Hiding Dragon Seal

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This is a guide to finish the quest Hiding Dragon Seal as well as to unseal the boss Son of Dragon: Chihwen.

Following this guide should be enough to complete the quest Hiding Dragon Seal as well as give you what you need to finish Son of Dragon: Chihwen.

When can I do this?[edit | edit source]

Every Tuesday starting from 20:00 server time till 00:00 server time.

What do I need to start?[edit | edit source]

Your character must be a minimum level of 60 to enter into the Dragon Temple Instance.
A Silver Dragon Order.

How do I begin?[edit | edit source]

  1. When Dragon Temple begins, enter the instance through an Adventure Assistant or Khatru Pup in any Tier 2 or higher town.
  2. Upon entering, swim towards 372 523 (20) where you will encounter an NPC called Chiao Lingerh.
  3. Take the quest Hiding Dragon Seal.

The 8 Seals[edit | edit source]

You will now proceed to find the 8 Seals that pop up in your quest log:

  1. Broken Heaven Formation 412 568(15)
  2. Vast Land 399 514(19)
  3. Wind Lift 354 541(17)
  4. Cloud Cluster 357 513(17)
  5. Rushing Dragon 416 512(14)
  6. Tiger Wing 421 537(19)
  7. Bird Dance 427 567(13)
  8. Snake Stance 366 563(14)

These Seals can be opened in any order. Only 1 person needs to activate all 8 seals to release Chihwen, but if experience is wanted, all 8 seals must be reached.

Ocean Protector and the Dragon Seal[edit | edit source]

When all 8 seals are opened, head over to 374 561 where you will find a Pagoda as well as a boss called Ocean Protector. Ocean Protector circles a final Dragon Seal. He is not a very powerful boss but has a slight AOE which has a range of 30.

After he has been defeated, make sure that the person who has opened the previous 8 seals has a Moonwater Key in their inventory. These can be obtained from the many chests that are scattered around Dragon Temple.

The pillar is a slow mine and monsters may respawn on top of the miner.When the pillar is completely mined, a system message will appear along with a monster called Son of Dragon: Chihwen.

Son of Dragon: Chihwen[edit | edit source]

It would be advisable for the entire party to move very far away from the pillar right before the miner is done mining. Chihwen's attacks are magical in nature and his element is water, as such, it would be best for the person with the highest water resistance to tank him. Upon his release, the person opening the seal is most likely dead since Chihwen will have gotten off multiple attacks.

For fighting Chihwen an arcane armor would be best. The highest water resistance should be main tank and main damage, as such, a wizard, cleric, or venomancer should tank. The tank should have as much health as possible as well as water resistance as possible. The tank will attack at maximum range with a cleric at maximum heal range spam healing the tank. The tank should have a Guardian Charm. When Chihwen has reached around 50%, he will begin to hit harder. After his death, all gold necklaces dropped by Chihwen will be accompanied by the system message upon item pick up:

Claiming the Reward[edit | edit source]

The miner will notice in their inventory Note of the Confined Dragon. On activation, the coordinates 365 516 will be given. It will lead the miner to a chest containing 10 Mirage Celestones.

The remainder of the party will then head to Chiao Lingerh and any who have talked to the 8 seals can claim experience. The miner received experience upon opening the final dragon seal.