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The Beginning[edit | edit source]

The squad, 6 different players, meets at the Spiritual Disciple:

  • Spiritual Disciple World 131 857 (38)
  • Spiritual Disciple World 572 646 (22)
  • Spiritual Disciple World 662 375 (26)

You can go in different squad types. Each squad has 6 members:

  • Rainbow Squad: 1xBarb 1xBM 1xCleric 1xArcher 1xWizard 1xVeno (rewards you an aura from the beginning)
  • Mixed Squad: 1xBarb 2xBM 1xCleric 2xWizard or Archer
  • Mixed Squad: 1xBarb 1xBM 1xCleric 3xWizard or Archer

Get six Rebirth Order Gamma and give them to the squad leader. Normally every squad member provides one. Everyone should get full chi and all the buffs need to be cast so you won't have to do that in the instance. Check your quest slots before you warp in!!! You should have at least one open slot.

When everyone is ready the squad leader starts the quest at the Discipline and you get teleported inside. Do not forget to equip your blessings!!! The squad leader needs to start the quest. So everyone needs to have a quest slot free. The one that is getting the auras set up needs more slots.

For rainbow squads:

If you go with every class you got a rainbow squad and as a reward get some beans for the first aura. For this the BM needs to be squad leader. If you go in such a squad, everyone except the BM run to the NPC a little ways from the point you warp in (aura NPCS). The BM starts the quest and runs to the NPC behind the aura NPCS that appear to get the extra beans.

Now the squad runs back to God's Eye and starts the zhen while the BM gets the first aura (Mana level 1). The veno goes outside and runs to the room where mobs spawn after the first 5 minutes. The BM stays till the 5 minutes are up and leaves then to do the running quest. The other squad members stay and fight wave after wave of mobs (see each class for further information).

Order of Auras:

Ask your squad how they want the auras set up if you are unsure. Here are three possible ways to set up the auras:

1st possible order:

  • Mana 1, Def 1; Health 1; Attack 1; Chi 1; Def 2; Health 2; Def 3; Def 4; Health 4; Def 5; Health 5; Attack 2; Attack 3, Attack 4; Attack 5; Chi 2; Chi 3

2nd possible order:

  • Mana 1; Def 1; Health 1; Attack 1; Chi 1; Attack 2; Attack 3; Attack 4; Attack 5; Def 2; Health 2; Def 3; Health 3; Def 4; Health 4; Def 5; Health 5; Chi 2; Chi 3

3rd possible order:

  • Mana 1; Health 1; Def 1; Attack 1; Chi 1; Mana 2; Attack 2; Health 2; Attack 3; Health 3; Def 2; Def 3; Def 4; Attack 4; Health 4; Attack 5; Health 5; Def 5; Chi 2; Chi 3

The Stages[edit | edit source]

There are 9 stages in total. Each stage has waves of monsters coming at you. One wave consists of about 20 mobs.

Stage 1

  1. Wave 1 (Metal) - Melee - Reinforced Armorfire
  2. Wave 2 (Wood) - Melee - Bloodthirst Plant
  3. Wave 3 (Earth) - Melee - Stoney Dismalness
  4. Wave 4 (Water) - Melee - Advent Snowling
  5. Wave 5 (Fire) - Melee - Godshine Silkworm
  6. Boss: Element Summoner - The Cleric will tank this boss alone. The rest of the squad is digging chests for beans in Happy Valley. The cleric should have an eye on the timer and give the squad members a head-up from time to time about how much time is left and how the health of the boss is.

Stage 2

  1. Wave 1 (Metal) - Reinforced Armorfire, Iron Maidon, Arcane Fetus
  2. Wave 2 (Wood) - Bloodthirst Plant, Dismal Petalix, Buddha's Grasp
  3. Wave 3 (Earth) - Stoney Dismalness, Mud Ape, Stoney Lunatix
  4. Wave 4 (Water) - Advent Snowling, Dust of Diamond, Resident Snowling
  5. Wave 5 (Fire) - Godshine Silkworm, Afterglow Aura, Shriekox Conbustier
  6. Boss: Flashing Thunder - The barb and cleric will duo this boss. The rest of the squad is either killing the lanterns in room one or digging chests in room 2. Again keep an eye on the timer so the squad can be informed when to come back.

Stage 3

  1. Wave 1
  2. Wave 2
  3. Wave 3
  4. Wave 4
  5. Wave 5
  6. Boss: Life Defector - Everyone stays for this boss. Maybe the BM is already back or even the Veno. This boss AoE purges and uses reflect. So beware!

Stage 4

  1. Wave 1
  2. Wave 2
  3. Wave 3
  4. Wave 4
  5. Wave 5
  6. Boss: Earthquaker - This earth boss looks like Drum form TT. He uses an AoE debuff.

Stage 5

  1. Wave 1
  2. Wave 2
  3. Wave 3
  4. Wave 4
  5. Wave 5
  6. Boss: Aqua Source - Water element boss and nothing special to go with him.

Stage 6

  1. Wave 1
  2. Wave 2
  3. Wave 3
  4. Wave 4
  5. Wave 5
  6. Boss: Flame Strength - Fire element boss that comes with 3 Adds. The veno or BM should get the adds and pull them into the AoE of the Archer and Wizard. The boss should be tanked by the barb. It has an immobilize!!!

Stage 7

  1. Wave 1
  2. Wave 2
  3. Wave 3
  4. Wave 4
  5. Wave 5
  6. Boss: Shattered Soul - Has a AoE that likes to go to the archer (high damage) but nothing to worry about. No special debuffs or attacks.

Stage 8

  1. Wave 1
  2. Wave 2
  3. Wave 3
  4. Wave 4
  5. Wave 5
  6. Boss: Broken Mind - Has a mean stun so beware!!! Everyone can get aggro!!!

Stage 9

  1. Boss: Element Lord - Stuns and has a long range physical AoE!!! He one hits arcane classes not in BB!!!

Class Roles[edit | edit source]

Every class in Rebirth has a specific role. For everyone that wishes to do this the following is a must:

  • Have an HP-CHARM!!! Without one it is almost not possible. Especially the Barb has to have one.
  • The archer must have a MP charm. Otherwise you won't be able to hold up your barrage.
  • LA wiz can stand more hits but doesn't kill as fast. An arcane wizard needs over 3k HP. I have seen it done with less but that was a very experienced squad.
  • The BM should consider using Teleport Incense from the Cash shop. The faster your running quest is done the faster you are able to help your squad kill the waves.
  • For Venos it is good to have a herc. Other pets work too but a herc has its advantages.
  • Everyone needs Dew of God Protection in your inventory. Even if you don't use it, it can come in handy. The cleric and wizard should use them before the Double Wave (DW).

When you go inside do not be afraid of dying, using pots and remedies and not the high repair costs that await you!!!

Listen to your squad member when they tell you something. They might just know what they are talking about. I had soooo many squads fail cause one of the squad members wouldn't listen.

Barb[edit | edit source]

I never played a barb in gamma so the info is from what I observed barbs doing and how I taught some barbs. If a barb reads this and got further insight... please add the information.

Important skills:

  • Sunder
  • Slam
  • Roar
  • Surf Impact
  • Frighten
  • Flesh Ream
  • Invoke the Spirit
  • True Form

Genie skills:

  • Alpha Male
  • Reflect
  • Tree of Protection

DO NOT go into a RB gamma uncharmed!!! You need one HP charm or it is a lost cause from the start.

  1. Stand at the mouth of the valley to gather the mobs.
  2. After the first charm tick use invoke, run to the mouth of the valley and come back.
  3. Use Roar, Frighten and Sunder
  4. Run to the archer and maybe even a little beyond, wait 3 secs, run back to the wizard.
  5. Look at the HP of wizard and archer, if they get aggro, use Roar / Alpha Male.

During Double Wave:

  1. Same thing as with other waves.
  2. No need to aggro all mobs.
  3. Maybe skip one aggro skill so invoke wont wear off.
  4. Use Dew of God Protection / Tree of Protection

Blademaster[edit | edit source]

Venomancer[edit | edit source]

Wizard[edit | edit source]

Important skills:

  • Dragon's Breath: get this as high as you can get it
  • Fire Mastery: A nice bonus to your Dragon's Breath AoE skill. More damage is always better
  • Stone Barrier: A must have because it increases your P-Def

Genie Skills:

  • Tree of Protection: It can save you when nothing else can
  • Holy Path: Good for when you leave to gather beans or go for repairs
  • Wind Shield: Reduces incoming damage, increases attack speed and evasion

Before you go in make sure you got a HP charm and maybe even a MP charm. Have pots ready as well and if you got them get event food that heals 2,500 HP. You may need everything at your disposal to survive. Get some Dew of God Protection (for DW) and Golden Jade(instant spark for when you died).

Your main purpose is to hold Dragon's Breath throughout the stages. When you teleport in equip the blessing you get, run a little forward to the NPC you see opposite of God's Eye. When the BM started the quest (got the aura in a rainbow squad) go to God's Eye (white shine at the mouth of the ally). Target the Eye and start your DB. You need to use pots, Tree of Protection and anything else you can think of when you get a lot of aggro so you wont die.

At the first boss you, the archer/wizard and barb leave the cleric alone. You go into Happy Valley (through the blue glowing circle near harpy wraith) to gather beans. Repair your equipment at the forges while you are there. You stay in the first room to open chests. Listen to the cleric and what information he/she gives out about the boss's status. When about 5 minutes are left, almost or all chests are opened now anyways, you head back inside and help kill the boss.

When the boss is dead, the squad meets up at the aura NPCs to rebuff. Is the BM there, drop the beans on the floor so he can pick them up, otherwise hold onto them till he comes in during stage 2 and drop them then.

Stage two is the same as stage one. Target the Eye, start DB and stay alive.

At the second boss, you and the archer/wizard leave. Now you kill the lanterns in room one and pick up the dropped beans. Don't wait too long to pick up the beans, they disappear after a while. The barb and cleric will again tell you about how much time has passed and about the HP of the boss. Again at only 5 minutes left, you and the other player in room 1 need to go back inside and help kill the boss. Don't forget to give your beans to the squad leader (either drop them if there or hold onto them till he/she comes).

After the boss is killed the squad meets to rebuff. After that go to the Eye, set up DB...stay alive.

After every stage you will meet up with your squad members to rebuff, then run back to start the zhen again.

In stage 5 there is the Double Wave (DW). Two waves of mobs come at you at the same time. It is the hardest part for the whole squad in Gamma. Use a Dew of God Protection before going in, as it absorbs 3k damage. Use your Wind Shield or Tree of Protection to stay alive. Do everything you can!!!

When you survived the DW the rest is almost easy. Again wave after wave of mobs, in-between stages a boss...till the last boss Element Lord. He may one-shot you if you are not in the range of the BB. He will eat your HP charm even when you are inside range. Be careful!!! When the cleric is not Blue Bubbleing for the DDs, hit the boss till your charm ticked. Run out of range till the cooldown on the charm is over and hit him again. Rinse and repeat! When you die and are not teleported to 1k, head back inside and start killing the boss again. Now you are done and reap all the rewards!!!

Archer[edit | edit source]

Important skills:

  • Barrage of Arrows (your AoE - get it as high as you can)
  • Sharpened Tooth Arrow

Genie Skills:

  • Tree of Protection: It can save you when nothing else can
  • Holy Path: Good for when you leave to gather beans or go for repairs
  • Wind Shield: Reduces incoming damage, increases attack speed and evasion
  • Tangling Mire: Reduce moving speed and physical defense of mobs

Cleric[edit | edit source]

Important skills:

  • Regeneration Aura (Blue Bubble)
  • Greater Protective Aura (level 10 buff)
  • Aegis Spirit (level 10 buff)
  • Exalted Renewal (level 10 buff)
  • Arcane Empowerment (level 10 buff)
  • Ironheart Blessing
  • Plume Shot

Genie Skills:

  • Tree of Protection: It can save you when nothing else can
  • Holy Path: Good for when you leave to gather beans or go for repairs
  • Wind Shield: Reduces incoming damage, increases attack speed and evasion

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Spirit Points

A complete Run gives 1,476,068 exp and 304,773 SP. Further rewards are Tome Fragments and Mirage Stones. After killing the "shroom", that appears after each finished stage, you get coins, pink pots, and the chance to get immaculate shards.

After the 8th and 9th boss is killed you get a chest of coins. This chest can be opened by a Perfect Iron Hammer, which can be purchased in the cash shop for 5 Gold. The chest contains 1,000,000 coins, so it is unlikely it will be worth it to open, since that's usually worth less than the 5 gold spent buying the Hammer. Instead it's better to opt selling it to an NPC and get the 500 DQ reward points.

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