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This is for all the clerics that want to be the caretaker of your party. They want to heal, buff, and purify parties in Twilight Temple, Call to Duties, Frost City, Lunar, and other instances. Due to lack of Spirit Points at lower levels clerics are usually forced to choose their paths between: Full Support, Attack Support, and Full Attack. After level 80 there is enough SP to learn all other skills.

Skills (by leveling priority)[edit | edit source]

Some skills you MUST level first are the following:

Iron Heart Blessing - some new people look at the first heal you get at level 1, Blessing of the Purehearted (BotP), as the best, but they don't understand that Iron Heart stacks, as in multiple simultaneous heals over time, unlike BotP.

Other Heals: Wellspring Surge, Stream of Rejuvenation, and Chromatic Healing Beam.

Attacks: Plume Shot, Great Cyclone, Wield Thunder, though you should be able to go through low levels just with PS (to save some SP) but GC and WT make things go faster. If you're not planning to AoE grind then don't touch the AoE attacks much.

Buffs: Vanguard Spirit, Magic Shell, Spirit's Gift, and Celestial Guardian's Seal. Last one is very expensive so you may level it slower and get more important things. Usually clerics max VS, MS and SG first, and then bother to max CGS above level 60.

Revive - you need some way to get your party back alive when they die, because no one likes going to town.

Purify - leveling it up decreases cooldown time and increases it range (handy on AoE bosses). If you are not planning to AoE-poison grind then you may leave it at level 1-5 before level 69, then max it till 80.

Regeneration Aura - also known as Blue Bubble (BB), get it ASAP.

Plume Shell - makes shield from your MP and absorbs physical damage (quite often boss/mobs magic is physical-type).

Some Other Skills You Should Consider[edit | edit source]

Debuffs: Elemental Seal, Dimensional Seal. ES is debuff which you will use on bosses all the time at later levels because only some pets (with level 4 or 5 Howl - which is quite rare) have a better ES-equivalent than you; barbs have better DS-equivalent and venos have pretty much same. You shouldn't bother getting any of those spells before level 65-70.

Seals: Chromatic Seal, Silent Seal. In PVE: while 1 vs 1 grinding you may use silence to immobilize mob before you start to attack. Sleep will be situational spell, used to catch incoming mob. Both - must for PVP, though SP-expensive to get before late game.

Heaven's Wrath - cheap and useful enough to get it.

Stats[edit | edit source]

For a Full Support Cleric you should go 4 magic/1 strength in odd levels and 5 magic or 4mag/1vit or 3mag/2vit on even levels. Usually FSCs cap their vit between 5-50, sometimes up to 100-150+ if they plan to be 'cata-clerics' in TWs (catapult squad). Fortunately there is Cash Shop item that allows you to reset your stats when you want, so you don't have to stress too much about this.