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Endless Universe
Islands of Endless Universe.
Requirement(s):Level 95
Player Limit:10
Gorath, the Worldrender(pwdb)
Mistress of Endless Night(pwdb)
Ghost Wing(pwdb)

The Endless Universe is a dungeon located in Morai. It was was introduced in the PWI Descent expansion. Endless Universe is a dungeon where players can farm Skill Books and Morai gear.

Map[edit | edit source]

Requirements[edit | edit source]

To gain access to Endless Universe you need to complete the Morai quest line, which includes the following quests:

  • A Village Past
  • Naughty Little Leaf
  • Little Secrets
  • Glory And Orders (unlocks the Time and Illusion quest)
  • Time and Illusion
  • Protecting Time
  • Taking Time
  • Shattered Fate
  • Of Fate And Truth
  • Back to Perfect World (pop up)
  • Stolen Essences
  • Keek's Information

After finishing the last quest you can pick up an item named "Tuc Su Toxin" at the NPC Crimson Imperial Envoy outside the instance. The item is required to enter, otherwise you will not have the quest to teleport inside. You can pick up the item every day but they do not stack. You can only enter Endless Universe once per day.

You need a minimum of eight people in squad in order to successfully complete the quests, however it's best to fill the squad with all ten people. In the case of a rainbow squad (ten different classes), a special blessing is awarded.

First Quest: Delivering the Gems[edit | edit source]

Once the squad is assembled and everyone has entered, the squad leader should speak to the NPC on the left (Wade). Once the leader has activated the "New Trial" quest, everyone will see a Quest flag pop up above Wade's head. Each person in the squad is free to choose one of the quests. The gems, also named as lanes, are according to the Greek Alphabet. Note that each lane is different and has special requirements.

  • Alpha: Flying mobs. A ranged DD is the best choice. People commonly choose an Archer but any ranged DD is suitable.
  • Beta: The debuffing balls of light purge. Someone who doesn't depend heavily on buffs is most suitable. The mobs also buff themselves with a physical attack buff. Classes like Venomancer (because they can purge and have pets) and Assassin (because they have useful self-buffs) are most suitable.
  • Gamma: Speed debuff and a terrible one at that. Any class is suitable.
  • Delta: Group of mobs. It makes it perfect for classes with many AoE skills such as Blademaster, Archer, Wizard, Seeker and Psychic. The mobs die relatively fast though, so other classes can do just as well.
  • Epsilon: Stacking DoT mobs that will end up dealing 40k+ damage within 5 seconds. Assassins are the most recommended because they can build chi faster and thus can use their purifying spark eruption faster and/or more often. Psychics are also suitable because they have a self-purify or Venomancers with Sage Summer Sprint. Clerics work great, too.
  • Zeta: Magical damage immune mobs. Melee/physical class is required.
  • Eta: Physical damage immune mobs. Magic/caster class is required. If your squad has an extra Cleric that is not running, Eta is perfect for them, as they can do physical damage on one end and magic on the other.
  • Theta: Physical damage and ranging mobs. Mana drain debuff from balls. The most common way to finish it is for the person to run through the mobs quickly with the use of Holy Path from the genie.

Lane Assistants/Escort

  • Eternity: Do not choose this quest unless your squad has 9-10 people because you need 8 people to cover all the Gems.
  • Creation: Do not choose this quest unless your squad has 9-10 people because you need 8 people to cover all the Gems.

Upon picking one of the last two options, you are given the job of lane assistant. Unlike the others, you are free to run anywhere you want. Your job is to assist the people with the gems in their run. The help can be heals, DD or anything else. The most suitable class for this is a Cleric. A Mystic will work too but they have to be sure Resurrect buff is up at all times.

As a secondary assistant anything can work, but a tank-type class (such as Blademaster, Seeker, or Barbarian) or a high damage dealing class will make things go faster.

Once you pick up your quest, you will have to dig the gem based on the quest you chose. Upon digging it, you will be teleported in an area named after your gem of choice. Next to you there will be a statue of some sort called "Mirror". The mirror will give you a quest when it's the right time. If you chose Alpha gem, you will have to pick up the quest and run to the next mirror to report. If you chose Beta gem, you will have to wait for the person with the Alpha gem to report the quest so you can be it up next. In other words, it is like a relay race.

One important thing to remember is that you must not leave your area. If you leave your gem's area, the quest will automatically fail. You can only move in your own area that is marked by purple lights. Your area is between your gem's mirror and the next mirror (to which you have to report your quest). Only leave the pillars of light into your area while you are delivering the gem, and once you deliver the quest, stay within those pillars. If you leave, the quest will fail. If, for any reason, you die do not go to town, but wait for revive or use your resurrection scroll if you have one.

In case the quest fails, everyone should jump down and go back at the beginning. There the squad leader retakes the quest and the squad can start the "race" again. In the case the quest is completed (red text will appear in the chat), everyone should jump down and go at the start. There the squad leader will be able to pick up the boss quest from the second NPC on the right.

When a gem is delivered, the mirror NPC will disappear and respawn in a slightly different place. Do not stand too close to the mirrors, if the person running the next gem gets stuck under the re-spawning mirror, they will be unable to move to deliver the gem and the party will have to start the quest over.

Second Quest: Bosses[edit | edit source]

Once the boss quest is taken, the first boss will spawn. Upon killing him, the second boss will spawn and lastly, after the second boss is dead the third one will spawn.

Cross the bridge to the first island to reach the first boss. Casters and players with low HP should stay back as the boss seems to have aggro and hits quite hard. He has an AoE as well as an AoE knockback. You should try and position the boss near the center, or stay with your back to rock as he can push you off the island. In case that does happen, you will fall down and be automatically teleported back to the start. The Cleric should stand back to avoid the random aggro melee hits and spam Chromatic Healing Beam.

The second boss will be on the island across the bridge to the right. This boss splits herself into three. Two of them are fake and will have a damage reduction buff (which is immune to purge). Concentrate all of your DD onto the real one, and kill as fast as possible. The boss will split herself three times in total. Afterwards, you can kill it like any other boss. The Cleric should BB in the middle so that every squad member will be in its range. Make sure to keep aggro off the Cleric after the boss splits. The boss clones continue to attack and if nobody else has aggro, the Cleric will get it and might end up being killed. It is possible, but difficult, to kill this boss before she splits. Have your entire party triple spark and DD as much as they can, and it may work.

The third and final boss is a flying bird that does not respond to any sort of aggroing. Ranged DDs play a major role here. The squad should be positioned in between the two pillars at the top above the pool of water. The boss makes a run in a figure 8, and will spend extra time around these towers, allowing the ranged players to DD the boss. Venomancers are able to use Amplify Damage when the boss flies nearby the pillars so it is highly recommended. He will spawn fire across this entire island. Fire will do 500 damage per second (and will DoT you if you are caught and run out of it). Between these two pillars, as well as anywhere on the surface of the water, are the only places that the fire is ineffective. It's best to have the Cleric BB somewhere near the middle, between the two pillars. BB is able to outheal the damage dealt by the fire so the ranged DD are able to continue hitting the boss despite the fire.

This boss spawns adds after each fire spawn and they will attack anyone trying to aggro the boss. Melee players should keep their ranged DD and Cleric safe and tank/aggro the adds. At 60% HP the boss will announce in red text that it is going to land and will reset all the HP. This is when the squad can finally fully DD and kill the boss. Note that this boss has a random chance to teleport members to one of the lower islands that are filled with mobs. Simply jump off, you will be teleported at the start and there you can go back to your squad.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Upon killing the last boss, everyone should jump down again and gather at the start. There the squad leader will take the final quest. Once that happens every member will be able to pick up their reward from the NPC. You can get one of two:

Drunk Lotus Pill - worth 400,000 EXP and 150,000 Spirit

Inconsistent Chest - which contains one of the following:

  • 20 Mirage Celestones (75% chance)
  • Endless: Armor Card (17% chance)
  • Old Book Page (5% chance)
  • Endless: Weapon Card (3% chance)

The bosses themselves drop various gear pieces that range from 1* to 3*. Sometimes those pieces have nice adds so keep an eye on them.

After you are out of the instance you can visit the Elder of the Streams to report the purple quest you picked up during the quest chain of Morai. The quest is about the Essences and it rewards you with 360,000 EXP and 81,360 Spirit. You can pick the quest daily.

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

When making your squad make sure you have at least one Cleric for the sole reason of Revive. Make sure you have several ranged DDs otherwise the last boss will take forever. However, do not neglect melee DDs, they are just as important. Keep a balance in your squad and things should go smooth.

There are no particular class roles to follow besides the common ones. Clerics should heal and use BB. Venomancers should pass sparks, use Amplify Damage, debuff. Other classes should maximize their DD output etc. The roles are mostly determined by what gem you pick at the first quest.

With Endless Universe people can farm the G13 Morai gear or simply get nice amounts of EXP daily.

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