Homeland Renewal

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Homeland Renewal
Homeland Renewal.png
Location:Primal World
Boundary Level:Twilight Sky I
Maximum Boundary:Twilight Sky X
Received From:Resistance Force Leader

Homeland Renewal is a daily quest available in the Primal World. It is available to players that are level 100 and Twilight Sky I to Twilight Sky X, meaning that the player must also have reawakened at least twice.

Description[edit | edit source]

Peace finally returned to the Primal World. The human settlements are busy rebuilding their homes. You can go help them.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Take the quest from the Resistance Force Leader in Kirin Town. You will receive 1 of 4 possible tasks:

Bamboo Raccoon Rebuilding[edit | edit source]

The Bamboo Raccoon Village is rebuilding, but the Tyrant Army is still attacking them. Defeat the Tyrant Army Remnant!

  1. Kill 5 Tyrant Army Remnants near the Teleport Master in Bamboo Raccoon Village.
  2. Turn in the quest to the Bamboo Raccoon Chief in Bamboo Raccoon Village.

Tree Raccoon Rebuilding[edit | edit source]

The raccoons just love pumpkins. Plant more Pumpkin for them!

  1. You will receive a Pumpkin Seed. Go to Tree Raccoon Village in the farm plot (358, 558) and use your seed by right-clicking it in your inventory.
  2. A pumpkin will appear and can be harvested after 10 minutes for a Ripe Pumpkin. It will disappear if it is not harvested within 10 minutes.
  3. Turn in the quest to the Tree Raccoon Chief in Tree Raccoon Village.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Be careful where you plant your pumpkin. If it is too close to the small pumpkins already populating the farm plot, your pumpkin may glitch and not appear.

Rebuilding Inkstone Village[edit | edit source]

The Ancient Stone Shard protected the village so it was kept intact in the war, but now those stone monsters are trying to take it for themselves! Stop them!

  1. Kill a Giant Stone Golem just outside of Inkstone Village. The Golems have 2,846,966 HP, so you may want to kill it with the aid of other players.
  2. Turn in the quest to the Inkstone Chief in Inkstone Village.

Rebuilding Seaward Village[edit | edit source]

There were a lot of marine creatures trapped by the Shoka. Go check the Suspicious Bubble.

  1. Dig 5 Stone Chips from Suspicious Bubbles around Seaward Village.
  2. Hand in the items to Seaward Chief Wavelance in Seaward Village.

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