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Venomancers are able to use pets, which have a variety of utilities from tanking to luring monsters to debuffing targets. Pets come with different strengths and weaknesses and an assortment of skills that can be taught, forgotten or leveled.

Pet Basics[edit | edit source]

How to get your first pet and pet related skills[edit | edit source]

Video guide of how to acquire your first pet.

Pet Basics[edit | edit source]

Video guide of controlling pets, hatching pets, learning pet skills, luring with pets and evolving pets.

Venomancer Luring[edit | edit source]

Main article: Venomancer Luring

Venomancers can use pets to lure a single monster out of a group of monsters.

Venomancer's Pet Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon indicating a monster is tame-able.

Tame Pet

The Tame skill is used to capture monsters as pets. Weaken the monster to low HP and perform the Tame spell. The lower the monster's HP, the higher the probability the Tame will be successful. Every 10 levels this spell can be upgraded to improve the chance of a successful tame by 5%. Tame-able monsters will have an icon next to their name. Green means the monster is easy to tame. Yellow means the monster is harder to tame. Red means your Venomancer's level is too low to tame the monster.

Heal Pet

During battle a pet might receive damage from an enemy and therefore will need healing if the HP drops too low. It is important the pet does not die, as upon each death the loyalty of the pet drops by 20%. The Heal Pet skill can be upgraded every 10 levels in order to increase the amount of HP healed and reduce the channeling and cooldown.

Revive Pet

In the instance that the pet does die, it must be resurrected before it can be called back to battle again. The Revive Pet skill will bring the pet back to life and enable to the pet to be called onto the battlefield. This skill can be upgraded every 10 levels to reduce the Mana cost. To revive multiple pets, the Venomancer will have to use Revive Pet multiple times.

Raising Pets - Loyalty[edit | edit source]

Pet Bag icon.

Pet bag can be accessed by pressing the P key or through the Pet Bag icon.

Once a pet is hatched and summoned, it must be fed in order to prevent the pet's loyalty from dropping, and to ensure that the loyalty increases. Different pets eat different families of food, while specific kinds of food within those families will raise the pet's loyalty by greater or lesser amounts. The families are: Meat, Water, Hay, Fruit, and Greens. Basic pet food can be bought from the Pet Manager. One can be found in every big city. Additionally, you can make Perfect Cookies using Tokens of Luck. Perfect Cookies can be fed to every pet (with the exception of the evolved Windwalking Piggy) and raise their Loyalty by 200 points.

Pet Loyalty indicator.

Buying and equipping a Mystical Tome will keep your pet fed forever. Then you won't need to feed your pet anymore. To find out how loyal your pet is, hover over its icon in your pet window.

There are 4 tiers of loyalty for your pet:

Name Loyalty Dmg EXP
Savage 0 - 50 60% 10%
Wild 51 - 150 80% 50%
Tame 151 - 500 100% 100%
Loyal 501+ 120% 150%

To visually indicate your pet's hunger level, the icon in your Pet Window will be shaded a different color.

Icon Description Food Loyalty Mod Unfed Loss
Normal Full 100% 0
Normal Satisfied 100% 1
Green Peckish 95% 5
Yellow Hungry 80% 15
Red Starving 60% 50

Buying and Upgrading Pet Skills[edit | edit source]

See also: Pet Skills

Pets, when tamed, come with a set of skills. Four is the maximum number of skills one pet can have pre-evolution. Obviously, not all skills the pets come with suit everyone's playing style and sometimes adding new skills or deleting old ones to add new ones is essential for the performance of the pet.

Pet skills can be brought from two NPCs located in Archosaur, Mrs Zoologist (587 620) and Mr Zoologist (586 649). The latter is underwater and is commonly used to teach water pets skills, because water pets can only be summoned underwater. Prices of the pet skills are between 150,000 coins to 1,250,000 coins depending on the skill. Pet skills can also be bought in the Auction House, sold by other players.

Pet skills can be upgraded every 20 levels and there are 5 levels in total, with the exception of few specific skills. Therefore, the core levels for upgrading pet skills are level 1, 20, 40, 60 and 80. In order to upgrade a pet's skill a Tame Book is required. A Tame Book can be bought at any Zoologist for 200,000 coins. There are pets who appear to have skills that normally their level range wouldn't allow them to have. Such a pet is the Lunar Wolf that comes with Howl level 5 despite being below level 80. If one wishes to remove an existing skill from a pet, a Forget Scroll is required. A Forget Scroll can be bought at any Zoologist for 100,000 coins.

Pet Skill scrolls that can be bought at Zoologists are the following:

  • Bash: Launch a fierce strike at the enemy, dealing 200% of Pet's base physical damage.
  • Flesh Ream: Bite an enemy, inflicting base damage plus 200% of Pet's base damage over 9 seconds.
  • Fireball: Hurl a fireball at the enemy, inflicting Fire damage equal to 200% of Pet's base physical damage.
  • Icicle: Throw an icicle at the enemy, inflicting Water damage equal to 200% of Pet's base physical damage.
  • Toxic Mist: Cast a fog of toxin on the enemy, inflicting Wood damage equal to 200% of Pet's base physical damage.
  • Thunderbolt: Launch a thunderbolt at the enemy, inflicting Metal damage equal to 200% of Pet's base physical damage.
  • Sandblow: Cast a blow of sand to the enemy, inflicting Earth damage equal to 200% of Pet's base physical damage.
  • Roar: Roar to attract enemy's attacks.
  • Howl: Scare the enemy with a howl, decreasing enemy's Magic Defense by 36% for 15 secs.
  • Pierce: Attack enemy and decrease enemy's Physical Defense by 36% for 15 secs.
  • Threaten: Threaten enemy to decrease enemy's Physical Attack by 36% for 15 secs.
  • Shriek: Shriek at an enemy to have a 100% chance to interrupt channeling.
  • Slow: Decrease enemy speed by 50% for 6 secs.
  • Tough: Reduce damage taken by 50% for 15 secs.
  • Boost: Recover 12% of Maximum HP.
  • Pounce: Have a 80% chance to stun enemy for 3 secs. Increase attack rate by 25% for 15 secs if enemy is stunned.
  • Bloodthirst: Drain enemy life equal to 25% of Pet's Maximum HP, restoring Pet's life.
  • Bloodhunger: Absorb enemy's life equal to half of Pet's missing HP, restoring Pet's life. (Bloodthirst required)
  • Consume: Drain mana from the enemy equal to 25% of Pet's Maximum HP, restoring Pet's life.
  • Devour: Absorb enemy's mana equal to half of Pet's missing HP, restoring Pet's life. (Consume required)
  • Sacrifice: Lose 75% of current HP to inflict 400% of Pet's base physical damage to an enemy.
  • Penetrate: A fierce attack which inflicts 800 damage, neglecting target's defense.v
  • Reflect: Reflect 70% of melee damage taken for 1 hour.
  • Claw: Increase Pet's base physical damage by 30% for 1 hour.
  • Protect: Increase Pet's Magic Defense by 150% for 1 hour.
  • Strong: Increase Pet's Physical Defense by 150% for 1 hour, but reduces Evasion to 0.
  • Blessing of the Pack: Increase Pet's Maximum HP by 30% for 1 hour.

A better version of some those pet skills can be bought from the Faction Base at the Faction Merchant for 2,000,000 coins each. These can only be taught to pets level 80 or above.

  • Pet Vitality Scroll: Increase Pet's Maximum HP by 35% for 1 hour.
  • Pet Reflection Scroll: Reflect 80% of melee damage taken for 1 hour.
  • Pet Aggressiveness Scroll:Increase Pet's base physical damage by 30% for 1 hour.
  • Pet Protection Scroll: Increase Pet's Magic Defense by 180% for 1 hour.
  • Pet Fortitude Scroll: Increases Physical Defense by 180% for 1 hour.

Pet Stats[edit | edit source]

Stat Description
HP Hitpoints Current/Maximum. When your pet reaches 0 HP it dies and loses 10% of its Loyalty.
Loyalty Provides bonuses and penalties to your pet's Physical Attack and EXP gains.
EXP Experience Points Current/Maximum. When your pet's EXP reaches its Maximum it will gain a level if your level is greater than its current level; otherwise it will stop earning EXP until you advance a level. Your pet will only advance its level when it is active for an EXP-giving kill. Pet's base EXP gain is 10-(PetLevel-TargetLevel) with a maximum of 15 and minimum of 0.
Physical Attack or Attack This is the amount of damage (before mitigation) done with the pet's auto attack. The value displayed in the Battle Pet Window reflects modification by Loyalty and therefore does not reflect the Base Physical Attack unless there is no Loyalty bonus.
Physical Defense or Physical Resist This is the value used to determine the pet's mitigation of Physical attacks. The %age mitigated depends on the levels of both the pet and its attacker.
Magical Defense or Magic(al) Resist This is the value used to determine the pet's mitigation of Magic attacks (Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, Wood). The %age mitigated depends on the levels of both the pet and its attacker.
Damage or Accuracy This is the value used to determine whether or not your pet hits with its auto attack.
Evade or Dodge This is the value used to determine whether or not an opponent misses with its auto attack.
Movement Speed The speed at which the pet moves.

Growth Tiers[edit | edit source]

Growth Tiers are represented visually on your pet's Growth Chart. This can be misleading, however, because the charts aren't symmetrical and only the first 7 levels are readily distinguishable. In addition, some tiers look very similar for some stats, while for others they are easily distinguished without close examination.

Each stat appears to have 10 tiers of growth rate:

Tier HP Def Evade Accuracy Regen Move Attack
1 22.50 60.00 10.00 15.00 (?) (?) (?)
2 25.00 66.67 11.11 16.67 (?) (?) (?)
3 27.50 73.33 12.22 18.33 (?) (?) (?)
4 30.00 80.00 13.33 20.00 (?) (?) (?)
5 32.50 86.67 14.44 21.67 (?) (?) (?)
6 35.00 93.33 15.56 23.33 (?) (?) (?)
7 37.50 100.00 16.67 25.00 (?) (?) (?)
8 40.00 106.67 17.78 26.66 (?) (?) (?)
9 42.50 113.33 18.89 28.33 (?) (?) (?)
10 45.00 120.00 20.00 30.00 (?) (?) (?)

Some of the values have been interpolated. Movement increases every x levels, where x is NOT linear, however x gets larger and smaller in some cases (likely caused by rounding). Data on regeneration are too sparse at the moment to make any conclusions. The change in attack scores each level is not linear but quadratic.

Types of Pets[edit | edit source]

Pets come in different forms and shapes. They also have different abilities. It's important to use the right pet for the right job. Use List of Pets to find pet names, levels and locations.

Physical Tanking[edit | edit source]

If you plan on doing a lot of air-based tanking, the best free pet is the Windwalking Piggy. The Blazing Phoenix, the Monkey King, the Battle Corgi or the Battlebot pet are the better choices if you can afford any of them. The Harpy is somewhat weaker than the Windwalking Piggy, but will have a much higher damage output.

On the ground, Crystalline Magmites and Glacial Walkers have very good physical defense and attack growth making them the best free tank pets. Magic defense is, however, quite weak so they might face some trouble with magic bosses. The Shaodu Cub and the Armored Bear are quite good at tanking as well if you like their design more. The Hercules is the ultimate tank pet, but it's a Legendary Pet. Another decent physical tanking pet is the Corgi.

Underwater, Turtles make the best pets for a physical tanking job until the Plumpfish at level 80 or the evolved Hercules (Celestial Giant) at level 100. Other Legendary Pets are decent, too. However, there aren't really that many underwater quests so you could also tame any at-level water pets and discard them later.

Magic Tanking[edit | edit source]

For the air, the Waspkin group does the best as free pets, but the Windwalking Piggy is also decent enough if you already have one for physical tanking. The Blazing Phoenix, the Hercules, and the Harpy are also good, but the Corgi and the Battlebot have the edge in terms of Legendary Pets for magic tanking.

The Frogling has the best magic defense on the ground and it can evolve. It's still worth mentioning the Hercules since its buffs will enable it to tank magic well, despite having lower magic defense in base stats. Otherwise the other options are the Harpy, with the Corgi and the Battlebot having the edge.

Frost Undines have the best magic defense underwater. However, there aren't really that many underwater quests so you could also tame any at-level water pets and discard them later. Otherwise, the aforementioned Legendary Pets are an excellent choice.

Note that the majority of monsters and bosses that deal magic damage at range will resort to using physical attacks at melee range therefore magic tanking isn't really so important or necessary. Players usually pick a good physical tank pet and stick with that.

Ranged Tanking[edit | edit source]

There are pets that are able to deal ranged damage which makes them ideal for pulling/luring and range tanking, among other things. Monsters and bosses will sometimes deal less damage at range, and in some situations ranged tanking allows you to heal the pet from a safe distance avoiding boss AOE damage.

Popular free pets for ranged tanking are the Eldergoth Marksman and/or the Eldergoth Sharpshooter. Any kind of Cacti pets are also ranged, but they are usually used as pulling/luring pets than actual tanks due to their lower stats. Higher level Cacti pets Celestial Sting and Ethereal Inamorato are able to evolve at level 100.

Keep in mind that the aforementioned pets only use range when they are auto-attacking so you have to make sure their skills are turned off. If you let them use a skill attack, they'll run into melee range. These pets are available for ground combat only.

The Legendary Pets Harpy and Battlebot are able to deal ranged damage with both auto-attacks and skill attacks and have the advantage of being all-environment pets from level 1.

Damage Dealing[edit | edit source]

The Petite Sawfly is the best free air pet and it can also evolve at level 100, but it's not available at lower levels. The Cloud Skatefish is a good option during the low levels, but as it can't evolve you won't want to keep it for the endgame. The Monkey King and the other legendary pets provide good damage, but the Harpy and the Battlebot are superior.

The Crystalline Magmite and the Glacial Walker have a good offensive growth and you may already be using one of these as tanks. The Scorpions have great damage, but only a select few of them can evolve at level 100 so most players simply choose the Varicose Scorpion. One of the most popular choices is the Dark Wanderer pet which can evolve and has decent physical defense, too. At level 101 the Derjan's Ancient Hatchling is available. It can evolve and it's considered the best non-legendary damage dealing pet. The evolved Legendary Pets, the Monkey King, and the Corgi are great damage dealing pets, but the Harpy and the Battlebot are superior once they evolve and take advantage of their full skill set.

There's no winner in the water as far as free pets are concerned.

Luring/Pulling[edit | edit source]

In the air, everything's about the same as far as movement goes, so don't take up another pet bag slot with a puller. Merfolk are the fastest swimmers and make decent pullers, but again, not usually worth the pet bag slot just for pulling.

On land, ranged Eldergoth and Cacti pets make decent pullers. Minkiis have reasonably good movement speed and make a decent alternative to a ranged puller. The Kowlin would be a good idea once you hit level 60 if this is your preferred type of puller. The Ninetail Firefox, the Tabby Plumpdrop, the Cuddly Pup and the variety of Petalii pets are also decent choices.

The Harpy and the Battlebot are the superior luring pets for being both ranged and all-environment pets from level 1. Of course, investing into a Legendary Pet just for pulling isn't a smart choice. Any ranged or fast pet will do the job.

This generally applied to players in the lower levels during the time when leveling was a slow process. Nowadays a dedicated pulling pet is not needed and any pet will work just fine.

Debuffer/Support[edit | edit source]

Any pet can work as a Debuffer/Support so long as it has the required skills. In general, Legendary Pets cannot take up this job due to having their own specific skill sets. You can tame a free pet with decent stats and equip it with support skills.

Situations requiring debuffs will generally be in instances or on the ground so don't fill your pet bag slots with air/water utility pets. Debuff/Support pet skills include Howl, Pierce, Shriek, Threaten and Pounce. All of them can be obtained at the Zoologist NPCs in Archosaur.

PvP[edit | edit source]

The Monkey King is currently the best PvP pet but the Blazing Phoenix and the Hercules are also good options if you already have one of those. Note that a PvP pet will need buff skills like Protect and/or Strong to increase its survival in PvP.

Rare Pets[edit | edit source]

Main article: Rare Pets

Rare pets aren't necessarily better than regular pets, but they are often cuter and have a more attractive design.


It can be used as a magic tank because of its high magic defense. It's level 9 and spawns every 12 hours at 245 571, 239 549 and 196 513.

Snow Hare

It can be used as a magic tank because of its high magic defense. It's level 20 and spawns every hour at 469 921, and every 12 hours at 95 810.

Tabby Plumdrop 

The Tabby Plumdrop is a debuffing type of pet. It comes with a physical and magical debuff. This cute little cat has a good balance between the damage dealt, HP, defense, and speed. It's level 20 and spawns every 12 hours at 362 690 and 397 619.

Shaodu Cub

With a lot of HP and defense, this polar bear cub is made for tanking. It also comes with Pounce, a legendary pet skill that stuns the target and increases the pet's attack rate. It's level 20 and spawns every 12 hours at 200 452 and 288 458.

Windwalking Piggy

With high HP and defense, this pet is also made for tanking, but specifically for air combat. It can work on ground too, but not in instances. It's level 30 and spawns every 12 hours at 403 643 (approximately 38 altitude).

Cuddly Pup

The pup can be used as a puller because of it's speed, as a DDer because of it's high attack and as a debuffer, since he has Slow (reduces speed) and Threaten (reduces physical attack) as skills. It's level 40 and spawns every 12 hours at 299 764.


This panther is made for pulling, DDing and debuffing because it comes with a nice set of default skills. Even though it has low HP and defense, which makes it die quickly, it's speed saves it when pulling. It's level 60 and spawns every 12 hours at 462 427.

Armored Bear

With a lot of HP and defense, this polar bear cub is made for tanking. It also comes with Pounce, a legendary pet skill that stuns the target and increases the pet's attack rate. It's level 80 and spawns every 12 hours at 628 624.

Derjan's Ancient Hatchling

This rare pet's attack and attack rate (1 APS, highest land dps pet) are its strong points, making it a great DD (possibly the best one, excluding Legendary Pets). It's level 101.

This pet is bound upon taming. Unlike other rare pets, its spawn time is random between 24-48 hours so it's harder to tame. It spawns at one of the following coordinates inside Morai: 362 544, 346 528, 354 538.

Legendary Pets[edit | edit source]

Main article: Legendary Pets

Legendary Pets are pets that can be bought from the Boutique or other players who sell them. They are costly and because of that they have certain advantages over free pets.

They are commonly called cash shop pets, CS pets or just Legendary Pets. They are usually the final goal of Venomancers as far as pets are concerned. Legendary Pets are not necessary to play the game, especially in PvE, but they do grant the player advantages and abilities that surpass free pets in certain situations.

How to obtain a Legendary Pet[edit | edit source]

In order to obtain a Legendary Pet you have to buy certain items from the Boutique and exchange them for the pet ticket at Ms. Zoologist in Archosaur or the PW Market Agent. The items and tickets are trade-able, but once the ticket has been opened the pet is bound to the account (it can be account stashed).

The requirements are the following:

  • Baby Hercules - 9999 Source of Force
  • Baby Blazing Phoenix - 9999 Phoenix Feather
  • Monkey King - 10000 Soul Root
  • Harpy - 10000 Harpy Plume
  • Battle Corgi - 9999 Mysterious Bone
  • Battlebot - 9999 Energy Core

All items are available in the Boutique or from players in-game. The Source of Force & Phoenix Feather are also available in the Battle Pet Packs. The Baby Hercules and Baby Blazing Phoenix tickets can also be obtained through Perfect Chests chance packs from the Boutique. All legendary pets start at level 1. Harpy, Monkey, Corgi and Battlebot are all-environment pets since level 1. The Phoenix is an air pet until level 100. The Hercules is a ground pet until level 100.

How to save money for a legendary pet[edit | edit source]

If you can't or don't want to spend real life money and charge gold for the pets, here are some tips for saving money.

You should also ask other players for more up-to-date information.

What Legendary Pet should I choose?[edit | edit source]

The answer is...all of them! Well, maybe not really all of them unless you can afford that. Different Legendary Pets offer different things so you should choose the one(s) to serve your needs.

A quick summary of the each legendary pet:

Celestial Giant (Baby Hercules)

The ultimate tanking pet. It enables you to tank several at-level bosses and gives you the ability to solo your own dungeons, with some exceptions.

Heliacal Phoenix (Baby Blazing Phoenix)

The "jack of all trades, master of none" pet. It's a good DD pet, but not the best. It has a role in PvP, but the Monkey is better. It can tank fairly well, but there are better choices.

Empyrean Harpy (Harpy)

A PvE pet equipped with ranged attacks (physical, magical, auto-attack) some of which are AOE and/or can be spammed. She also has a monster-only AOE stun. She's good for pulling, has great DD/DPS, she's made for AOEs & grinding and is suitable for ranged tanking.

Avatar of War (Monkey King)

A PvP oriented pet with multiple stunlocking skills. It has single target freeze, single target stun and ranged AOE player-only stun. It's currently the best PvP pet.

Battle Corgi

A PvE "jack of all trades, master of none" pet that has superior stats and more utility compared to the Phoenix. It can excel in certain situations depending on how you build it.


A PvE ranged physical DD pet with superior base and inherit stats compared to the Harpy, but lacks magic damage and spam-able AOE damage. It's good for pulling, suitable for ranged tanking and is a great DD pet.​​

Using Pets in PvE and PvP[edit | edit source]

PvE[edit | edit source]

In PvE you'll find yourself using different pets for different situations. First and foremost you'll have to get accustomed to using the pet commands to learn how to fully control your pet.

You'll most likely want to keep your pet on manual so that it won't attack unwanted targets. When a pet is on "auto" it will automatically attack monsters when they AOE even if you didn't attack with your Venomancer. By having the pet on manual you can avoid such accidents. During the lower levels you'll probably rely on tank pets more because you'll probably solo a lot, unless you start out with friends or make friends and play together early on. You should also learn how to pull/lure monsters (read 1. Pet Basics). Although nowadays players do get a lot of useful things like free charms or free strong gear making things a lot easier, it's still a good idea to keep a leveled tanky pet around. If you want to play safe and let the pet take all the damage for you, you'll have to hold back with your damage to allow the pet to keep aggro. The trick is to allow the pet to hit a few times before you start attacking too.

During higher levels you'll probably start using DD/debuff pets more, especially once you start running instances with squads on a regular basis. However, you might still end up being the tank of the squad and have to use your loyal tank pet if everyone else is too squishy. Roar would be a good skill to have on your tank pet so that it can quickly reset and grab aggro onto itself. You might also need to tell your squad to hold back with their attacks. If it's a Baby Hercules pet, the Bramble will help with the aggro but it won't have any way to quickly grab aggro back if it loses it. One could replace Pounce with Roar, but I wouldn't suggest than since at level 100 it gets stronger aggro skills and then you'll probably miss not having Pounce.

In endgame instances, most pets will be needed as DD/debuff/support pets. It is rare that pets will tank. The evolved Baby Hercules will be a great tank pet and can be useful in many situations, but you'll usually have a proper tank in your squad already or your gear might be so good that you're better off tanking yourself. This means you'll usually use your DD pets. Pets in squads Pets will often be used for pulling monsters and/or bosses. Other times they might have to tank for the squads. In general they can be a decent DD addition to the squad especially on level [?] on which pets deal full damage as opposed to players. During early levels the pet debuffs Howl/Pierce will be stronger than that of players like Clerics, Barbarians, Venomancers etc. but at higher levels (around 90+) you'll have to start paying attention not to accidentally overwrite the classes' powerful debuffs with the pet's. Other useful skills to have is Threaten to lower the bosses' physical attack to help the tank out, or Shriek that interrupts attacks (100% at max level, level 80).

If you are in a squad where the tank dies and there is no other person capable of tanking, you, as a Venomancer, have to take action. If your pet is able to tank the boss, simply grab aggro and keep healing your pet until your tank is alive again. If your pet, however, is unable to tank the particular boss you can call your pet back after making sure aggro is on the pet (pet should be set on Manual in order for this to work). Keep running around and have your pet follow you and the boss chase after the pet. This way, the pet will rarely get hit and will be able to survive long enough, until your tank is ready again. Pets are generally useful for tanking adds spawned by bosses, escorting players and other miscellaneous jobs. You might discover a variety of ways of using your pet; just experiment.

Auto-cultivation (botting) with pets[edit | edit source]

Suitable pets for botting are either pets with good DD power to help you kill monsters faster or tank pets that require less healing and have a lower risk of dying. You will need to set Heal Pet on the Assisting slot. How often you need to use it will be determined by how often your pet will need heals. I suggest setting up your bot and observe it to see how often and how much damage your pet takes. The two basic ways to go about with botting is to:

  • Set your pet on auto so that it attacks whenever you attack or gets attacked
  • Set your pet on defend so that it attacks monsters that attack your Venomancer.

The first option will generally help you kill faster since the pet will always be attacking. The second option will be safer for your Venomancer as the pet is going to attack and aggro extra monsters that might attack you.

PvP[edit | edit source]

In PvP most pets aren't strong enough to survive so you'll probably either get a Baby Blazing Phoenix or a Monkey King. You'll want to get a good defensive inherit roll and a good mood. Secondly, you'll want to teach your pet some buffs like Strong and/or Protect, especially if you're more serious about PvP and want to make the most out of your PvP pet.

The pet will be used mainly for stunning, though Shriek on a Phoenix can be handy because it interrupts. You can send your pet to stun an enemy while you run up to them to Purge/debuff. The Monkey has better stunlock abilities than the Phoenix so you can also use it to chain stuns and allow you to use some good attack or debuff combos.

If you are Demon, you might actually consider going for a more offensive approach with the pet and keep Flesh Ream to combine it with Demon Ironwood's proc (especially when Arcane Antinomy is on cooldown). This might work out quite well though my personal advice would be to build your PvP pet for defense/support.

Venomancer Pet Evolution[edit | edit source]

Venomancer Builds and Pet Choices[edit | edit source]

This is for PvE only. In PvP, the Monkey is the best choice.

Arcane Armor Builds[edit | edit source]

If you start out with an AA build, your priority will be to have a decent tanking pet. Your physical defense will be low. Even if your magic defense is fine, the low HP will not help your case. You will surely want to have a pet that can work as your meat shield. Even if you follow a Vit AA build and/or start out with Dreamchaser pack gear, which is really strong, you will still want to have a trusted tank pet by your side.

As you progress through the levels you will get stronger and you'll have to start picking a DD pet. If you've already picked one, you might want to level it up if it has fallen behind in levels. At later levels, your playstyle and how often you squad or solo will determine what pets you use, but I would advice to keep a tank pet around - just in case!

At endgame you'll probably rely on your squad more than your pet so you'll most likely use your DD/support pet(s) more than a tank pet, unless your tank pet is also your DD pet.

If you decide to get R9rr you'll eventually become stronger than your pet when it comes to tanking, but if you've taken your loyal tank pet all the way up to level 100 you might as well evolve it and keep it around, even more so if it's a Baby Hercules.

If you decide to follow a full Vit. AA build, probably for PvP, you will benefit from a good DD pet during PvE activities since your damage will be low. Your Vit. will also give your pets more HP so your DD pet should be tankier than normal. In addition to that, pet attack Inherit is only affected by gear and weapon, not by your base magic attack.

Keep in mind refines, shards and ornaments play a significant role. Being a Vit. build will not automatically make you tanky if your refines are low and your ornaments aren't good; you might still need to use a tank pet.

Light Armor Builds[edit | edit source]

As an LA build your HP and defenses will be more balanced, and you'll have decent attack despite having to sacrifice some magic points. Despite this, you will still need a tank pet to have around, but you might find yourself using a DD pet more often than an AA build.

There isn't much to say about LA builds as they are similar to AA builds when it comes to pet choices for the most part. Play styles may vary among different players though. Some might prefer tank pets and some might prefer DD pets.

At endgame people often switch to HA or to AA for R9rr. In both cases you won't need a tank pet as much, but if you still have yours, you could keep in case it's ever needed.

Keep in mind refines, shards and ornaments play a significant role. Being an LA build will not automatically make you tanky if your refines are low and your ornaments aren't good; you might still need to use a tank pet.

Heavy Armor Builds[edit | edit source]

Players usually don't start with a HA build. They re-stat to it later after level 80+ or at level 100. If you're that type of person then read about AA or LA builds' pets depending on what you choose.

If you're planning to start with a HA build then you may want to consider a magic tank pet to compensate for your low magical defenses. Apart from that you will definitely benefit from a good DD pet as you're going to have low magic attack. If you like playing in Fox Form a lot, your Str. will boost your physical attack and fox attacks. You could teach your pet Pierce so that you won't have to switch to Human Form for Ironwood's physical debuff.

A physical tank pet won't be as necessary, but I would still advise getting one because they can be handy. As you progress through the game and get better elemental ornaments, you might eventually stop needing a magic tank. Whether you'll want to keep it around, it is up to you.

At endgame you'll probably stick to a DD/support pet most of the time so invest in a good a DD pet!

Keep in mind refines, shards and ornaments play a significant role. Being an HA build will not automatically make you tanky if your refines are low and your ornaments aren't good; you might still need to use a tank pet.

Leveling Pets[edit | edit source]

At the beginning your pets won't have much trouble keeping up with you in levels, but soon they'll start falling behind and you'll have to take care of them or maybe you're a high level Venomancer that just tamed a low level pet or recently acquired a Legendary Pet that needs lots of leveling... so what can you do?

Some things to keep in mind about pet leveling:

  • Loyalty affects the EXP the pet gains so make sure your pet's loyalty is high.
  • The max EXP a pet can get per monster kill is 15.
  • The monster/boss has to be higher level than the pet otherwise the pet won't gain EXP.
  • Pets get full EXP (15) from killing [?] monsters/bosses.
  • Your pet or your Venomancer has to have the first hit otherwise your pet won't gain EXP. If you're in a squad and other people hit monsters first, your pet won't gain EXP.

Pet Experience Chart[edit | edit source]

Pet Level EXP to Next Level
1 50
2 60
3 70
4 80
5 90
6 100
7 110
8 120
9 130
10 140
11 155
12 170
13 185
14 200
15 215
16 230
17 245
18 260
19 275
20 290
21 305
22 320
23 335
24 350
25 365
26 380
27 395
28 410
29 425
30 465
31 500
32 550
33 600
34 650
35 700
Pet Level Exp to Next Level
36 750
37 800
38 850
39 900
40 950
41 1,000
42 1,050
43 1,100
44 1,150
45 1,200
46 1,250
47 1,300
48 1,350
49 1,400
50 1,450
51 1,500
52 1,550
53 1,600
54 1,650
55 1,700
56 1,750
57 1,800
58 1,850
59 1,900
60 1,950
61 2,000
62 2,050
63 2,100
64 2,150
65 2,200
66 2,250
67 2,300
68 2,350
69 2,400
70 2,450
Pet Level EXP to Next Level
71 2,500
72 2,550
73 2,600
74 2,650
75 2,700
76 2,750
77 2,800
78 2,850
79 2,900
80 2,950
81 3,000
82 3,050
83 3,100
84 3,150
85 3,200
86 3,250
87 3,300
88 3,350
89 3,400
90 3,450
91 3,500
92 3,550
93 3,600
94 3,650
95 3,700
96 3,750
97 3,800
98 3,850
99 3,900
100 100,000
101 500,000
102 2,500,000
103 10,000,000
104 50,000,000

Pet Leveling Areas[edit | edit source]

Cube Room 4 "Mice Bashing"

Getting to Room 4 step-by-step guide.

The most popular place for leveling land pets. It's available for level 40+. The link above should provide you with everything you need to know. No air or water pets can enter Cube.

Staunch Worms

These little creatures are great for leveling air pets. They are elemental immune.


If you're planning to bot, you should use a pet so it gets EXP. Botting can be used anywhere.


Snowmen only appear during Christmas events and are a nice way to level your pet up while picking some chi stones for your Genie. Snowmen are level [?] and elemental immune.

Lycaeum's Feral Soul Stars

You can run the Lycaeum of Cultivation and get Feral Soul Stars. You can feed those to your pets to level them up. Make sure the pet is summoned otherwise it won't work. More details in the 8. Venomancer Pet Evolution.​​