Firecrag Grotto

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Firecrag Grotto
(FB19 Human)
Firecrag Grotto.png
Location:Thousand Wood Ridge
Recommended Level:Level 19+
Player Limit:6
Thromh the Mighty(pwdb)

Firecrag Grotto is a lower level dungeon located north of Thousand Wood Ridge, which is north of Etherblade. Its main purpose was to serve as the FB19 for Human blademasters and wizards, though it is not commonly completed anymore since Celestial Vale was released as the starting area, making the dungeon fairly obsolete for lower level players. There is still a Call to Duty quest available for the dungeon at level 19.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Firecrag Grotto is a small-sized cave with lava pools throughout, and one of the lowest level instances in the game. It serves as one of 3 instances used as a FB19 for the original 3 races (Winged Elf, Human, and Untamed). The dungeon is filled with various Wraiths, such as ants, centipedes, and carapests. There are two Call to Duty pillars in the cave - one at the beginning of the cave, and another in the boss room.

You can give 1 Osmanthus Wine to the Old Swordsman at the entrance of the cave. In exchange, he will remove most of the Wraiths from the cave. This is generally not recommended as Firecrag Grotto is one of the lowest level instances and therefore one of the easiest to complete.

Map[edit | edit source]

Bosses[edit | edit source]

There is only one boss in the Firecrag Grotto.

Thromh the Mighty[edit | edit source]

Thromh the Mighty.

Thromh the Mighty is a large ant-like Wraith that serves as the sole boss for the instance. It is located in the northeastern room of the dungeon, standing at the very end of the room. The boss has two Wraith followers.

The Battle[edit | edit source]

This battle should be fairly simple and straightforward. Thromh the Mighty attacks at melee range with physical damage. Partway through the battle, it will buff itself with extra attack speed for a short time. Towards the very end of the battle, the boss will attack the tank with a bleeding damage-over-time (DoT) skill.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Name Type Drop Chance Links
★Minister Fingerband Magic Ring 25% (pwdb)
★Minister Ring Might Ring 25% (pwdb)
★Minister Amulet Ethereal Necklace 8.3333% (pwdb)
★Minister Locket Elemental Necklace 8.3333% (pwdb)
★Minister Pendant Protection Necklace 8.3333% (pwdb)
Condensed Healing Potion Healing Potion 8.3334% (pwdb)
Condensed Mana Potion Mana Potion 8.3333% (pwdb)
Iron Bolt Quiver III Quiver 4.1667% (pwdb)
Lucky Note Books/Scrolls 4.1667% (pwdb)

Nuemas[edit | edit source]

Thromh the Mighty is one of the bosses that may drop a tier 1 or a tier 2 Nuema.

Quests[edit | edit source]

The following quests take place in the Firecrag Grotto: