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Fashion window inside the player's Inventory.

Fashion is the term used to refer to cosmetic items that can be worn by your character but have no purpose other than style, as opposed to weapons or armor that increases the stats of your character. Fashion items have their own slots, inventory (Wardrobe), are gender-exclusive, and divided into 6 categories:

  • Body, Top
  • Legwear, Bottom
  • Shoe
  • Handwear, Bracelet, Accessories
  • Headwear, Headdress, Hat, Hair
  • Weapon, Fashion Weapon

You can choose to display you gear or your fashion by clicking on the top-left icon in your inventory. You can use the "Fitting" tab to try different fashion pieces and experiment with different colors. You can also zoom-in to see a fashion piece's details. Preview and Fitting buttons can also be found in player Consignment Shops, the Auction House or in the Boutique.

Female Bollywood Fashion set.

Fashion can be purchased from the Boutique, the Auction House, the Consignment Shop or via trading (buying) other players. Some fashion sets can be included in Token Packs. Some events may also reward you with permanent or time-limited fashion. Fashion pieces can be dyed unless stated otherwise in their item description. Fashion is dyed using Random Pigments or specific color Pigments. Fashion Weapons cannot be dyed but they grant you a new action and new idle animation for your character.

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