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A Genie as it appears when equipped.

Genies are an equippable non-corporeal entity that assists the player in battle with their own sets of skills. They can grant temporary buffs to the player, and debuff or damage their enemies. They can be upgraded to enhance their ability to cast skills and have their own type of equipment. Genies can be used by players starting at level 1.

Acquiring a Genie[edit | edit source]

Characters can get their first Genie from the Watcher of the Earth in Heroes' Terrace in the Celestial Vale. The Genie they receive will be random out of the four types available. Players can also manufacture a Genie of their choice from any Watcher of the Earth in exchange for 3 Mirage Celestones. Genies can also be acquired through trading with other players, however the Genie must first be in Trade Ready mode.

Types of Genies[edit | edit source]

There are four different types of Genies, each with their own appearance, starting skill, and starting stats. Each type of Genie is also associated with a season. The first Genie a character receives as a quest from the Watcher of the Earth will be random, but the player can later craft any Genie of their choice.

Name Affinity Starting Skill Starting Stats
Infliction Strength Venom Stinger 15 5 3 5
Zeal Magic Earthflame 5 3 5 15
Discipline Vitality Wind Force 3 5 15 5
Longevity Dexterity Eruption Fist 5 15 5 3

Genie Stats[edit | edit source]

The Genie interface.
Like characters, Genies come with their own set of stats or attributes. The stats that a character has will not affect the Genie's stats or skills at all. Every time a Genie levels it will gain 1 stat point by default, and will gain between 1 and 10 extra stat points every ten levels.

Some stats may affect the Genie's Energy, while others may enhance the effects of some skills.

  • Strength (STR): Enhances the effects of certain skills.
  • Dexterity (DEX): Enhances the effects of certain skills.
  • Vitality (VIT): Increases the Genie's maximum Energy. 1 Vitality point increases maximum Energy by 1.
  • Magic (MAG): Increases the Genie's Energy Recovery Rate. 50 Magic points increases the recovery rate by 1/sec.

Genies have other stats which can be affected by attributes, and are vital for casting skills.

  • Energy: Required to cast Genie skills, and slowly replenishes over time. A Genie's maximum Energy begins at 100. It can be enhanced with the Vitality and Magic stats.
  • Energy Recovery: The rate at which the Genie's Energy recovers. A Genie's Energy Recovery begins at 1.06-1.30/sec depending on the Genie's type. It increases by 1/sec for every 50 Magic points.
  • Stamina: Required to cast Genie skills, but does not replenish on its own. The maximum Stamina a Genie can have is 999,999. It cannot be enhanced with attributes in any way.

Leveling a Genie[edit | edit source]

Genie EXP window.

In order to get the most out of your Genie, you'll need to level it up. Naturally, Genies require EXP to level up. The amount of EXP required to level up a genie is a fraction of the EXP required for players to level up. There are three methods for providing Genies with EXP:

  • Infusing your own EXP/Spirit into the Genie.
  • EXP Cubes, which are primarily attained via quests or decomposing genies.
  • Defeating Monsters

The level of the Genie cannot exceed the level of the player using it and the maximum level a Genie can attain is currently 105. To level the Genie, open the Genie window and select EXP Infuse.

Infusing with EXP[edit | edit source]

The first option is to infuse with your experience points. Open your Genie's window EXP infuse window then click on the 'Level up' box which gives the Genie your experience points at the moment or enough to level it. Unless your genie is the same level as yourself you will receive a penalty for the amount of experience the Genie will receive. The penalty you will receive is worked out by the following method:

  • Experience Given x (Genie level/Your level) = Genie experience gained
  • 10,000 (Exp to give the genie) x (70 (Genie level shown) / 76 (My level))
  • 10,000 x 0.921 = 9,210 exp given to the genie

Infusing with EXP Cubes[edit | edit source]

The second option is to infuse with EXP cubes, obtained from Warsong City or decomposing Genies. Drag the EXP cube into the box available and click on the 'Level up' button. Please be aware that unless your Genie is the same level as yourself you will receive a penalty for the amount of experience the Genie will receive. The penalty you will receive is worked out by the following method:

  • Amount of Experience the Cube has x (Genie level/Exp cube level) = Genie exp gained
  • 10,000 (EXP cube has) x (1 (Genie level shown) / 19 (My level))
  • 10,000 (EXP cube has) x 0.052 (Will be classed as 0.1 due to value) = 1,000 exp given to the genie

Infusing with Spirit[edit | edit source]

The last option is to infuse with your spirit points. Click on the 'Level up' box which gives converts your spirit points into Genie experience. Please be aware that unless your Genie is the same level as yourself you will receive a penalty for the amount of experience the Genie will receive. The penalty you will receive is worked out by the following method:

  • Amount of Spirit points x ((Genie level/Your level) x 5) = Genie exp gained
  • 10,000 (EXP cube has) x (70 (Genie level shown) / 76 (My level)) x 5)
  • 10,000 (EXP cube has) x 4.605 = 46,050 experience points given to the genie
  • Reason you gain 5x as many experience points for infusing spirit points as you generally receive 5x less spirit points as EXP when killing mobs and quests.

Experience Penalty[edit | edit source]

Looking at the table below will allow you to better understand the EXP ratio. A Genie starts with Level 1 and the EXP required to level a Level 1 Genie is 40% of the Level 1 players EXP regardless of your own level. The EXP follows the below table:

Player Level Player Exp Genie Exp Estimated Exp Penalty (@ Level 100)
1 55 22 2200
2 220 88 4400
3 495 198 6600
4 880 352 8800
5 1400 560 11200
6 2010 804 13400
7 2765 1106 15800

Affinity[edit | edit source]

Genie Affinity window.

Somewhat different then attribute points, Affinity Points give you the option of placing elemental affinities: Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, and Metal. Where you place these points will determine what skills your Genie can learn. The higher the Affinity Points needed for a skill, the stronger that skill is going to be even, at level one.

  • Affinity: Metal (MT)
  • Affinity: Wood (WD)
  • Affinity: Earth (ER)
  • Affinity: Water (WT)
  • Affinity: Fire (FR)

Genies start with 1 Affinity Point, and will gain an additional Affinity Point every 5 levels. When a Genie reaches Level 100, it will gain 1 Affinity Point every level. Genies can attain a maximum of 26 Affinity Points. The number of points required to master an Affinity is 8. Affinity points can be reallocated using the Stone of Refreshment item. You can buy one from the Boutique or receive one from the Watcher of the Earth NPC in any major city.

Genie Skills[edit | edit source]

Main article: Genie Skills

Each Genie comes with a starter skill, this is something that you can unlearn from your Genie if you wish to replace it, but for those who may not have the EXP/Spirit to level and gain new skills, these are a good starting point to learn your Genie.

  • Discipline: Wind Force - Increases Flight Speed by 50%
  • Zeal: Earthflame - Reduces Target attack and defense 4% (often used for Luring)
  • Longevity: Eruption Fist - Reduces Elemental resistance 30%
  • Infliction: Venom Stinger - Decreases Targets speed & increases yours by 22%

Lucky Points[edit | edit source]

Main article: Genie Rarity

Lucky Points (LP) add extra attribute points to the Genie. Genies normally receive 1 attribute point per level, and receive between 1 and 10 additional attribute points from the Lucky Points it gains every 10 levels. The higher the Lucky Points, the rarer the Genie is. They determine not only the number of additional attribute points, but also the maximum number of skills a Genie can learn and its appearance.

There are four different forms that a Genie can have which can visually show other players how rare it is. The color of the Lucky Points amount when hovering over a Genie in the inventory will also change as the Genie's form changes.

Color and Form Required Lucky Points
Green (1st/Starting Form) 1-40
Blue (2nd Form) 41-50
Purple (3rd Form) 51-60
Gold (4th/Final Form) 61–99
Orange 100
Lucky Point Range Skill Slots
0-50 4
51-70 5
71-80 6
81-90 7
91+ 8

The number of lucky points your Genie gains every ten levels is randomly given at the following rates:

Lucky Points Odds
1 24%
2 16%
3 15%
4 2%
5 1%
6 1%
7 1%
8 6%
9 15%
10 19%

This means that the number of Lucky Points your Genie gains each ten levels will usually be either very high or very low. Additionally, this means that the average number of Lucky Points a Genie gains every ten levels will be 5. At level 50 a Genie will have 25 Lucky Points, on average. There are no trick you can use that will affect the odds listed above.

Recharging your Genie[edit | edit source]

Genie skills use Energy and Stamina. Energy recharged naturally, but Stamina does not. You can restore your Genie's stamina by feeding it Chi stones. If you do not feed your Genie, the stamina bar will eventually run low and you will not be able to utilize any skills.

To replenish a Genie's Stamina, drag and drop Chi Stones onto the icon of the Genie in the inventory. This can be done to both equipped and unequipped Genies.

Chi Stone Level Stamina Restored
Yiyuan Stone.png Yiyuan Stone 1 40
Liangyi Stone.png Liangyi Stone 2 80
Santsai Stone.png Santsai Stone 3 160
Ssuhsiang Stone.png Ssuhsiang Stone 4 240
Wuhsing Stone.png Wuhsing Stone 5 320
Liuho Stone.png Liuho Stone 6 400
Chihsing Stone.png Chihsing Stone 7 480
Pakua Stone.png Pakua Stone 8 560
Chiukung Stone.png Chiukung Stone 9 640
Perfect Stone.png Perfect Stone 10 720

Most Chi Stones can be acquired from other players or by decomposing equipment. Previously Perfect Stones could be acquired by decomposing Old Heaven's Tear equipment however this option was removed from the game. They can be instead purchased from Merchants for 1000 coins each.

Lower leveled Chi Stones can be combined into higher leveled ones at a Jewelcraftsman, however it is not recommended as it reduces the total amount of Stamina Points replenished.

Genie Equipment[edit | edit source]

Genie equipment can be farmed in Warsong City. You can use Warsong Emblems or Warsong Medals dropped from bosses and exchange them for equipment at the Watcher of the Earth in any major city. Warsong Emblems are easy to acquire but Warsong Medals are a rare drop.

Genie Items[edit | edit source]

Visit the NPC Watcher of the Earth in any of the six major cities to receive some Genie related items for free. Genie items can also be bought from the Boutique.

Level of Player Quest Reward
Level 1 Collect your genie (genie type is random)
Level 19 Cube of Enlightenment - EXP Stone
Level 49 Refined Cube of Enlightenment (EXP Stone)
Level 70 20 Order of Origination (attribute point reallocation item)
Level 79 Elite Cube of Enlightenment (EXP Stone}
Level 80 Stone of Refreshment (affinity point reallocation item)

Frequently Asked Questions[edit | edit source]

Why do my Genie(s) receive less EXP when I try to import?

  • A player can only level up Genies that are the same level or lower than their level. There is an EXP penalty for a player that is a higher level then the Genie. There is no EXP penalty when a Genie reaches Level 100.

Can you Equip your Genie?

  • Yes, you can equip your Genie! "Players can buy equipment for their Genies from the Watcher of the Earth. Genie Equipment includes Jades, Mirrors, Orbs, and Charms. Once equipped, Genie equipment can no longer be de-equipped; it can only be destroyed or replaced. Destroying and replacing Genie equipment is also done through the Watcher of the Earth." HOWEVER, before everyone gets all excited…these items cost 1 million coins. Therefore, and unfortunately, these items will be out of reach for many.

If I do not like the Genie I have, what can I do?

  • You can talk to the Watcher of the Earth NPC and select the option to decompose your Genie. You gain an EXP Cube in proportion to Genie's level. To decompose Genie that is level 40 and above, your Genie must be in tradeable mode to do so. You can use Mirage Celestones at the Watcher of the Earth to make a new Genie.

Are Genies tradeable?

  • The tradeable mode option is one in which allows for other players to trade or sell there Genies. However, one must keep in mind that it will take 7 days to convert your Genie into the TRADE READY state. By default, a Genie is set to NO-TRADE state. In this state, the Genie cannot be traded, sold, or discarded. Genies in TRADE READY state can be traded, sold or dropped and EXP infusion is restricted to EXP Cubes only. To infuse EXP or Spirit into the Genie, you have switch the Genie back to NO-TRADE state.

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