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Fireworks are a consumable item used for aesthetic or celebration purposes. Many fireworks will display messages in the air, some of which are in Chinese. Other types may appear on the ground instead as sparklers with no messages. Many types of fireworks can be purchased from the Boutique and Event Boutique in bundles of 5. They can also be obtained through various events.

There is a second type of firework that can be used on another player. When used it will broadcast a message across the server. These fireworks appear on the ground for 5-10 minutes and can be interacted with by the player that receives the firework. These types of fireworks can be purchased from the Boutique under the Wedding section, or obtained using a Message Hook at the Jade Pond in Adventure Kingdom.

Types of Fireworks[edit | edit source]

Boutique Fireworks[edit | edit source]

These fireworks can be purchased from the Boutique and/or Event Boutique in a bundle of 5 for 1 Silver or 3 Silver respectively.

Name Boutique? Event Boutique? Notes
Whirly Whirl.png Whirly Whirl Yes Yes
Whirly Swirl.png Whirly Swirl Yes Yes
Fire Sparklers.png Fire Sparklers Yes Yes
Twinkling Stars.png Twinkling Stars Yes Yes
Double Burst.png Double Burst Yes Yes
Cross Star.png Cross Star Yes Yes
Red Fireworks.png Red Fireworks Yes Yes
Tri-Colored Balls.png Tri-Colored Balls Yes Yes
Blue Missing You.png Blue Missing You Yes Yes
Blue Eyes.png Blue Eyes Yes Yes
Yellow Fireworks.png Yellow Fireworks Yes Yes
Blue Stars.png Blue Stars Yes Yes
Green Stars.png Green Stars Yes Yes
Birthday Cake.png Birthday Cake Yes Yes
Clivia Orchid.png Clivia Orchid Yes Yes
Lotus.png Lotus Yes Yes
Toothbrush.png Toothbrush Yes Yes
LOVE.png LOVE Yes No
I Love You.png I Love You Yes No
Roses.png Roses Yes No
Hearts.png Hearts Yes No
Heart Shapes.png Heart Shapes Yes No
Loving Hearts.png Loving Hearts Yes No
SOS.png SOS Yes Yes
Happy Birthday.png Happy Birthday Yes Yes
Marriage Blessing.png Marriage Blessing No Yes Is meant to say "百年好合", which translates to "hundred years together"(verify), however due to a glitch displays as "□□□□" instead.
Happy Birthday 2.png Happy Birthday No Yes Says "生日快乐" which translates to "happy birthday"
Double Happiness.png Double Happiness No Yes
Romance.png Romance No Yes
Sofa.png Sofa No Yes Says "沙发" which translates to "sofa"
Chinese Yuan (RMB).png Chinese Yuan (RMB) No Yes
I do.png I do... No Yes
Robbery!.png Robbery! No Yes
Mouse loves rice.png Mouse loves rice No Yes A reference to the song "Mice Love Rice"
Axe Gang.png Axe Gang No Yes
Fierce Love.png Fierce Love No Yes
Victory.png Victory No Yes Says "胜利" which translates to "victory"
We are the best Faction.png We are the best Faction No Yes Says "天下第一帮" which translates to "the best in the world"
My Faction Rules!.png My Faction Rules! No Yes Says "独霸天下"(verify) which translates to "dominate the world"
In Unity Lies Strength.png In Unity Lies Strength No Yes
Slogan.png Slogan No Yes

Romance Fireworks[edit | edit source]

These fireworks can be purchased from the Boutique under the Wedding Section. First Lotus and Rose Heart can also be fished up using a Message Hook at the Jade Pond in Adventure Kingdom.

To use one of these fireworks, target the character of your choice and right-click the firework in your inventory. Alternatively, target the character of your choice, right-click their avatar, and select the Use Firework option. A window will appear which will allow you to insert the firework that you would like to use if it is not there already. The window will then display the message that will be broadcast across the server when used. It cannot be changed. Click confirm and the firework will be used at the recipient's location. The recipient will be able to click on the middle of the display to interact with the firework.

These fireworks can also be used on yourself - the recipient part will say "Self" instead.

Name Source Message
Lotus Affection.png Lotus Affection Boutique: 9 Gold <Sender> set off Lotus Affection to <Recipient>. Can you hear my heart beating? Can you tell how much I love you? I hope this message reaches your heart and you feel the same!
Rose Romance.png Rose Romance Boutique: 9 Gold <Sender> set off Rose Romance to <Recipient>. If I had a single flower for every time I thought about you, I could walk forever in an endless garden.
First Lotus.png First Lotus Boutique: 3 Gold
Adventure Kingdom (via Message Hook)
<Sender> set off a First Lotus to <Recipient>, to show the purity of their love!
Rose Heart.png Rose Heart Boutique: 3 Gold
Adventure Kingdom (via Message Hook)
<Sender> set off a Rose Heart to <Recipient>, to show how much they care!

Event Fireworks[edit | edit source]

These fireworks can be obtained through various events.

Name Source Notes
Merry Christmas.png Merry Christmas Drops from Snowman
Merry Christmas 2.png Merry Christmas Drops from Snowman
Auspicious Contest (Fireworks).png Auspicious Contest Auspicious Contest event
Auspicious Contest (Fireworks).png Perfect World Lamb's New Year event
Territory Firework.png Archosaur Anthem Smoke over Archosaur event
Firework New Enjoyment.png Firework: New Enjoyment Perfect World With You event
Twinkling Stars.png Firework: Full Moon Xmas Gift Coupon (obtainable from Kindhearted Helper and Xmas Parade events)
Firework Merry Xmas.png Firework: Merry Xmas Xmas Gift Coupon (obtainable from Kindhearted Helper and Xmas Parade events)

Territory Fireworks[edit | edit source]

These fireworks can be purchased from various officers. Only members of the Faction that occupy a certain territory can purchase these types of fireworks. Territory fireworks cost 5,300 silver coins each.

The officers in The Fissure, Starry Wilds, and Snowdragon Heights sell fireworks for the Island of Broken Dreams and Shattered Cloud Island territories instead of fireworks for their own territories.

Name Purchased From
Territory Firework.png The Harshlands Harshlands Officer, Snowy Village (149, 960)
Territory Firework.png The Frozen Path Path Officer, Village of Shattered Ice (250, 974)
Territory Firework.png Avalanche Canyon Canyon Officer, Avalanche Village (325, 973)
Territory Firework.png Thousand Wood Ridge Officer of the Wood, Timberfield (499, 963)
Territory Firework.png Haunted Path Haunted Path Officer, Haunted Path (539, 954)
Territory Firework.png City of Misfortune Officer of Misfortune, City of Misfortune (666, 968)
Territory Firework.png City of a Thousand Streams Officer of the Streams, City of a Thousand Streams (117, 859)
Territory Firework.png Ancient Wall Ancient Wall Officer, Ancient Wall (275, 845)
Territory Firework.png Broken Plain Broken Plain Officer, Sumor Camp (332, 826)
Territory Firework.png Etherblade City Officer of Etherblade, Etherblade City (433, 887)
Territory Firework.png Ancient Peak Ancient Peak Officer, Ancient Peak (627, 903)
Territory Firework.png Walled Stronghold Stronghold Officer, Walled Stronghold (564, 877)
Territory Firework.png Mount Lantern Mount Lantern Officer, Angler's Village (638, 833)
Territory Firework.png Immolation Camp Immolation Officer, Immolation Camp (129, 754)
Territory Firework.png Plain of Farewells Plains Officer, Sirry Wine Camp (236, 781)
Territory Firework.png Windswept Grasslands Grasslands Officer, Swiftwind Tribe (373, 763)
Territory Firework.png Tradewind Village Tradewind Officer, Tradewind Village (429, 739)
Territory Firework.png Shining Tidewood Tidewood Officer, Orchid Temple (581, 763)
Territory Firework.png Dragon Wilderness Wilderness Officer, Town of Arrivals (119, 641)
Territory Firework.png City of the Lost Untamed Officer, City of the Lost (247, 647)
Territory Firework.png Silk Ridge Silk Ridge Officer, Silk Ridge (372, 618)
Territory Firework.png Wellspring Village Wellspring Officer, Wellspring Village (422, 645)
Territory Firework.png Archosaur Archosaur Officer, North Archosaur (563, 684)
Territory Firework.png Fragrant Hills Fragrant Hills Officer, The Village of Naught (677, 616)
Territory Firework.png Sundown Highland Highland Officer, Sundown Town (126, 590)
Territory Firework.png Dribbling Spring Officer of the Spring, Dribbling Spring (206, 535)
Territory Firework.png Dragon's End Dragon's End Officer, Dragon's End (314, 586)
Territory Firework.png Courage Path Courage Path Officer, Gate of Antiquity (391, 518)
Territory Firework.png The Great Lake The Great Lake Officer, The Silver Pool (450, 568)
Territory Firework.png Stairway to Heaven Officer of the Stair, Stairway to Heaven (430, 537)
Territory Firework.png Valley of the Hidden Orchid Valley Officer, Hidden Orchid (587, 565)
Territory Firework.png Peach Blossom Grove Grove Officer, Sanctuary (645, 565)
Territory Firework.png Deserted Sea Deserted Sea Officer, Sandsong Village (183, 474)
Territory Firework.png Vibrant Cliffs Vibrant Cliffs Officer, Village of Brutes (216, 413)
Territory Firework.png City of the Plume Plume Officer, City of the Plume (326, 425)
Territory Firework.png King's Feast King's Feast Officer, Arrowhead Manor (429, 462)
Territory Firework.png Swamp of the Wraiths Wraith Swamp Officer, Whetstone Keep (537, 415)
Territory Firework.png Forest of Haze Officer of the Haze, Village of the Lost (638, 476)
Territory Firework.png Land of Buried Bones Officer of Buried Bones, Cromagnon Village (112, 306)
Territory Firework.png Southern Pass Mountains Officer of the Pass, Dreaming Stronghold (210, 310)
Territory Firework.png The White Ridge White Ridge Officer, The White Ridge (320, 332)
Territory Firework.png Black Mountain Black Mountain Officer, Tusk Town (447, 341)
Territory Firework.png Ridge of the Dreaming Cloud Dreaming Cloud Officer, Village of the Dreaming Cloud (546, 374)
Territory Firework.png Dreamweaver Port Dreamweaver Officer, Dreamweaver Port (666, 371)
Territory Firework.png City of Raging Tides Raging Tides Officer, City of Raging Tides (657, 144)
Territory Firework.png Blazing Wind Valley Broken Dreams Officer, Nightfire Altar (687, 257)
Ancestral Shrine Sheriff, Shrine of the Ancestors (229, 231)[1]
Territory Firework.png Shattered Cloud Island Shattered Cloud Officer, The Blunted Lance Stand (517, 161)
Sanctuary Sheriff, Forgotten Sanctuary (471, 269)[2]
Shrine Sheriff, Shrine of the Immortals (112, 256)[3]
Territory Firework.png Tellus City Tellus City Guard, Tellus City (379, 217)
Territory Firework.png Dawnglory Dawnglory Officer, Dawnglory (749, 856)
  1. ^ Only purchasable if your faction owns the Starry Wilds territory.
  2. ^ Only purchasable if your faction owns the Snowdragon Heights territory.
  3. ^ Only purchasable if your faction owns The Fissure territory.

Phoenix Nest Fireworks[edit | edit source]

Main article: Phoenix Nest

Players can interact with fireworks in the Phoenix Nest wedding ceremony. They cost 88,888 silver coins each and will grant 35 Contribution Points for each use. There are three types of fireworks - Phoenix, Fortune, and Wish and Happiness. They can be activated by talking to Auntie Matchmaker during the ceremony. They will activate automatically; no item is received or consumed.

It is possible to reach the 100,000 Contribution required to receive the highest reward for the couple through this method, however it requires a large sum of silver coins and several players to set off fireworks throughout the ceremony. To get 100,000 Contribution with fireworks only it requires roughly 2858 fireworks, which amounts to approximately 254 million silver coins. This does not include Contribution from previous parts of the wedding that will make this amount slightly less.