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ClassIcon Duskblade.png Duskblade
Home Town:Dawnglory
Primary Attribute:Dexterity
Armor:Light Armor
Special Characteristic:Can transform into a reaper, can use a variety of skill combos

The Duskblade is a very interesting breed of melee class, as they can cast powerful AoEs, combo their attacks and teleport around the battlefield. Seen as a virtual jack-of-all-trades and master of none, Duskblades are useful in just about every facet of play. When transformed into Reaper Form, Duskblades will receive damage reduction and increases in attack speed. Their skill cooldowns also are reduced which will aid in doling out the punishment when the time comes.


  • One of the best classes in PvP
  • Can use a variety of skill combos
  • Has a transformation skill that increases attack speed, and reduces damage taken and cooldown of some skills
  • Has a teleportation skill that resets cooldown when the target is killed


Statistics[edit | edit source]

Starting Statistics
Health 65
HP Regeneration 2 per second
Mana 55
MP Regeneration 1 per second
Physical Attack 4-6
Magic Attack 1-1
Accuracy 40
Evasion 30
Movement Speed 5.2 m/s
Chi gained per normal attack 5
Main attack damage attribute Dexterity
Statistic Increases
HP gained per Vitality point 13
HP gained per level 26
MP gained per Magic point 11
MP gained per level 22
Accuracy gained per Dexterity point 8
Evasion gained per Dexterity point 6

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Duskblades are limited to using Sabers, and cannot equip any other type of weapon.

Damage Chart: Lower-Low-Medium-High-Higher
Attack Speed Chart: Slower-Slow-Medium-Fast-Faster

Weapon Type Minimum Damage Maximum Damage Attack Speed Range
Saber Lower Medium Fast Medium

Armor[edit | edit source]

Duskblades are pretty versatile in their attacks, however it is recommended to equip light armor as it will increase their dexterity, as they can be a bit on the slow side. They also consume huge amounts of MP, so make sure to stock up on mana potions and equip a spirit charm if possible.

Duskblades in PvP[edit | edit source]

Crowd control is the name of the game for a Duskblade. Making sure to stun their targets and blinking away to a safe distance will help turn the tides of war. They will fare very well in squads containing tanks and Blademasters as their debuffs compliment the direct damage of some of the spongier classes.

Duskblades in PvE[edit | edit source]

Duskblades can fare in PvE well both solo and in a party. Many of their attacks like Distant Cloud will deal direct damage in addition to stunning their targets. They have many combinations of skills in their arsenal so they make very quick work of mobs as they continue their quests. Their skill Slash of Pride is invaluable for taking on large groups of enemy combatants.

Duskblades in Territory Wars[edit | edit source]

In Territory Wars, they are very helpful in making Barbarians lose their catapults. Shadow Prey being one of their paramount skills. Their Moon Chant skill will buff all members in their squad for 30 minutes and cannot be purged which is very good support for that critical damage reduction.

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