Heavenfall Temple

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Heavenfall Temple
(HFT, Tower)
Art of Heavenfall Temple.
Minimum Requirement(s):Level 89
Player Limit:Solo Dungeon

Heavenfall Temple is a dungeon introduced in the PWI War Front expansion. It is located in Lothranis and is accessible by entering the teleport circle or via any Illusion Stone in Archosaur. This instance consists of a total of 108 repeating rooms, which increase in difficulty the further you go. During this instance, Health charms are disabled so be sure to watch your Health and use potions when needed. Mana charms are not disabled. Upon entering the dungeon, you will be purged and lose all buffs, so do not buff before you teleport inside.

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

Room selection in Heavenfall Temple.

There are 12 'rounds' of 9 rooms. There are 8 normal rooms that randomize and a 9th room containing a boss. These rooms are repeated throughout the instance but increase in difficulty the further you go. They do not follow the same pattern each time so always be prepared and ready for whichever room you get.

As you progress you get points for buffs. You can also buy points or exchange War Avatar Order x20 for points at the NPC inside Heavenfall.

Buff selection window in Heavenfall Temple.

The top and bottom row of buffs are long lasting buffs that can be reset at any time without losing the points used to upgrade them. This means if you decide to leave and re-enter the instance, you will still have the points you spent on these buffs. The middle row are short lasting buffs and you lose points upon using them. These can become very useful in the later stages of the instance.
Some people like to be competitive and try to get the best time they can. This is usually done by farming buffs. For example; you do the rooms up to room 45 and then go back to room 37 and keep redoing it for points. You can go back to any room you want and redo it to gain more points for buffs. But remember, the higher the tier the harder it is and the longer it takes. But also, the higher the tier, the more points you gain. This can be time consuming and is advisable to only do if you really want to be a specific time target.

Challenge of the Believers[edit | edit source]

The objective is to kill all the monks and servants. This room contains 3 groups of mobs who are tightly grouped, each consisting of 1 Monk, 2 Servants of Mara Papman and 1 Bewitched Followers. Beware: Try to not hit the Bewitched Followers. They have very little HP and die extremely fast. If you kill one, you fail the challenge and have to restart. Pay attention to who you have targeted before attacking.

Each of the monks have their own debuffs they can cast on you:

  • Malicious Monk: Curses which causes you receive more damage.
  • Vile Monk: Gives a bleed status effect.
  • Vicious Monk: Gives a metal DoT effect.

In the later rooms, the bleed and metal DoT can cause high damage so watch your HP when moving between the groups.

Challenge of the Protectors[edit | edit source]

The objective of this room is to kill all the mobs and Boss before it reaches the end of the path. There are 10 waves of mobs trying to get from point A to B, followed by a final boss which arrives at 5:20 on the timer. Along the route there are NPCs you have to activate to kill them. To activate these NPCs, you'll need to use a charge from the Mirror of the Sages that is in your inventory upon entering the room. To charge it the mirror, you have to damage the Celestial Bead in the middle. There are 2 different NPCs:

  • Protector Andolor: Does high single target damage and curses the target to take more damage.
  • Protector Mosaro: Does small aoe damage and slows the target.

Both NPC's can be activated a maximum of 3 times each and with each activation they become stronger. To activate an NPC, just simple click on it and then click your Mirror of the Sages. Once one has activated, the other will disappear so choose wisely. Some trial and error can be needed to know which NPCs work best where, especially for the later rounds.

Challenge of Energy[edit | edit source]

In the middle of this room there is a Energy orb that you need to charge (HP) to finish the challenge. In order to charge it, it will call out a certain "mob" that you need to push back into the circle around the orb within 30 seconds, using the Gold Hammer that you get upon entering. There are 3 kinds of mobs in this room and you need to attack and lower their HP untill they disappear and spawn a little version of themselves which is what you need to push back to the orb:

  • Wraithtouched Dragon: Spawns a Dragon Essence. The Dragon can stun you when being attacked.
  • Ginseng Tree: Spawns 2 Senging Fruits and 1 Ginseng Fruit. Make sure to push in the right fruit!
  • Timid Imp: Spawns Imp Gut. The Imp will beging to run in the direction you are facing when being attacked.

If you push the wrong item into the orb, it will lose charges (HP) and will need to be regained by pushing the correct mob into it.

Challenge of Calamity[edit | edit source]

In this room you have to kill the Avatar of Calamity before it kills Sage Mahamayuri. Every now and then, the Avatar of Calamity will become immune to damage and in order to get rid of the immunity you have to stand in one of the green orbs. If the Sage gets low on HP you can run into the red bubble on the side of the room to heal it with some of your own HP. The room will pop up the message of when to get into the green orb to purge the Avatars immunity. Try to refrain from using AoE or Tangling Mire, it will effect the Sage and any green orbs you hit will temporarily vanish.

Challenge of the Portal[edit | edit source]

This room spawns 10 little stardust orbs you have to run into in order to spawn mobs. Every orb spawns 10 mobs and you need a total kill count of all 100 mobs to finish. These mobs have stuns, physical attack and magic attacks. They also have a Poison DoT that can cause big damage in the higher rooms. Every group of mobs has 9 little mobs and 1 Elite mob, whenever you kill a Elite mob, the Monk in the center of the room will release a Blazing Strike that hits the mobs to help you. In the lower rooms this rooms you can just run from one orb to the next spawning all the mobs and ending them with a final AoE. In the higher up rooms it can get pretty difficult because the mobs hit ALOT harder so be wary of how many you decide to fight at once.

Challenge of the Monk[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of this room 4 mobs are spawned that move towards the center of the room before spawning the Monk which you need to kill. Each mob has a certain buff they will give to the Monk (when he spawns) when they reach the center, therefore you need to kill them before they reach the center.

  • Azure Dragon: Increases the Monk's Attack
  • Black Tortoise: Increases the Monk's Health.
  • White Tiger: Increases the Monk's Physical Defense.
  • Crimson Phoenix: Increases the Monk's Magic Defense.

Use this knowledge in the higher rooms to kill the mobs that are most important to your class. For example, if you're a magic user you may want to kill the Phoenix and the Tortoise, because they increase the Monk's Magic Defense and Health. Once you are fighting the Monk, watch your chatbox for his special attack: Celestial Wraith Strike. Once he mentions it you might want to use an immunity in the higher rooms as it can hit pretty hard, especially if you haven't killed the Azure Dragon.

Challenge of the Elements[edit | edit source]

This room has 5 Towers of each element. Kill them all to finish. During this room, a random shout will appear, giving you temporary element damage to help kill a specific tower. Watch which one it gives as attacking the wrong stated tower will remove the buff. Watch your screen and common chat to see which Tower will empower you:

  • Fire: Empowers you against Metal - Deactivated by Water.
  • Wood: Empowers you against Earth - Deactivated by Metal.
  • Water: Empowers you against Fire - Deactivated by Earth.
  • Metal: Empowers you against Wood - Deactivated by Fire.
  • Earth: Empowers you against Water - Deactivated by Wood.

Challenge of the Pilgrim[edit | edit source]

In order to complete this challenge you need to activate 10 Protective Glyphs which are in a semi circle around where you are stood. You do this by having to kill 10 Celestial Guardians when they spawn. During the higher stages, multiple mobs will spawn, so look which one you have targeted before attacking. Be careful not to kill the Nullifiers as these will deactivate the Glyph you just activated, thus needing another Guardian kill to re-activate. It spawns 3 kind of mobs:

  • Celestial Guardians: Activate a Glyph.
  • Celestial Nullifiers: Deactivate a Glyph.
  • Corrupted Sage: Make your life miserable.

Four Wraith Kings (Rooms 9 + 18)[edit | edit source]

The challenge is to kill all 4 of the bosses. Each boss has it's own unique attack. When you first attack one of the bosses it will awaken and you will need to take away his buffs in order to hit it, it will be left with 1 hp for a second before it dies. When it dies, it will spawn a ghost double that will continue hitting you with it's special attack until you kill all 4 Kings to complete the room. Some people like to kill the Kings in a certain order so they don't have to tank the heaviest attacks all through to room while killing the rest of the bosses. How you decide which order depends on your playstyle.

  • Marei Ciah of the Glacial Wasteland:

Does a massive frontal AoE, recognized by the red field in half of the room.

  • Marei Tsou of the Noxious Swamp:

Spawns a pool of Poison, recognized by the green circle on the floor (Magic Damage)

  • Marei Sehk of the Howling Sea:

Does a heavy 3-part AoE, after you get reeled in, increasing the range every part.

  • Marei Hrul of Scorching Peaks:

Spawns a wall of fire that moves through the room, get on top of the blue crystal to avoid getting hit by it!

High Sage Esher (Rooms 27 + 36)[edit | edit source]

In order to summon the boss you need to push the Mysterious Chest into it. This takes a minimum use of 6 Dragonguards Weapons, which are dropped by the Celestial Dragonguards that are spawned in groups of 2. After pushing the chest into the boss, it will activate and you can damage it while it starts killing off the Male and Female Sages that are helping you. If you don't kill it fast enough and all the Sages are dead, the boss will be immune to damage and more adds will be spawned, this time the adds help the boss and begin attacking you. The boss will be immune to all damage until you have killed all the Golden Sages. After killing the Golden Sages, the boss will be able to take damage again, but it will also get a APS and attack buff. Golden Sparks will be spawned throughout the room that will heal you if you step inside of them if required.

Bodhi of Grief (Rooms 45 + 54)[edit | edit source]

As soon as you attack the boss, it will spawn 3 kinds of seeds all over the room. These seeds will be activated when the boss attacks them or touches them so be aware of your surroundings and watch where you pull it.

  • Seed of Life: Restores the bosses Health.
  • Seed of Death: Weakens the boss and increases the damage it takes.
  • Seed of Power: Overcharges the boss and neutralizes his buffs.

This boss has a variety of buffs, when he has them, pull him towards one of the electric looking seeds of power to get rid of them. After touching this, he will lose its buffs and you can usually kill it quite fast. Whenever the boss shows a little red rectangle or square, this will indicate where its going to strike and the area is it's damage range. Make sure to move out of this area because it can 1 shot you. The best course is to run directly away from the Boss as running to the sides it will follow. However, this attack also hits the seeds, so you can rotate his attack by moving around and make it hit only certain seeds so it makes itself vulnerable or takes away his own buffs.

Matreya the Corrupt (Rooms 63 + 72)[edit | edit source]

This boss does a random knockback skill every now and again. A couple of seconds after this knockback, he will spawn a red circle. Run out of this circle as it will 1 shot you. Aside from that, you just need to debuff/spark and kill it. It will also spawn some little blue bubbles around the room if you're in desperate need of a heal. Now after you kill the boss, it gets interesting. There will be a row of flowers or containers spawned in the room, the soul of the boss went to hide in one of those "containers". You have 4 chances to find him before he respawns and the process starts over. Begin by killing the container in the middle. The container will then give you a hint in common chat to help you find him, like: I feel that there is a great energy in the Seal which is "larger" than me! - this means the boss is hiding in a container with a higher number than the middle one, so now you kill the middle one of the row that is higher than the one you already killed. Again, it will give you a hint saying its higher/lower/north/south. It might take a couple of attempts to finally hit his soul and once you hit the correct one, the room is finished.

Zen Ji, The Serpent Witch (Rooms 81 + 90)[edit | edit source]

Start of by hitting the boss and try to kill it as fast as you can. At some point it will spawn an egg. You have to try kill this egg before it hatches. When you kill it it will spawn 2 little snakes, kill those and then go back to killing the boss. If you didn't kill the egg before it hatches, it will spawn 2 snakes and when they mature they will fully heal the boss. If it takes a while to kill the boss, it will spawn adds at some point: Topaz Servant and Emerald Servant. These adds do not seem to do much apart from a little magic attack here and there but nothing heavy. Just watch your HP and focus on killing the snakes and boss.

Mara Papman (Rooms 99 + 108)[edit | edit source]

There are 4 NPC's in this room, a boss, and a green ball that will be spawned every now and then. Get inside the green ball to spawn a mob: Mara Papmans Soul. In order to save the NPC's you need to get Mara Papmans Soul below 80% HP and you do this by attacking it. When it's low enough it will give you 5.0 APS (Dark Link Buff), no matter what class you are, so run over to the NPcs and start attacking them. Attacking the NPCS will heal them and the aim to get them to 100% so they are saved. The buff only lasts 20 seconds so you're gonna have to respawn Mara Papmans Soul by running back into the green orb when needed. Do this with all 4 NPC's but watch their HP because every now and then they will get a blow from Mara Papman's ghost which can do high damage. After you save all the NPC's the boss will spawn and it is time to face him. The boss can also spawn if you do not manage to save all 4 and will be significantly stronger. Stand at the spot of the green ball when you face the boss. The boss has a massive attack called oblivion, it will give you a warning 10 seconds before it hits. What you do now is stand inside the green orb and it will again spawn Mara Papman's Soul, and whenever it warns for Oblivion, get its HP down to 80% and it will shield you from Oblivion with the Dark Link. Keep doing this until the boss is dead.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Rewards: Every room has a single reward upon completion which you randomly choose. The 1-8 rooms mostly contain EXP orbs which redeem automatically upon being selected or a War Avatar Order. Upon completing a boss room, you will then get to choose 2 rewards.

Here's a list of possible boss room rewards:

  • War Avatar A Pack
  • War Avatar Order
  • 50 Spirit of Defense
  • High Level Star Chart items
  • Rank 8 materials
  • Quicksand Maze materials
  • Mysterious Chips
  • Dragon Orb 1* to 5*
  • Peerless/Fearless/Invincible Blessing
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