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Venomancers are unique from other classes as the only class in PW capable of taming and using a monster as an ally in battle. In order to successfully tame a monster and create a pet, however, several steps must be understood.

Taming Skills[edit | edit source]

In order to embark on an adventure full of monsters and pets, a Venomancer must first receive the skills necessary to tame and care for monsters and pets. The skills involved in this are:

    • Tame
    • Heal Pet
    • Revive Pet

All of these skills are crucial to playing as a Venomancer and getting the pets one needs to smoothly take victories in battle.

Tame[edit | edit source]

The Tame skill is received at level 7, after a Venomancer successfully proves herself to the Pet Skill Trainer of the City of the Lost. From this point on the Venomancer must use the Tame skill to capture monsters as pets, by weakening the monster considerably and performing the Tame spell. The lower the opponent's HP, the higher the probability the Tame will be successful. Every 10 levels this spell can be upgraded to improve the chance of a successful tame by 5%.

After a pet has been tamed and hatched for battle, a Venomancer must carefully raise and care for her pet in order to ensure efficiency in battle. To this end the Heal Pet and Revive Pet are particularly important. The Heal Pet and Revive Pet skills are received at level 3, after fulfilling a quest from the Pet Skill Trainer of the City of the Lost. Upon choosing which of two starter pets the Venomancer would like, and fulfilling the appropriate quest, the Venomancer is rewarded with their very first pet, as well as these two important skills to care for it.

Heal Pet[edit | edit source]

During battle a pet will most often receive most of the damage inflicted by an enemy and threfore will often need healing if the HP drops too low or becomes critical. It is important the pet does not die, as upon each death the loyalty of the pet drops 20%. The Heal Pet skill can be upgraded every 10 levels in order to increase the amount of HP healed, while at the same time increasing the amount of magic necessary to perform the spell.

Revive Pet[edit | edit source]

In the instance that the pet does die, it must be resurrected before it can be called back to battle again. The Revive Pet skill will bring the pet back to life and enable to the pet to be called onto the battlefield. This skill can be upgraded every 10 levels, in order to raise the amount of HP initially restored to the pet.

Tamable Monsters[edit | edit source]

Certain monsters encountered throughout the game cannot be tamed as a pet, however there are a variety of monsters Venomancers can choose from at each level to tame as a pet.

See the List of Pets article for a full list of all pets, along with their locations and stats.

Rare & Baby Pets[edit | edit source]

While there are many monsters that can be tamed in order to create a pet, there are several that, due to their infrequent spawning, are considered rare pets. Taming these pets can become highly competitive, as their rarity increases their value.

Rare Pets
Name Level Type
Frogling Icon.png
9 Land
Snow Hare
Small Hare Icon.png
20 Land
Plumdrop Tabby
Tabby Icon.png
20 Land
Shadou Cub
Shaodu Icon.png
20 Land
Windwalking Piggy
Windwalking Piggy Icon.png
30 Air
Cuddly Pup
Cuddly Pup Icon.png
40 Land
Kowlin Icon.png
60 Land
Armored Bear
Armored Bear Icon.png
80 Land

All of these monsters, aside from the Snow Hare, spawn only once every 12 hours. The Snow Hare has multiple spawn locations, where it spawns as often as once every hour.

Baby or "all class" pets are sometimes confused with rare pets, as many of the available baby pets can only be created through the use of rare pet eggs. In reality however, baby pets are non-combat pets that simply follow their owner, and do not require leveling or loyalty. What is unique about baby pets is that they are the only pets, aside from mounts, that are available to classes other than Venomancers. While some of these baby pets are all-class version of rare pets, others are simply all-class versions of normal pets, and require a higher sum to create. Because these pets are for classes other than Venomancers, the creator of a Baby Pet could be anyone, as long as they provide the eggs and coins.

In order to create a baby pet, the correct number and types of eggs, as well as coins for the fee, must be brought to Mrs. Zoologist (586,620) in Archosaur.

Baby Pets
Baby Eggs Price
Baby Froggy
Frogling Icon.png
8 Treefrog 100,000
Baby Snow Hare
Small Hare Icon.png
5 Snow Hare 100,000
Baby Tabby Plumdrop
Tabby Icon.png
5 Tabby Plumdrop 100,000
Baby Bear
Shaodu Icon.png
2 Shadou Cub, 2 Armoured Bear 100,000
Baby Windwalking Piggy
Windwalking Piggy Icon.png
5 Windwalking Piggy 100,000
Baby Cuddly Pup
Cuddly Pup Icon.png
5 Cuddly Pup 100,000
Baby Antelope
Antelope Icon.png
3 Antelope Pup, 2 Frost Antelope, 1 Proud Antelope,

1 Soulchaser Antelope, and 1 Antelope Sage

Baby Huggy Hare
Large Hare Icon.png
10 Huggy Hare 200,000
Baby Fire Fairy
Eidolon Icon.png
10 Infernal Eidolon 200,000
Baby Foxwing
Foxwing Icon.png
3 Snatchfoot Foxwing, 3 Foxwing of the Void,

and 3 Foxwing Supreme

Baby Elysium Fowl
Fowl Icon.png
10 Elysium Fowl 200,000
Baby Butterfly Fairy
Mothran Icon.png
10 Mothran Dazzlewing 200,000

Legendary Pets & Mounts[edit | edit source]

While most pets are available by taming monsters throughout the world, there are some pets that can only be obtained through commerce, and those are the two legendary pets: the Blazing Phoenix and the Baby Hercules. The only way to obtain one of these two powerful pets is to purchase or trade for the boutique items "Battle Packs" in order to gain "Phoenix Feathers" or "Sources of Force." Once a player has collected either 9999 Phoenix Feathers or 9999 Sources of Force, they can trade these to Mrs. Zoologist (586,620) in Archosaur to obtain either a Blazing Phoenix or Baby Hercules Pet Egg Ticket. This Ticket is tradeable; however once it is exchanged to the Pet Manager for a Blazing Phoenix or Baby Hercules Pet Egg, the egg cannot be traded.

Phoenix Feathers and Sources of Force are interchangeable, as they can be traded in stacks of 100 to the Pet Manager for the preferred unit.

Legendary Pets
Pet Level Type
Blazing Phoenix 1 Air
Baby Hercules 1 Land

While the Pet bag is used primarily for battle pets, slots must also be available in order for Mounts to be hatched. Mounts, as they are creatures, also are traded and purchased as Pet Eggs, although they cannot be tamed throughout the world. Similarly to battle pets, mounts require space in the pet bag, hatching a reverting fees, and appropriate feed. Feeding a mount still increases loyalty, however loyalty in this instance determines the chance that the mount will persevere when attacked by an enemy, rather than immediately stow to the Pet Bag.

The speed of the mount increases as the mount levels (mounts level according to their use), however the maximum speed is set at one meter per second higher than the minimum, for all currently released mounts. It is possible, however, to further increase the speed of a mount, through the use of spurs. Spurs of Alacrity are used to upgrade an 8m/s mount to a 9m/s mount (while lowering the level req. from 40 to 20), while Galewind Spurs upgrade a 9m/s mount to a 10m/s mount (while lowering the level req. from 60 to 40). Mounts can be spurred until their maximum speed reached 11m/s.

Pet Bag[edit | edit source]

A venomancer's pet bag is the storage area for their active battle pets, mounts, or space for any other class to store an all-class or baby pet. From the pet bag the player can view the pet's stats, call the pet to battle, or stow the pet away. Only hatched pets can be placed in the pet bag, pet eggs remain in the inventory, and must be hatched at a Pet Skill Trainer or Pet Manager. Hatched pets can only be kept in the pet bag; if there is no space in the pet bag, the pet egg cannot be hatched. The initial pet bag has the capacity to hold two pets, however it can be increased through quests to the full capacity of holding ten pets.

Increasing the capacity of the pet bag can be done several ways. From the cash shop, or with in-game bought gold, the player can buy a Super Cage item, which will automatically increase the pet bag to its full capacity. However if the player only needs one or two more slots in the pet bag, a normal cage can also be found in the cash shop, which will increase the pet bag by one slot, or the player can choose to do gathering quests, and collect increasingly rare types of pet food for the Pet Skill Trainer, each for one new slot in the pet bag.

Venomancer Pet Bag Slots
Slot Item to Unlock
1 initial slot
2 initial slot
3 20 Hay or Cage
4 50 Fruit or Cage
5 100 Fungus or Cage
6 must purchase a cage or super cage
7 must purchase a cage or super cage
8 must purchase a cage or super cage
9 must purchase a cage or super cage
10 must purchase a cage or super cage

For non-venomancers, the pet bag expansion options look like this:

Non-Venomancer Pet Bag Slots
Slot Item to Unlock
1 initial slot
2 20 Hay or Cage
3 50 Fruit or Cage
4 100 Fungus or Cage
5 150 Wild Ginseng or Cage
6 must purchase a cage or super cage
7 must purchase a cage or super cage
8 must purchase a cage or super cage
9 must purchase a cage or super cage
10 must purchase a cage or super cage

Please note that these pet bag expansion quests do not add one additional slot to your pet bag, they add one specific slot to your pet bag. Thus if you get a cage to add a fifth pet bag slot, you cannot take the fifth quest anymore to expand your pet bag.

Taming Monsters[edit | edit source]

In order to tame a monster as a Venomancer pet both the Tame skill and a tamable monster must be present. The chance of a successful tame depends heavily on the level of the player, level of the skill, and the amount of HP of the monster. With every 10 levels a Venomancer can level up the Tame skill, adding a 5% chance of a successful tame. The tame itself is immensely more effective on a weakened enemy.

Tamable monsters can be identified by a green icon next to their name in their target window. Monsters with a yellow icon may also be tamed, but are the same level as the caster and therefore will not be an easy tame. Monsters with red icons next to their names are tamable monsters, however the caster's level is below that of the monster and therefore can't be tamed until the caster is of equal or greater levels.

Pet Eggs[edit | edit source]

Once a monster has been tamed by a Venomancer it reverts to an egg. This is called a pet egg, and is where the distinction between a "monster" and a "pet" can begin. These eggs, which can be hatched at a Pet Skill Trainers or Pet Managers, will no longer be monsters, but will be referred to as pets, and upon hatching will be placed immediately in the Pet Bag. It must be noted that it is possible to carry as many pet eggs as there is available space in the inventory, however eggs cannot be hatched if there is not adequate space available in the Pet bag. (Note: Hatching pet eggs will incur a fee, starting at 200 coins or greater, depending on the pet.)

Pet eggs are not restricted to monsters tamed by Venomancers, other creatures that arrive in pet eggs include baby (non-battle) pets, mounts, and legendary pets traded for Source of Force or Phoenix Feathers.

Feeding Pets and Loyalty[edit | edit source]

Once a pet is hatched, it must be fed in order to prevent the pet's loyalty from dropping, and to ensure that the loyalty increases. Different pets eat different families of feed, while specific kinds of feed within those families will raise the pet's loyalty by greater or lesser amounts. The families are: Meat, Water, Hay, Fruit, and Greens.

Pet Feed
Meat Meat = 30 Fine Meat = 60 Venison = 150 Martin's Nest = 250 Dragon's Meat = 500
Water Spring Water = 10 Pure Water = 10 Peanut Oil = 50 Sesame Oil = 100
Hay Hay = 20 Wild Ginseng = 200
Fruit Fruit = 50 Linden Seed = 450
Greens Fungus = 100

It is important to pay attention to the different feed available, as many pets can only eat certain families of food, and therefore feed outside of those families is useless for that pet. Most notably however, the type and kind of feed given to a pet is directly linked to the pet's loyalty.

The Loyalty of a pet is measured on a scale from 0-999, with different amounts of damage dealt and experience gained in battle based on the level of the pet's loyalty.

Loyalty Chart
Savage 0-250 Dmg: 80% EXP: 50%
Tame 251-500 Dmg: 100% EXP: 100%
Loyal 501-999 Dmg: 120% EXP: 150%

Achieving and maintaining loyalty with their pets is an important concern for Venomancers. It must be noted that every time the pet is fed its loyalty increases based on the feed value, however every time the pet is killed in battle its loyalty drops by 10%.

Leveling Pets[edit | edit source]

Once Loyal status is achieved with a pet, along with doing 120% of the pet's normal damage, it will receive 150% experience from each battle that is participates in. Therefore it is important to maintain loyalty in order to keep pets up to level with their tamer. As the Venomancer can only receive 100% of all experience from battle, many times a pet with full loyalty will achieve full experience faster than the player and must wait for the player to level before it can proceed to the next level. However this is much preferred to waiting for the pet to level due to low loyalty, as pets in many cases behave as tanks for enemy aggression, and having a low level pet will result in a weak tank that cannot protect its master.

Furthermore, allowing the pet to die will result in a 10% drop in loyalty, so it is important to keep the loyalty high in order to keep the pet leveling, and therefore strong enough for battle.

At level 40+ the preferred method for leveling ground pets is the Cube of Fate, room 4. It's filled with level 150 mobs with 10 HP, so each one will give the maximum possible EXP per kill to your pets.

For air pets, the Staunch Worms outside Raging Tide serve much the same function, as they're level 100 with 100 HP. They take longer though, as they're immune to elemental damage and have more HP, so they work best at 50+ for a nix and 60-70+ for other pets.

There is no equivalent high level/low HP target for water pets, so this makes them much harder to level up. Most people just get the Celestial Plumpfish at level 80.

Tame pets normally get a maximum of 10 EXP per kill, assuming that the kill is of something the pet's level or higher, however if you have the pet at a loyalty level of 50% or higher ("Loyal"), then it gets a maximum of 15 EXP per kill. Savage pets only get a max of 5 EXP per kill. The pet gets one less EXP per level it is above the mob killed. So, for example, a full loyalty level 50 pet gets 12 EXP from killing a level 47 mob (-3 levels = -3 EXP). It should be noted that you cannot level pets to a higher level than the venomancer who is using them, just as you can't hatch or tame pets that have a higher level than the venomancer.

The EXP requirements for pets start at 50 to get to level 2, then the requirement increases by +10 each level up to level 10, then +15 per level up to 29, and from 31 to 99 it's +50 per level. Starting at level 100 the requirement steeply rises each level. See the chart below for details.

Pet EXP Leveling Requirements
Level EXP req. Level EXP req. Level EXP req. Level EXP req. Level EXP req.
1 50 22 320 43 1100 64 2150 85 3200
2 60 23 335 44 1150 65 2200 86 3250
3 70 24 350 45 1200 66 2250 87 3300
4 80 25 365 46 1250 67 2300 88 3350
5 90 26 380 47 1300 68 2350 89 3400
6 100 27 395 48 1350 69 2400 90 3450
7 110 28 410 49 1400 70 2450 91 3500
8 120 29 425 50 1450 71 2500 91 3550
9 130 30 465 51 1500 71 2550 93 3600
10 140 31 500 52 1550 73 2600 94 3650
11 155 32 550 53 1600 74 2650 95 3700
12 170 33 600 54 1650 75 2700 96 3750
13 185 34 650 55 1700 76 2750 97 3800
14 200 35 700 56 1750 77 2800 98 3850
15 215 36 750 57 1800 78 2850 99 3900
16 230 37 800 58 1850 79 2900 100 100,000
17 245 38 850 59 1900 80 2950 101 500,000
18 260 39 900 60 1950 81 3000 102 2,500,000
19 275 40 950 61 2000 82 3050 103 10,000,000
20 290 41 1000 62 2050 83 3100 104 50,000,000
21 305 42 1050 63 2100 84 3150 105 N/A

In other words, you'd need to kill 6,667 mobs at 15 EXP each to raise your level 100 pet to level 101, 33,334 for level 101 to 102, 166,667 for level 102 to level 103, 666,667 for level 103 to level 104, and 3,333,334 for level 104 to level 105.

Land/Water/Air Distinctions[edit | edit source]

While a large majority of combat and gameplay within Perfect World takes place on the ground, both air and water battles are not uncommon. Therefore there are several monsters throughout the game that are tamable for combat in different zones.

All pets regardless of their Land/Water/Air zone will automatically be stowed if they cannot reach/find the player for over 30 seconds.

Land[edit | edit source]

These pets are the most prevalent, and a wide variety of tamable monsters to create land pets are available. These pets, however, can neither swim nor fly. Swimming, crossing bridges, or gaining altitude with aerogear, these pets will automatically be stowed to the pet bag.

Water[edit | edit source]

Of the tamable water monsters, water-based undines and Celestial Plumpfish are the most common, however turtles and a few strains of fish are also common water pets. These pets are less common than land pets, and can only be used for underwater combat. Water pets cannot be summoned until the player is already in water, and as soon as the player reaches dry land or mounts aerogear, water pets are automatically stowed to the pet bag.

Air[edit | edit source]

Insects and foxwings are the most common air pets, however there are exceptions. This is the only pet that can accompany the player while mounted on aerogear. Unlike land and water pets, when the player lands on solid ground or on the water's surface (however not when fully submerged), an air pet will not be stowed to the pet bag. However, one disadvantage of air pets is that, unlike land and water pets, they cannot be summoned inside of instances. Air pets in combat against non-air enemies will only cause ½ their normal damage, though they will also only take ½ normal damage from non-air enemies as well.

Pet Skills[edit | edit source]

While pets can be helpful in battle as another member of the team, what really pushes pets from being just a tank for damage into a powerful ally is the array of skills available to pets. While most pets come with several skills already learned, all pets can learn every skill, and most must be taught by the tamer through scrolls. When used correctly a wide range of affects can be achieved through using and combining skills. The available skills are listed below.

Pet Skills
Skill Level 1 Effect Level 5 Effect
Bash Pet Icon.png
Cause 140% of base damage Cause 200% of base damage
Blessing of the Pack
Blessing of the Pack Pet Icon.png
Increases max. HP 10% for 1hr. Increases max. HP 30% for 1hr.
Bloodhunger Pet Icon.png
Drain enemy HP equal to 50% pet's lost HP
Bloodthirst Pet Icon.png
Drain enemy HP and give to pet HP
Boost Pet Icon.png
Recover 8% HP Recover 12% HP
Claw Pet Icon.png
Increase base damage by 10% for 1hr. Increase base damage by 30% for 1hr.
Consume Pet Icon.png
Drain enemy MP and give to pet HP
Devour Pet Icon.png
Drain enemy MP equal to 50% pet's lost HP
Fireball Pet Icon.png
140% of base damage (fire) 200% of base damage (fire)
Flesh Ream
Flesh Ream Pet Icon.png
Base dmg + 120% base dmg over 9s. Base dmg + 200% base dmg over 9s.
Howl Pet Icon.png
Reduce Magic DEF by 20% for 15s. Reduce Magic DEF by 36% for 15s.
Icicle Pet Icon.png
140% of base damage (water) 200% of base damage (water)
Penetrate Pet Icon.png
Deal 200 dmg, regardless of DEF.
Pierce Pet Icon.png
Reduce Phys. DEF by 20% for 15s. Reduce Phys. DEF by 36% for 15s.
Pounce Pet Icon.png
Increase ATK 15% after stunning enemy Increase ATK 25% after stunning enemy
Protect Pet Icon.png
Increase Magic DEF by 30% for 1hr. Increase Magic DEF by 150% for 1hr.
Reflect Pet Icon.png
Reflect 30% dmg for 1hr. Reflect 70% dmg for 1hr.
Roar Pet Icon.png
Keeps Target Agression Keeps Target Aggression
Sacrifice Pet Icon.png
Give 75% pets HP for 400% base damage
Sandblow Pet Icon.png
140% of base damage (earth) 200% of base damage (earth)
Shriek Pet Icon.png
60% chance to interrupt channeling 100% chance to interrupt channeling
Slow Pet Icon.png
Reduce Speed by 30% for 6s. Reduce Speed by 50% for 6s.
Strong Pet Icon.png
Increase Phys. DEF by 30% for 1hr. Increase Phys. DEF by 150% for 1hr.
Threaten Pet Icon.png
Reduce Phys. ATK by 20% for 15s. Reduce Phys. ATK by 36% for 15s.
Thunderbolt Pet Icon.png
140% of base damage (metal) 200% of base damage (metal)
Tough Pet Icon.png
Reduce dmg by 30% for 15s Reduce dmg by 50% for 15s
Toxic Mist
Toxic Mist Pet Icon.png
140% of base damage (wood) 200% of base damage (wood)
1.^ Bloodthirst lvl.3 is required to learn Bloodhunger.
2.^ Boost skill is maxed at level 3.
3.^ Pounce skill is maxed at level 2.

Pet items[edit | edit source]

There are many important items, aside from feed, for raising pets:

Item Use Price
Bash Scroll Learn Bash 300,000
Boost Scroll Learn Boost 300,000
Fireball Scroll Learn Fireball 300,000
Flesh Ream Scroll Learn Flesh Ream 300,000
Howl Scroll Learn Howl 300,000
Icicle Scroll Learn Icicle 300,000
Pierce Scroll Learn Pierce 300,000
Roar Scroll Learn Roar 300,000
Sandblow Scroll Learn Sandblow 300,000
Shrill Scroll Learn Shriek 300,000
Slow Scroll Learn Slow 300,000
Threaten Scroll Learn Threaten 300,000
Thunderbolt Scroll Learn Thunderbolt 300,000
Tough Scroll Learn Tough 300,000
Toxin Scroll Learn Toxic Mist 300,000
Forget Scroll Forget Pet Skill 100,000
Tame Book Upgrades Pet Skill 200,000
Pet Collar Rename Pet 10,000
Phoenix Feather 9,999 to obtain Blazing Phoenix 50 Silver/Battle Pack
Source of Force 9,999 to obtain Baby Hercules 50 Silver/Battle Pack
Spurs of Alacrity Boost mount speed (9m/s) 7 Gold
Galewind Spurs Boost mount speed (10m/s) 10 Gold

Buying/Selling/Discarding Pets[edit | edit source]

Once a monster has been tamed, a Venomancer is not obligated to raise the monster as a pet, nor is a Venomancer obligated to keep a pet she has raised. A pet egg can be sold, traded, or discarded after it has been obtained, also allowing that pet eggs can be purchased and raised by Venomancers that did not tame them. Discarding active pets however, requires an extra step. Active pets must be reverted to pet eggs at a Pet Skill Trainer, resulting in a fee and a reduction of the pet's loyalty to 0. A named pet however will still retain its name.