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The Event Boutique window.

The Event Shop or Event Boutique can be accessed through the Boutique. Players can buy a variety of items from this shop using a special type of Gold that is commonly referred to as "Event Gold". Event Gold can be acquired from Sage/Demon Event Cards from various events, promos or contest rewards. Arc codes will sometimes include some Event Gold as well.

The Event Shop does not have all of the items found in the Boutique and does not have weekly sales. It does not get regular updates, but updates usually come whenever PWI has Expansions or other major content updates. All items bought from the Event Shop are bound to the account. They cannot be traded or sold to other players.

The categories of the Event Shop are similar to the ones from the Boutique but lacks a lot of items. The most popular items in the Event Shop are charms, refining aids, teleportation stones, Flyers, Fashion and chat smileys.