoul Gear can be repaired at any NPC that offers a repair service, just like any other piece of equipment.

The maximum amount of Twilight Repair Powders required to repair a piece of Twilight Warsoul Gear is as follows:

Twilight Repair Powder Cost
1st Cast 2nd Cast 3rd Cast
Helmet N/A N/A 211
Chest 185 208 234
Pants 176 197 223
Boots 157 176 199
Wrists 148 166 188