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Florafang (Pet Group)

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The Florafang Pet Group members are land pets. These pets are not found in the Midlands, and instead can be found in dungeons.

Pet Growth[edit | edit source]

Florafang Growth Chart.
Pet Growth Chart
Statistic Rank Growth Per Level
Health 4 30
Regeneration 3 0.611111
Attack 3 ?
Physical Defense 4 80
Magic Defense 5 86.6668
Accuracy 3 18.3333
Evasion 6 15.5556
Speed 4 ? m/s

Pet Food[edit | edit source]

Members[edit | edit source]

Florafang Guard.png

Florafang Guard
Level: 63

Florafang Maneater.png

Florafang Maneater
Level: 101

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