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Perfect World International was first released as an Open Beta on September 2nd, 2008. As the game was not reset once the Open Beta ended, this is considered the official release date of the game. Since then there have been several major expansions to the game, which are listed below.

For the background story of Perfect World see Perfect World Lore and for the story of each of its expansions see the Expansion Story page.

The Lost Empire[edit | edit source]

PWI Lost Empire logo.png

Released: 12/2/2008

Age of Spirits[edit | edit source]

PWI Age of Spirits logo.png

Released: 5/13/2009
Links: patch notes

  • Added Genies. (Many changes were later made to genies in the 9/15/2009 patch.)
  • Added auto-pathing to quest locations and the "Find Quest" option in the Quests window to find new quests.

Rising Tide[edit | edit source]


Released: 12/16/2009
Links: patch notes

Genesis[edit | edit source]

PWI Genesis logo.png

Released: 3/2/2011
Links: patch notes

  • Added Earthguard lands (four new zones) and Mystic and Seeker classes.
  • Added Faction Bases.
  • Added faction diplomacy feature.
  • Added Divine Contract daily quest.
  • Added Runecrafting skill.
  • Added a leveling guide that pops up when you hit a new level (unless disabled at level 21 or higher).
  • Major user interface update.

Descent[edit | edit source]

PWI Descent logo.png

Released: 2/15/2012
Links: patch notes

  • Added Morai, a new level 95+ zone with new quests.
  • Two new dungeons, Endless Universe and Murid.
  • Added the three orders: the Order of Corona, the Order of the Shroud, and the Order of Luminance. The orders provide:
Additional skills
New gear
Pets unique to each order

Sirens of War[edit | edit source]


Released: 11/14/2012
Links: patch notes / release news

Rising Call[edit | edit source]

Released: 6/19/2013
Links: patch notes / release news

Rising Call is sub-expansion to Sirens of War and does not have its own logo.

Crimson Imperium[edit | edit source]

Released: 9/25/2013
Links: patch notes / release news

Crimson Imperium is sub-expansion to Sirens of War and does not have its own logo.

  • Added the Title System: Earn titles within the game that will reward you with a variety of buffs.
  • Attendance System: Earn rewards just for playing. Consecutive days played will result in better rewards.
  • New Event: A Legendary Phoenix has been spotted and is reportedly carrying some rare loot.
  • Perfect Match: An in game social networking system to help you connect with new friends or partners to aid you in combat.
  • Nation Wars' Territories: Now reduced down to 128 territories but still retaining the new maps from the last update.
  • Commission Shop: A new shop system that allows you to browse items on sale from anywhere in the world.
  • Optimization Changes.
  • New Quests.
  • And more (see patch notes link above for details).

New Horizons[edit | edit source]

PWI-New Horizons-logo.png

Released: 12/18/2013
Links: patch notes / release news

  • Reawakening System: Take your Lv100+ character to new heights by reawakening them!
  • War Avatar Cards: Collect War Avatar cards to power up your character's stats to a new horizon.
  • New Zones - Primal World: New experiences and treasures await those who are brave enough to enter this world Pan Gu discarded.
  • New starting zone - Place of Origination: Get familiar with the origins of Perfect World to understand the threat that it now faces!
  • New skills: All classes have new skills to push their abilities even further than before as well as furthering Sage and Demon versions.
  • Revamped starter experience: A smoother starting experience awaits all, taking you through the new story and giving players an earlier taste of the power to come!
  • Cultivation Assistant: Automatically set up your attacks to level up your character even faster.
  • History Advancement System: Change the state of the world by progressing through world-wide objectives as a community!
  • Event Calender Upgrade: Browse through all the events in the game, queue up for a squad, and even teleport straight to the entrance!
  • UI Improvements: With an in-game assistant that provides all necessary information on anything clicked on the screen, such as item recipes and skill descriptions, the New Horizons user interface is the best PWI has ever seen!
  • And more (see patch notes link above for details).

Chill of Luneska[edit | edit source]

Released: 8/19/2014
Links: patch notes / release news

Chill of Luneska is a sub-expansion to New Horizons and does not have its own logo.

  • New Zone: Luneska. Explore the frozen reaches of the eastern Primal World! Progress through five new Historical Phases, ultimately unlocking Luneska City itself!
  • New Boundary: Astral Sky. Push past Mirage Sky in an epic quest that takes you through the icy kingdom of Luneska!
  • Territory Resource Wars: Battle other factions for control of vital resources across Perfect World! Territory Resource Wars occur randomly on either Wednesday or Thursday at 20:00. Penalties for engaging in PvP are disabled while the battle is in progress.
  • Sky Pirate Drake will now appear occasionally in the skies above the Primal World. When defeated he will open a portal to the Mirrorflower Treasury. Gather as much treasure as you can before time runs out, and trade it to Merchant Sokka in Kirin Town for fabulous prizes.
  • Rings and Necklaces can now be engraved at Jewelcraftsman NPCs. Engraving an item will add a random stat to it. Higher-level items can be engraved with more powerful stats.
  • The level 15 Sky Cover and Cloud Stir rings can now be upgraded into one of four new level 16 rings at Light Envoy Jade Snow in Archosaur. Upgrading will NOT preserve refinements or engravings.
  • Title Quests have been added for the Boundless Grasslands and the Plain of Farewells.
  • A new UI has been implemented for Fashion in the Cash Shop, allowing you to preview any piece of fashion on your character before you buy it.
  • Divine Contracts have been added for the Primal World for those players who have reached the Arcane Sky Boundary. Reaching Mirage Sky and Astral Sky will unlock additional Divine Contract options.
  • The Active Points system has been added! Each day, a number of quests will be listed that will grant Active Points. These points can be used to automatically complete daily quests to quickly earn rewards.

Eclipse[edit | edit source]

Pwi eclipse logo.png
Released: 12/16/2014
Links: patch notes / release news

  • New race: Nightshades! Descended from the guardians of the Divine Child, these beings can call upon the power of the moon to assail their enemies.
  • New classes: Duskblade and Stormbringer! The Duskblade is a fast melee class that can string together combos, while the Stormbringer is a caster class that calls down the fury of nature itself.
  • New starting zone: Celestial Vale! All new characters will now spend their first twenty levels in this brand-new zone, which also includes the new Lightsail Cave dungeon.
  • New dungeon: Quicksand Maze! The lair of the terrifying Nightmares, this dungeon's layout changes randomly each time you enter! Quicksand Maze has multiple level brackets, ranging from level 50 all the way up to Mirage Sky X.

Riptide[edit | edit source]

Released: 8/18/2015
Links: patch notes / release news

Riptide is a sub-expansion to Eclipse and does not have its own logo.

  • New area: The Silent Sea! Explore a new region of the Primal World, and aid the aquatic Riptide against their enemies, the Shoka!
  • New Boundary: Shifting Sky! Continue to improve your Boundary level and rank up your passive skills as you progress through an all-new quest chain in the Primal World. Players who have reached Astral Sky X can talk to Shifting Sky Envoy Yara in Kirin Town to progress.
  • New Historical Phases! Four additional Historical Phases have been added in the Primal World. Completing the tasks for these phases will award Vitae and Star Chart-related items.
  • New feature: Star Chart! These mystical items will allow you to further increase your stats. Talk to Light Emperor Alexander in Kirin Town to get started!
  • New feature: Flowsilver Palace Judgment Mode! If you're looking for a challenge, try this new mode. In addition to increasing the difficulty even beyond that Deicide Mode, bosses will gain new mechanics. Judgment Mode also features a new boss after defeating Tyrant Prince Mushi: Belle Leun, the Mad Princess. Note that if you receive Flowsilver Coins in Judgment Mode, you cannot also do so in Deicide Mode. If you receive Flowsilver Coins in Deicide Mode, Judgment Mode will only reward Star Chart-related items.

War Front[edit | edit source]

Released: 11/10/2015
Links: patch notes / release news

  • Heavenfall Temple is now open! This single-player dungeon is located in the skies above the Heavenly Music Pavilion in Lothranis. Level 89+ players can challenge the 108 floors of the temple for power as well as prestige, with both single and cross-server rankings.
  • Nation Wars are now cross-server. Each server will be assigned a different nation (at random), and battles will occur on Friday and Sunday at 20:10 CET.
  • Each server can now elect a commander to lead and coordinate their nation in Nation Wars. Talk to the Nation War Recruiter in Archosaur to learn more!
  • Additional items have been added to Assistant Wang Tsai's Lucky Coin exchange, including Bloodglass Shards, Tier 6 Nuema, and more. He also offers Wraith Orders, used to summon the world bosses Watcher of the Chasm, Deiciter White and Black, and Cenminator.

Elysium[edit | edit source]

Pwi elysium logo.png
Released: 4/12/2016
Links: patch notes / release news

  • Homestead - Enter the realm of Elysium and build a home of your very own. You can customize your Homestead with hundreds of different buildings and objects, fully shapeable terrain, and even functional buildings to generate resources. Level 90 players with 35,000+ Reputation who have reached Aware of the Void or Aware of the Myriad will automatically receive a quest in their logs to start them on the path to unlocking their Homestead.
  • New dungeon: Uncharted Paradise - Enter a forgotten realm hidden away for thousands of years beneath the waves of the Silent Sea. Here, the servants of the gods once challenged mortals to see if they were worthy. Though the gods are gone, their guardians still remain. Level 100 players who have reached Astral Sky X can speak to Swordsman Zenray at the Shoka Sanctuary to enter the Uncharted Paradise.
  • Level 17 weapons - Once, Elysium was ruled by Sixteen Lords who wielded powerful weapons forged with the breath of dragons. Though these Lords are long gone, dedicated heroes can recreate their weapons and once again wield their awesome power.
  • Dragonbreath Weapons are available at Vyn Yen, the Warrior in Archosaur (522, 657) after reaching Level 100 after your Second Reawakening and unlocking your Homestead. Materials for crafting and upgrading these weapons can be found through Homestead daily quests and drops from Uncharted Paradise.
  • A new set of Level 17 accessories are available from Jaden Collector Tansen in Archosaur (551, 626). The materials for these can be found in the Delicate Moon Chest chance pack.
  • Rank 9 Limitless gear can now be upgraded at the Boundless Forge in Archosaur (549, 675), giving it different stats that are more aimed at PvP combat.
  • The maximum size for the Safe and Inventory has been expanded from 80 slots to 96. They can be increased by purchasing an additional Super Safe Stone or Super Inventory Stone, respectively.

Primal Warfare[edit | edit source]

Released: 10/25/2016
Links: patch notes / release news

Primal Warfare is a sub-expansion to Elysium and does not have its own logo.

  • New Boundary: Twilight Sky! Continue to improve your Boundary level and rank up your passive skills as you progress through an all-new quest chain in the Primal World.
  • New Feature: Homestead Minions! Raise minions in your Homestead to operate your workshops while you are away, and battle other players' minions in the Colosseum to earn Star Chart items, War Avatar cards, and more!
  • New Feature: Uncharted Paradise, Deicide Mode! An even more difficult challenge awaits you, but those who succeed will reap even greater rewards!
  • You can now change the terrain type of your Homestead. Options such as desert, sky, and sea are available.
  • Additional options for manipulating your Homestead's terrain have been added.
  • You can now take quests from the Tulin Bunny in Avalanche Village to get additional vegetation items for your Homestead.
  • Once your Homestead reaches Level 20, you can upload a copy of your Homestead to the Homestead Ranking List for other players to visit and rate.
  • Players can now manage their spouses' Homesteads.
  • Several new items have been added to the Homestead.

Neverfall[edit | edit source]

Released: 4/13/2017 (originally planned for 4/12/2017)
Links: patch notes / release news

  • New Zone: The Western Steppes! Explore an all-new zone with hundreds of new quests! Visit the city of Neverfall, and discover what darkness lurks beneath the ancient lands of the Light Empire! Level 100 players at Mirage Sky I can start the quests to enter the Western Steppes in the City of a Thousand Streams.
  • New Cultivation Levels: Chaotic Soul and Celestial Saint! Beyond the paths of Sage and Demon lies a new way, combining the strengths of each into a single, powerful path of cultivation! Players who have completed the Atlas of Time questline in the Western Steppes will receive a quest to speak to either Nibu Ru or the Celestial Savant to begin their new path.
  • New Dungeon: Dawnlight Halls! Delve into the dark sanctum of the Future of Mankind Initiative and put a stop to their unnatural experimentations! Includes more difficult Judgment and Deicide Modes. Requires Chaotic Soul cultivation and Twilight Sky I to enter.
  • New Feature: Arigora Colosseum! Form teams to battle against other players in a no-holds-barred cross-server arena fight to the death! Earn titles, gear, and more! Teams can consist of 3 or 6 players. Level 100 players at Mirage Sky I can sign up with Arigora Agent Khroatis in Archosaur or Neverfall.
  • New Feature: Skill Glyphs! These items can be used to upgrade your skills with additional effects based on the glyph used, which can range from increased damage to converting healing spells into direct damage! There are five glyph types: Golden, Verdant, Ethereal, Sanguine, and Argent. The first Glyph Slot can be unlocked in the Celestial Vale, while the rest can be unlocked in the Western Steppes. Two require Chaotic Soul, and three require Celestial Saint.
  • New Feature: Perfect Chronicles! Read the entire history of Perfect World and its major denizens and factions. Unlocked upon completing the Atlas of Time questline in the Western Steppes.
  • The Titles UI has been completely redesigned, and now shows all titles in the game and where to get them.
  • A customization option has been added to hide genies and cultivation sprites.
  • The cap on coins has been increased to 1,000,000,000. The PW Boutique Agent now has quests to trade for 50 and 100 Big Notes.