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The Friendship Quest (FQ) is a quest that can be completed once a day, therefore it is a Daily Quest. To participate in the quest you need to be at least level 30 and have two other players in the same squad.

A Friendship Thing[edit | edit source]

To start the quest you will need a Friendship Crystal. This will drop from different mobs in the game. After you have acquired the crystal, you will need to squad up with two other players and gather near the Elder of Archosaur (570 648) in the East part of Archosaur. The easiest way to get the players is to shout in West District where most players are.

The squad leader (who has the crystal) then talks to the Elder and picks the quest Have they been here to start it. If one of the players in the squad has done the quest already today, the Elder will speak and warn you. If they haven't, talk to the Elder again and pick the quest A Friendship Thing. After that the quest will tell the leader to visit Chiah the Dancer (538 643 (30)). The two other players must follow. When everyone is there the squad leader will talk to the dancer. The squad leader will be rewarded with a Flawed Pendant of Friendship together with 15,000 EXP and 3,000 Spirit. The two other players will get an Orb of Memories.

Most players leave it like this. The squad leader has gotten the reward, and the two other players return to the Elder and pick the quest Trade of Memories to get 5,000 EXP and 1,000 Spirit for the orb. But you can continue the quest if you want.

Note: If any of the squad members leaves the squad after you have gotten the quest A Friendship Thing and before the squad leader talks to the Dancer, the quest will fail for every squad member.

The Hard Part[edit | edit source]

If you continue the quest, then the two players in the squad need to keep the Orb of Memories. The squad can disband, and each of the two members with the Orb now need to find two people each to squad with. Repeat the steps as mentioned above except this time, the squad leaders will receive a Flawed Pendant of Friendship and a Stone of Friendship, each expiring after five hours. The other two players in their squad get an Orb of Memories (also expires in five hours).

The Stones of Friendship should be traded with the person who first started the quest (i.e. give your Stone to whoever led you in the Quest). Once the original leader has the Flawed Pendant and the two stones (one from each of his squad mates), he should revisit the Elder. The Elder will repair the Pendant, giving you 5 reputation along with a Repaired Pendant of Friendship. Next, return to the Dancer and talk to her. Exchange the Pendant for another 5 reputation along with a Token of Friendship. You can either talk to the Dancer again and exchange the Token for an extra 5,000 EXP or save it.

That means you get a total of 20,000 EXP, 3,000 Spirit and 10 reputation for a quest that doesn't take more than 10 minutes if you find players fast.

If you choose to save the Token of Friendships, once you have acquired 50 of them, they can be traded for level 90 bracelets or boots.