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Frostcovered City
Frostcovered City.png
Recommended Level:Level 75+
Player Limit:6
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From now on there is just one Frostcovered mode.
If you have anything to add, find any mistakes/right names/etc, please feel free to update.
Also if you get an item drop that isn't listed yet, can you add name, stats, and from which boss it dropped please?

No more messing around with curvades etc, from now on the gold and green items 'simply' drop from the bosses... rare drop but still. Apparently another possible drop is flawless shards and 'The Past of Frostcovered City'. You need 1000 of these to get a gold frost weapon (bow or glaive) at Martial Arts Master in 1k Streams.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Frostcovered City is probably the worst and best instance in where new players had to seriously learn the value of teamwork back in the earlier days when it first came out and the Valley of Reciprocity was then no longer being used as the main EXP instance. These days it is fairly easy to run since rewakening players and first timers mingle in the same squads when they do a run. Although by level 95+ the newer EXP instance Phoenix Valley is preferred since it gives more EXP then Frostcovered City by that level.

Maps[edit | edit source]

Room Information[edit | edit source]

The numbers on the map refer to the explanation below.

Recommended requirement: Level 75+
Required level to open instance: Level 85
Recommended: When making a squad, be sure that the level range is no more then 10 levels apart. Example; (80-90), (83-93), (88-98).
Make sure you have 5 Hyper EXP Stone before you enter the instance.

1. Start: You need a squad of two or more people, and a squad leader of level 85 or higher to open. All other squad members must be level 75 or higher, but only the leader needs to be in the instance. Talk to the NPC Lin Yan in beginning of the instance to open the first gate.

You best have a full squad with at least 1 cleric, a tank (barb or strong BM/seeker)and good DDs. If you have a good strong squad, the run takes about 1-2 hours. A squad of mixed of normal and reawakened players will take 30 minutes or less. Many bosses can AoE or produce nasty debuffs. If you are a squishy class caution is advised.

Level 85+: Take the quest at the beginning of the instance from Lin Yan, you can get it every time you enter. You need to finish this quest to get the quest item 'Faithfulness'.

You have to kill the Glacial Shades to open a gate, if you go through all opened doors you will do all in the right order. Bosses open doors too, so there is no skipping bosses in here. Generally people will squad at least one assassin to kill them so they can open some of the doors and skip a few mobs, or so the tank can pull as many mobs as possible to a certain shade, but otherwise all mobs will have to be pulled to the shade and killed to proceed. The DD's in the squad must to contribute to AoE damage dealing at these pulls.

Tips[edit | edit source]

For first timers:
This advice mostly applies to players that have just skipped over everything and rushed to level 80, or have had their BH's done for them and don't know a darn thing. Or perhaps you just don't know what to do at a run in general. Once you pretty much know what your doing in FC, this advice will most likely be useless.

Barbarian: If there is one thing about this instance I've seen way too many times, it's seeing this class die from a pull they are unable to do or don't know how it is done correctly. Half of the pulls done in this instance are magic, therefore, a danger. Elemental ornaments are advised. You will be pulling all the mobs straight up to every shade. When you have stopped combo up these skills fast: Bestial Rage(just before you stop) > Invoke the Spirit > Roar > Sunder (if you know you can spare chi) is a basic combo. For extra protection and AoE aggro, barbarian's will tend to put skills such as Solid Shield and Alpha Male on their genies. Cloud Eruption is also a common genie skill used for extra chi. If you have trouble holding a boss, read up on aggro.

Venomancer: The only thing you will have to worry about is your timing in skills. Noxious Gas is the skill most used on mob pulls. At bosses you will be- Fox Form: Try to time your Amplify Damage with a blademaster's Heaven's Flame or an assassin's spark if there is no BM in the squad. Human Form: Debuff the hell out of a boss. An FC squad also loves a venomancer that constantly passes chi out to players that need it without be asked to.

Cleric: This is also a class I have seen having problems adapting in FC the first time around. At the larger and harder mob pulls you want to use Regeneration Aura aka BB. Smaller pulls that are not so difficult you may use Chromatic Healing Beam for AoE heals. Most clerics will get the skill Wings of Protection to help the tank survive at the harder pulls. A cleric will rarely use BB at any boss in FC since almost all of them have moves or mobs that interrupt such a skill. Wouldn't make sense anyway since half the time you will have to purify a debuff half of them throw out or reviving a squad member.

Archer: They only thing you have to worry about is praying you don't grab aggro when you AoE on the mob pulls. Try not to use Wing Burst until after a blademaster has used Heaven's Flame first.

Blademaster: Mostly your going to be relied upon for your AoE skills. This instance is a place where chi is depleted the most. Try to keep up with the tank and when he stops pulling use Roar of the Pride then Heaven's Flame, which will constantly be used at nearly every big mob pull. Your also going to be dishing out skills like Highland Cleave, Fissure, or Drake Sweep. This is pretty much the stage of the game where you definitely want Cloud Eruption on your genie.

Wizard: A rare sight to see in an FC squad. Mostly you will just be using Dragon's Breath on all the mob pulls since this skill costs the least in sparks. Keep an eye on the mobs though. Like always you will tend to grab aggro. Don't run away from your squad, run to them so they can help you.

Assassin: One thing you must know in FC is how to solo a Glacial Shade. Since each shade has two mobs protecting it, you will have to take damage from three monsters at once. Keep up-to-date on gear and bring HP pots so you won't die easily. At mob pulls you will be using any AoE skills you have, not standing around doing nothing. A common combo to use at most bosses: Rib Strike > Spark > Inner Harmony > Subsea Strike > auto hit. Although don't make this the only combo you end up knowing.

Psychic: Works much like a wizard in FC with one twist. Earth Vector can be used to help out with stunning the mob pulls if a BM is not in the squad. Use White Voodoo instead of Black Voodoo if you can't control your aggro.

Seeker: Try to keep up with the tank and use Yataghan Vortex when he has stopped pulling. If you don't have enough chi to execute, spam your other AoE skills.

Mystic: You will most likely be playing both support and DD in FC. Support: Salvation is mostly used to help the tank survive the mobs. Throw down healing herbs and spam AoE heals at the pulls. Break in the Clouds and Falling Petals for standard healing a tank at bosses. Damage Dealing: Storm Mistress will be out most of the time for AoE damage. If you aren't helping with healing, use Gale Force for AoE damage at pulls.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Thunderclaw[edit | edit source]

This boss summons traps, typically three areas where players are at. Don't stay in the traps, they deal massive damage and can one shot real squishy classes. Move away once one forms around you. The tank should move to the other side of the boss to avoid the traps. A Hercules or a Galactic Walker with Bash and at least level 80 can tank, but be sure to call him back every time a trap forms around him.

Diabolic Shocktrooper[edit | edit source]

First talk to Holan, he will give you a quest. Now there are a few different ways this stage of the instance can be done depending on the build of the squad.

Normal squads (non-reborn): Kill as many Elementos as you can (seriously, kill all if you can). You have 30 seconds to kill each one of them before a new one respawns with a full hp. After 30 seconds the mobs disappear. Now for first timers, here is something you should know about these mobs. Depending on how many Elementos you kill, you get one of three boss versions:

Kill all Elementos: Weakened Diabolic Shocktrooper - Easy

Kill half or most Elementos: Tough Diabolic Shocktrooper - Harder

Kill none or few Elementos: Frenzied Diabolic Shocktrooper - Squad Wipe

After they are gone the boss Diabolic Shocktrooper awakes. He random seals like the genie skill Occult Ice and sleeps. When you have a sealed bubble around you, you will get massive DoT damage. Clerics need to purify and Mystics herbs will just replace the damage lost. After you kill him two Frost Bishops spawn, with foxes around them. These are easy enough to avoid since they spawn a good distance from where the boss was. The Frost Bishops AoE interrupt and do magic damage.

Mixed squads (non-reborn and reborn): Most squads tend to split up for this boss, with one half killing the Elementos and the other half clearing the mobs in the hall to the next boss to save time. The half of the squad clearing the mobs are normally fast enough to make it back in time for the boss to spawn.

Cyclotra Styren[edit | edit source]

Cyclotra Styren is an optional boss and does not need to be killed to complete Frostcovered City.

Level 85+: In a small room the NPC Shiner Nin appears, all talk to her, kill Cyclotra Styren and Glacix Dragoon that spawn and report. The dragon AoE stuns. It respawns a while after it's killed. Cyclotra Styren does an AoE bleed DoT. This quest will give you the quest item 'Faithfulness'.

Dreadindra[edit | edit source]

He calls up Frost Bishops, random aggros and does a purge debuff then. The tank keeps the boss on him, while rest kill Frost Bishops as soon they appear and DD on boss in between. AoE heals are used for this boss. Don't worry to much about the debuff, the bishops are worse.

Asoteric Runewolf[edit | edit source]

Warnings: Do NOT use any skills that interrupt the boss's challenging, you risk a squad wipe!

This boss shouts, keep a close eye on that. When he says SLASH you better be far away, because he does an AoE that 1-shots all. After the slash run back to continue killing. He slows with his attack. A venomancer may use Soul Degeneration so that the boss will not regenerate his HP while the squad is running.

Messenger of Fear[edit | edit source]

Does AoE sleep and AoE damage. The tank holds the boss. Heal tank and AoE heals for squad.

Level 85+: After you killed this boss the NPC Yi Lam appears. Talk to him and he will teleport you near next boss. If you are below level 85 you need to walk.

Oceania Master[edit | edit source]

Warnings: Do NOT use AoE skills.

Stands in a big room filled with mobs. Kill the Harpy flying back and forth in front of the boss before you start. The tank holds the boss. Don't hit the minion that spawns next to the boss, telling you to try hit him. Ignore this minion. If you kill the minion he does a severe AoE killing most people in your squad. Kill any hands that spawn within 5 seconds before they clap or they kill almost everyone. Most players will kill the hands that spawn near them on their own, but putting a player in charge of killing them is also an option.

Note: Do NOT talk to the NPC yet!

After the boss: For the mobs in the room, a tank follows a pattern to avoid the harpies and instead drags all the mobs to the squad. The squad follows the same skill combos used when pulling mobs to a shade.

Level 85+: After you kill this boss the NPC Celestial Sister appears, talk to her after the squad has killed all the mobs in the room. Hit as many of the Frozen Heads you can, they give EXP, and afterwards the NPC gives you a second quest item 'Sincerity'.

Decaying Fragrance[edit | edit source]

This one does the axe debuff like one of the last bosses in FB69. Purify the debuff. The tank holds the boss. AoE stuns.

Asoteric Runephoenix[edit | edit source]

Shoot him, run to lower him so everyone in the squad can hit him. He AoE seals, does damage, and drains life. Just DD, cleric team heals. A venomancer may use Soul Degeneration when Amplify Damage is on cooldown because this boss has a great HP regeneration rate. After the phoenix dies, you need to destroy the remains Blazing Phoenix Soul before it disappears.

After the boss: The last few mobs are the dragons that the FC boss Cyclotra Styren spawns, meaning they will stun. Do the mobs one group at time or use a Vacuity Powder if you want pull them all to the last boss room.

Holeen[edit | edit source]

Lure the Holeen Body and kill it. After he's dead Holeen Champion of Fientazzar spawns. He random aggros, seals, AoEs, and buffs himself at around 30% of his HP. AoE heals are used and the venomancer should Purge the boss as soon as he buffs himself.

Level 85+: Talk to the NPC Frost Elder. For the 'Sincerity' and 'Faithfulness' he'll give you a Chest of Faith containing a random gift: Perfect Stones, Flawless Shards, Scarlet Fruit, Mirage Celestone, Auspicious Ring: Order, Unicorn Spirit Ring: Order, Socket Stones.

Drop List[edit | edit source]

Thunderclaw does not drop items.

Diabolic Shocktrooper[edit | edit source]

Diabolic Shocktrooper has a 1.6% chance to drop a green-named piece of equipment, regardless of which version of the boss you kill.

Name Type Stats Chance
★Unicorn Spirit Ring Physical Ring Physical attack +89, Dexterity +3~4, Vitality +3~4
★Auspicious Ring Magic Ring Magic attack +89, HP +50, Magic +3~4

Cyclotra Styren[edit | edit source]

Cyclotra Styren has a 1.6% chance to drop a green-named piece of equipment.

Name Type Stats Chance
★Galemark Cape Cape Evasion +224, HP +70, Speed +0.1 meters/second 25%
★Decaying Snow Cape Cape Evasion +224, HP Recovery +5, Dexterity +3~4 25%
★Moonshade Cape Cape Evasion +224, Magic +3~4, Vitality +4~5 25%
★Transitional Necklace Necklace Evasion +272, Vitality +4~5 25%

Oceania Master[edit | edit source]

Oceania Master is guaranteed to drop one item. The item has a 98.8% chance of being The Past of Frostcovered City, or it will be a green-named piece of equipment.

Name Type Stats Chance
★Moonshade Robe Arcane Chest Physical Defense +174, Magic Defense +1560, Water Resistance +167, Magic +5~6 0.3%
★Decaying Snow Vest Light Chest Physical Defense +669, Magic Defense +1040, MP Recovery +4, Dexterity +5~6 0.3%
★Galemark Mail Heavy Chest Physical Defense +1560, Magic Defense +670, Water Resistance +167, HP +70 0.3%
★Beholder Sachet Belt Magic Defense +267, Magic +3~4, Physical damage reduction +1% 0.3%

Decaying Fragrance[edit | edit source]

Decaying Fragrance is guaranteed to drop one item. The item has a 98.8% chance of being The Past of Frostcovered City, or it will be a green-named piece of equipment.

Name Type Stats Chance
★Moonshade Pants Arcane Pants Physical Defense +149, Magic Defense +1335, Metal Resistance +167, Magic +5~6 0.3%
★Decaying Snow Shinguards Light Pants Physical Defense +573, Magic Defense +890, HP Recovery +5, Dexterity +5~6 0.3%
★Galemark Shinguards Heavy Pants Physical Defense +1337, Magic Defense +575, Metal Resistance +167, HP +70 0.3%
★Percussion Necklace Necklace Magic Defense +267, Vitality +4~5, Physical damage reduction +1% 0.3%

Dreadindra[edit | edit source]

Dreadindra has a 1.6% chance to drop a green-named piece of equipment.

Name Type Stats Chance
★Moonshade Headwear Helmet MP +335, Magic +3~4, reduce physical damage taken +1% 25%
★Decaying Snow Helmet Helmet HP +120, Dexterity +3~4, MP Recovery +4 25%
★Galemark Helmet Helmet HP +280, Earth Resistance +124, Strength +4~5 25%
★Suprature Amulet Belt Evasion +272, Dexterity +3~4 25%

Messenger of Fear[edit | edit source]

Messenger of Fear has a 1.6% chance to drop a green-named piece of equipment.

Name Type Stats Chance
★Decaying Snow Boots Light Boots Physical Defense +382, Magic Defense +595, Dexterity +4~5, Speed +0.1 m/s 25%
★Moonshade Footwear Arcane Boots Physical Defense +99, Magic Defense +890, Wood Resistance +124, Magic +4~5 25%
★Galemark Graves Heavy Boots Physical Defense +891, Magic Defense +380, Wood Resistance +124, Strength +4~5 25%
★Vibrant Jade Belt Physical Defense +267, Phys. Res. +100, Strength +3~4 25%

Asoteric Runewolf[edit | edit source]

Asoteric Runewolf has a 1.6% chance to drop a green-named piece of equipment.

Name Type Stats Chance
★Moonshade Wrists Arcane Wristguards Physical Defense +75, Magic Defense +670, Magic +4~5, Vitality +3~4 25%
★Decaying Snow Wristguards Light Wristguards Physical Defense +287, Magic Defense +445, Dexterity +4~5, Vitality +3~4 25%
★Galemark Gauntlets Heavy Wristguards Physical Defense +669, Magic Defense +285, Fire Resistance +124, Dexterity +4~5 25%
★Sirenith Necklace Necklace Physical Defense +267, Phys. Res. +100, Vitality +4~5 25%

Asoteric Runephoenix[edit | edit source]

Asoteric Runephoenix does not drop any items, but the Infernobird Soul that appears afterwards does. It is guaranteed to drop one item. The item has a 98.72% chance of being The Past of Frostcovered City, or it will be a gold-named piece of equipment.

Name Type Stats Chance
★Unicorn Spirit Ring: Order Physical Ring Physical Attack +89, Dexterity +4~5, Vitality +4~5, Critical Hit Rate +2% 0.16%
★Auspicious Ring: Order Magic Ring Magic Attack +89, Channelling -6%, HP +70, Magic +4~5 0.16%
★Sirenith Necklace: Order Necklace Physical Defense +267, Physical Attack +24, Phys. Res. +100, Vitality +6~7 0.16%
★Percussion Necklace: Order Necklace Magic Defense +267, Magic Attack +24, Vitality +6~7, Reduce Phys. damage +1% 0.16%
★Transitional Necklace: Order Necklace Evasion +168, Physical Attack +24, Vitality +6~7, Evasion +104 0.16%
★Beholder Sachet: Order Belt Magic Defense +267, Magic +4~5, Critical Hit Rate +1%, Reduce Phys. damage +1% 0.16%
★Suprature Amulet: Order Belt Evasion +168, Dexterity +4~5, Vitality +4~5, Evasion +104 0.16%
★Vibrant Jade: Order Belt Physical Defense +267, Phys. Res +100, Strength +4~5, Vitality +4~5 0.16%

Holeen, Champion of Fientazzar[edit | edit source]

Holeen will drop 2 items, which can either be a Flawless Shard, a green-named weapon, or a gold-named weapon.

Name Type Stats Chance
Flawless Sapphire Shard Shard 23.55%
Flawless Amber Shard Shard 23.55%
Flawless Citrine Shard Shard 23.45%
Flawless Garnet Shard Shard 23.45%
★Fragrance Crossbow Physical Attack 683-1593, Dexterity +10~11, Critical Hit Rate +1% 0.4%
★Gorenox Fists Physical Attack 511-565, Physical Attack +42, Strength +10~11 0.4%
★Blood Ashura Claw Physical Attack 457-618, Dexterity +10~11, Critical Hit Rate +1% 0.4%
★Emerald Pataka Physical Attack 491-600, Magic Attack 593-1102, Magic Attack +42, Reduce Phys. damage +1% 0.4%
★Aquaride Glaive Physical Attack 421-569, Magic Attack 678-569, Magic Attack +42, Magic +10~11 0.4%
★Sensoid Wand Physical Attack 367-448, Magic Attack 839-856, HP +105, Vitality +10~11 0.4%
★Vast Land Bow Physical attack 755-1403, Maximum Physical Attack +78, Dexterity +10~11 0.4%
★Pride of Heaven Pike Physical Attack 606-1010, Physical Attack +42, Strength +8~9 0.4%
★Advancing Truth Poleblade Physical Attack 526-1091, Dexterity +10~11, Critical Hit Rate +1% 0.4%
★Undisputed Dominator Dual Hammers Physical Attack 792-1187, Physical Attack +42, Strength +8~9 0.4%
★Pan Gu's Axe Poleaxe Physical Attack 449-1347, HP +125, Vitality +10~11 0.4%
★Chrono Breaker Blade Physical Attack 504-936, Strength +8~9, Critical Hit Rate +1% 0.4%
★Sacred Comprehension Dual Swords Physical Attack 763-1033, Dexterity +8~9, Critical Hit Rate +1% 0.4%
★Gatherstorm Poleaxe Physical Attack 449-1347, Strength +14~15, Critical Hit Rate +2%, (Addon) 0.24%
★Silverrain Pataka Physical Attack 491-600, Magic Attack 593-1102, Magic Attack +70, Channelling -3%, Magic +14~15 0.24%
★Everfragrance Crossbow Physical Attack 683-1593, Dexterity +14~15, Critical Hit Rate +2%, (Addon) 0.12%
★Ghost Cry Thorn Daggers Physical Attack 480-719, Dexterity +18~19, Dexterity +18~19, (Addon) 0.10%
★Ghost Cry Soulsphere Soulsphere Physical Attack 539-659, Magic Attack 720-974, Channelling -6%, MP +310, Magic +18~19 0.10%

External Links[edit | edit source]

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The video below is a good example of a barbarian that knows what he's doing and takes pulls to the fullest.
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